Obsidian Joining Microsoft Was "Absolutely Critical" to Keep Studio Alive

From GameWatcher: "Following the buzz about the Obsidian Microsoft deal that we've been hearing about over the past few weeks, many of us have been wondering what the truth behind the Microsoft Obsidian buyout is, and how the devs themselves are looking at it.

Well, in a recent video, Obsidian staff have come out to officially confirm that it did, indeed, happen, and to try and answer why did Obsidian join Microsoft. We've got some of the details down below.":

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Vasto72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I want to welcome everybody from Obsidian to the family.

Stay tuned because we are still not done.

DrakeFan171d ago

Aaron Greenberg, is that you?

Jinger71d ago

Lol, right? I understand being excited, but some of these folks act like they're spokesman

MoshA71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

So happy they are done with those boring books they've been making.
Hopefully Microsoft will give them full creative freedom, they have as much potential as Cd Project Red if they're given time and money.

TedCruzsTaint71d ago

Their "books" are garnering game of the year awards ..

Christopher71d ago

Vasto: let me make the worst comment on this submission.

MoshA: Hold my beer...

Elda71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

To your family?

Larrysweet71d ago

Hahhaha give it a rest lmbo i mean come on do u make money of microsoft..thats kinda stupidity ruins gaming

sampsonon71d ago

game pass, i would say you're done. cheap game anyone?

majiebeast71d ago

Welcome till Microsoft shuts em down cause their game doesn't sell so that is within 3 years.

BlackRaven85_171d ago

This had me laughing. Fanboys are a trip.

UltraNova71d ago

And here is my favorite fantasy shareholder this week.

Sirk7x71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I like my Xbox and everything, and I'm happy about the studio acquisitions, but that's something Phil Spencer would say on a stage lol. You okay man? xD

cyber_daemonx71d ago

@vasto, you make it sound like they're joining the mafia lol.

rainslacker71d ago

You may talk a lot, but I doubt they really want you speaking for them like that.

Unless you are a representative for ms, in which case so much makes sense now, because your brand of praise is about as useless as ms brand of marketing.

Christopher71d ago

Didn't know you were a part of Microsoft...

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Spurg72d ago

Everyone wants a fallout style game and they are the people to make it happen.

King_Noctis71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I’m sure something like that will happen. With Obsidian retaining their creative rights, I can’t wait to see what they can do with bigger budget from MS.

Mystogan71d ago

Actually wasteland 3 looks pretty good. And they bought that studio as well.

porkChop71d ago

I'll buy whatever they put out, but I'd really like a return to Alpha Protocol if they can get the IP from Sega. The game was great, it just needed more polish.

BlackTar18771d ago

Alpha was great but holy hot hell was it buggier then Bethesda. They also need to balance the stats a lot better.

All that though I really enjoyed that game.

porkChop71d ago

Yeah, absolutely. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it was a great game. With a sequel they could take their time and really perfect it.

Christopher71d ago

Loved Alpha Protocol. Sit through a third of the game dying like crazy on a pistol and stealth design, then become a God.

DrakeFan171d ago

It was a great acquisition for MS as Obsidian made 2 of the geatest western RPGs ever in New Vegas Fallout and KOTOR2. With MS backing, they can once again make a big Western RPG for next generation.

RizBiz71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

You liked KOTOR2? It had decent enough concepts, but the game was buggy as f*cking balls. It also doesn't hold a candle to the original KOTOR. o_O

TedCruzsTaint71d ago

Play the Kotor 2 that the development team had invisioned, had they been given a proper development schedule. It can be had on Steam, with the fan patch already implemented, and with the HD texture pack. I have to highly disagree. Obsidian's writing in Kotor 2 HIGHLY tops that of Bioware's with the original. Much more player agency within the missions, and the overall tone of the game offered much more in the way of moral relativism, aka moral grey areas. Whereas Kotor was little more than evil vs good, in every choice to be made. Great game, but Obsidian just tends to offer more sophisticated writing than most; taking the roleplaying aspects of the title into consideration when handling the writing.

RizBiz71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Yeah. KOTOR is a Star Wars game. Star Wars at its very core is good vs. evil. The only good thing I can remember about KOTOR 2 is HK-50, and it wasn't because he was "morally grey."
You also can't base how good a game is from what modders have done to it after its release. It might as well be a completely different game.

CarlDechance71d ago

" 2 of the geatest western RPGs ever in New Vegas Fallout and KOTOR2"

lol....oh please. Not even close.

TedCruzsTaint71d ago

I definitely agree that New Vegas ranks among them. Kotor 2 was a mixed bag; only becoming what it was meant to be after years of digging into the code, and modders finishing a lot of the cut content from the original release.

CarlDechance71d ago

To each their own I guess. New Vegas wouldn't make it in my top 10. KOTOR 2 was just a mess. Obsidian seemed to find their niche with the tabletop RPG Pillars of Eternity. It isn't quite Divinity, but it is a pretty good game.

TedCruzsTaint71d ago

So, uh, how about InXile lend you the rights to Wasteland, and we can get a 1st person Fallout competitor on our hands??

porkChop71d ago

That's a great idea, though I think Microsoft will likely be handing the Fable IP to Obsidian. They could do great things for that franchise.

Jon6158671d ago

I would love to see an Alpha Protocol 2

Segata71d ago

Likely SEGA's IP. Not sure Obsidian owns any IPs