6 of the most exciting announcements to come out of X018

Carlos writes: "2018 has already been a huge year for Xbox One, one that’s provided plenty for gamers to look forward to in the coming months, and a ton of quality content to get lost in right now. But that doesn’t mean Phil Spencer and the rest of team at Xbox are finished yet, and with X018 promising major new announcements, we tuned in for the two-hour event to hear what they had to say. What were the most exciting announcements made? In no particular order here are 6 of the best from X018."

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DarkVoyager37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The only thing I liked from the whole show was FH4: Fortune Island. Crackdown 3 still looks awful. XO18 was mostly an Gamepass advertisement and show itself was cringeworthy.

Eonjay37d ago

In order for Microsoft's strategy to work, they need to replace the majority of their game buying customers with subscription services holders.

itsmebryan37d ago

And you know this how? MS gaming has been a profit for years.

pwnmaster300037d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I think the studios they acquired is pretty exciting. It really gives hope for the future... Sony already has my purchase for the next PlayStation, because of their track history this gen and I was initially looking to skip on the next Xbox, but the way Microsoft is atleast putting an effort to change might change my mind.

Would it turn into my main platform for gaming, probably not, but it might be worth the purchase.

itsmebryan37d ago

How would the X not be your main system? I get you would play exclusives on the PS but, everything will look and run better on the X and if you have both why would you play the same game on a less powerful system?

monkey60237d ago

I can't speak for Pwnmaster but if they're like myself it's because I don't feel I got the value of the purchase from my Xbox one S so I'm certainly not going to run out and buy an X.

Mr_Writer8537d ago


He's talking about PS5...

mark_parch37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

the show certainly was a cringe fest and there wasn't much to get hyped about although this article gives a better look at wrecking zone and I actually think it looks fun

Daz37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

crackdown 3 looks fun. Well I like the first one too.

But I think your not a fan of xbox in general so whatever they show is going be hard to plz you.

UCForce37d ago

And the crowd excitement is so fake and cringe.

NeoGamer23237d ago

Yes, you are a PS only gamer so that is to be expected.

I am not sure what you were looking for but MS covered a large gambit. The only thing they avoided was new first party game reveals. But those are usually reserved for other events. They showcased their next new game (To me, they haven't shown the campaign enough so the verdict is still out... But you were probably looking for a God of War type story, and Crackdown is not that at all... It is essentially an over the top GTA more along the lines of Saints Row... More a cult game than a broad appeal game), new content for recent games, showcased Square Enix as a third party, showcased gamepass, and announced the two new AAA studio purchases. So, what more should they have done?

MS has added 7 studios in the past 6 months, Announced new versions of existing first party titles, announced they are working on a next gen console, keep on improving the GamePass offering, continually offered new content on recent released games, continually have improved the OS, and continually improving Xbox Live.

The only thing they have not come out with is new first party game announcements. But, then again, Sony hasn't really either. So, we are in a waiting pattern on both MS and Sony who are probably both preparing for the next consoles. Sony will call their next console PS5 but I predict it will be just a new iteration of the PS4 with upgraded (not new) firmware and backwards compatibility to PS4. MS will continue with Xbox One and X branding.

GaboonViper36d ago

And Void Bastards looked great, apart from that nothing to make me rebuy Xone, maybe next gen but this gen is a wrap.

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DarkVoyager37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


“All Eyes On Xbox”

•PS4 is outselling Xbox One over 2:1
•PS Now is make triple the profit of Gamepass
•PS4 exclusives are significantly outperfoming Xbox exclusives

Think again.

Vasto37d ago Show
Neonridr37d ago

well.. in all fairness it's not like there were that many exclusives to compare between the two :P

sort of a one sided scale there tipped heavily in Sony's favour. But the thing is, times change. MS is obviously realizing the error in their ways. They are picking up some decent studios that can put together some compelling games for them. Sure this gen is all about the PS4 and it's train of success, but that doesn't mean that everything is set in stone for the next gen. Good times ahead for MS, which is at least exciting for the people that use their consoles. Not taking anything away from Sony, they have done amazing this gen.

itsmebryan37d ago

You forgot to add
*PS4 pro is less powerful than the X
*Runs checker board 4K but, now advertising as a "4K" system to mislead people.
*Every 3rd party game runs and looks better on X1X.
*Are you really saying PS now is a great service at a great price?
*PS4 still doesn't have a 4k Blu Ray player

Think again

sinspirit37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


Well, if you keep saying that, then you'll be wrong every time.

MS failed to win a single generation, and XBox has declined since 2010. Regardless of Sony, XBox is phasing out, which is why they focus so much on subscription service revenue. The sales are so behind that they stopped reporting the numbers. And, while competitors release numbers sold to the consumer, MS reports numbers at retail which are far higher. Clearly, that isn't enough to fill any gap. XBox has to stand and profit on it's own. MS doesn't matter here, aside from the fact that XBox is segueing into a console PC.

