Fallout 76 doesn't let players uninstall beta until they buy it

Bethesda's games are riddled with bugs and Fallout 76 is no exception. It even brought about bigger problems as it will not let you uninstall the beta files unless you purchase the game. It could be either a malicious practice or a mess up.

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ocelot0728d ago

Odd I uninstalled the beta on one of my old computers without issue same with the PS4 beta.

franwex28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Wait. Doesn’t the os uninstall the data for programs? Is the game blocking the os some how?

Lon3wolf28d ago

If the below which was omitted from this article but on the alternate source might explain the issue for now (maybe it needs authentication to the server which if true is still rubbish just to uninstall a game):

There is still no feedback from the officials, but there are speculations that the reason why PC users can’t uninstall Fallout 76 is that the servers are still down after the Beta period. While it’s still not clear why this issue is happening, we recommend not to manually delete the data of the game until the issue has been addressed.

TheCryptKeeper28d ago

Bethesda does something similar, you can't uninstall their games unless you're logged into the launcher.

Relientk7728d ago

Sounds like something EA would do on purpose.

jairusmonillas28d ago

Not surprised, Bethesda almost bricked my PS4 Pro just by playing Fallout Shelter on my PS4. google it "fallout shelter ps4 power off".

yomfweeee27d ago

How do you get almost bricked out of a shut down issue?

Dark_Overlord27d ago

I can imagine the constant database rebuilds weren't helping. So def not bricking the console but potentially causing data damage.

jairusmonillas27d ago

Yeah and add the fact that I didn't know what was causing the sudden power off because it usually happens after switching to a different game after playing Fallout Shelter. (it doesn't happen when you are playing Fallout Shelter it happens after you switch to other games.)

And not to mention UNTIL today they haven't fixed the issue when it has been present for several months now. lol @ bethesda.

Profchaos28d ago

Another day another fallout 76 drama. Revo should do it

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