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Full review of the new 'Toys-to-Life' game from Ubisoft, "Starlink: Battle For Atlas".


"From the design of the evil Forgotten Legion to the members of your team, everything screams ‘kids cartoon’ – and that’s not a ding. In fact, I loved the feeling that I’d hopped right into the adventures of a show I would have adored growing up. Getting to pick between the aggressively varied character-types (annoyingly cocky teen, level headed veteran, silent and stoic badass, etcetc) would have been even cooler, if Ubisoft hadn’t kind of sealed my fate by sending me the Starfox starter pack – there was no way I was going to play this as anyone but Fox McCloud. On the subject of Fox, I was worried his inclusion would be a bit throwaway. After all, his presence is limited to one system out of the bundle the game has been developed for. I was very wrong."

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