What is MS doing? I don't see results yet. How did that work for all the prior studios they ruined, shut down, or left them?

Sales matter. It's the products lifeline. The x launched a year after and for $100 more. We aren't stupid. It's not revolutionary either. It's not blowing minds. It's just the newer more expensive box released at half a grand and two-ish years before a new gen.

How is PSNow trash? It wasn't even meant as a PS4 service. It's meant for everything, everywhere. And, obviously the streaming quality varies. Old news, don't buy it if it's not right for you. It still offers similar function of game pass for the physical console now, along with the everywhere streaming.

You seem to ignore that XBox has the highest paid advertisements and social media PR. This is why you think it's a plentiful bunch. It won't change the actual userbase and cash flow for themselves and competitors. They are losing.

Yeah, if money was everything, wouldn't MS just buy Sony? Or, Sega? Or, Atari? Or, Nintendo? Why are they last place then? Why does XBox's parent companies worth matter to the consumers perspective of poor quality game releases, lack thereof, reliance on microtransaction focus, ads, and subscription services?

Again, no one cares that the X is newer and a higher price point. It's just common sense. Not mind blowing. Try being a launch customer and being massively disappointed by the X1 being weaker and more expensive than the competition in a box twice the size while having an external power brick. You act like they're giving the X1X away. You're paying them for fixing one mistake for the X1 reputation, near the end of a generation, with a poor launch with lack of games to demonstrate the difference. And, these mid-gen upgrades are a small fraction of the base consoles sales. It's like car owners bragging about, for example, the Ford GT but owning a Ford Focus. If you don't own a GT then it doesn't even matter to you. It's just a talking point to justify your choice. If you do, then cool beans. It still doesn't matter to the normal consumer market.

Donnie8137d ago

Show us links to sights backing up the psnow being 3 times more profitable than game pass. Oh that's right you just made that up. Nobody uses psnow it's garbage

DarkVoyager37d ago


“I have said this over and over again. Sony can sell 500 Million consoles and they are still just dust under Microsoft's feet. They will always be a weak company that cant stop Microsoft and we are seeing it happen right before our eyes”

Absolutely no one listens to your nonsense. Hence the disagrees.

“Now back to my Xbox One X with Game Pass and EA Access.”

Lmao. I’ve heard this so many times yet here you are still fighting the fight.

DarkVoyager37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


“You forgot to add
*PS4 pro is less powerful than the X
*Runs checker board 4K but, now advertising as a "4K" system to mislead people.
*Every 3rd party game runs and looks better on X1X.
*Are you really saying PS now is a great service at a great price?
*PS4 still doesn't have a 4k Blu Ray player“

You forgot to add no one cares or they’d be outselling PS4.

In the end it’s about the games. Always will be and Sony worldwide Studios are some of the best developers on earth.

Unreal0136d ago


There was literally an article about it just a couple of days ago. You do your research before calling someone out, you obviously just missed it.

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UCForce37d ago

Nope, that’s so cringe. Even XO18 was waste of time and nothing feel exciting. Crackdown 3 looks downgraded and awful. MS just overhyped their PR market without keeping people expectations in check.

Skankinruby37d ago

'Microsoft is so strong just look at what they are doing. Growing that 1st party studio roster right in Sony's face and nothing they can do'

'Microsoft is mega corp worth 760 Billon$$$. Sony will always be a small weak company that wish it could be what Microsoft is.'

'Its cute that they can sell PS4s and make 3rd person action adventure games over and over though. LOL' are literally too stupid to insult lol. Sit your silly ass down.

UCForce36d ago

Told ya. Vasto really have a problem with PS.

UCForce36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

No. How about people decide for themselves, not by your dictatorship ? More importantly, MS is trying to gamble. Don’t believe me ? I have seen MS have been doing this for very long time and they will keep continue to do so. Do you see any PS fan praise other Sony executives like Phil Spencer ? No, you and others praised Phil Spencer like a God or beyond that. “Ugh” it made me sick. Again, XO18 was a waste of time and overhyped and cringe. I know people said XO18 was better than PSX 2017, but here the thing before PSX 2017 started, Sony wanted to make sure people keep their expectations in check. Sure, there was some of us were overhyped, but not a lot like XO18 have.

Where is the care of the original Xbox One ? It’s like MS want to erease their mistake without learning from it. That’s just pathetic.

TheSaint36d ago

You're very disingenuous.

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Blade9237d ago

Only PC, PS and Switch for me this gen. Getting the next playstation for sure with Sonys track record for exclusives.

awdevoftw37d ago

Was there 6? Aquiring obsidian is big, but the rest were meh.

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