Crackdown 3 multiplayer hands-on preview: Windows Central

We went hands-on with Crackdown 3. The "power of the cloud" is real.

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Kribwalker807d ago

““We've finally been able to go hands-on with Crackdown 3's multiplayer, running on Xbox Live, several years from its initial announcement. First and foremost, I'm happy to report that the cloud destruction is as awe-inspiring as all those early trailers eluded to. Our demonstration was not in closed-network conditions, it was running live on the same Xbox network we all use, and the technical achievement on offer is undeniable."

so it seems like they got the tech down, just need to flesh out the rest of the MP. They did tell him it’s not indicative of the final game for the content in there

JaguarEvolved807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

The game looks nothing like what was promised and is the epitome of a Microsoft game. It's been hyped by Microsoft for years as something not possible anywhere else but it looks like rubbish.


slate91807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

I think the game looks pretty dope. The neon art style looks really good. To each their own I suppose.

Vasto807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

I agree with @slate91

The game looks amazing with that unique art style.

My Xbox One X is so ready!

Ricegum807d ago


Of course you would agree.

AmUnRa807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

And you are right. I mean just look at the footage from 2015.
That is a world of diference between that footage and the footage now.
This is a downgrade big time and the power of the "Cloud" cant do the footage they the showed (and promised) 2015.. Not by a landslide.🙄

Chris12807d ago

Jaguar and Unreal thinking all things MS is crap, what a surprise.....

Skull521807d ago

The footage these guys captured does much more justice to the cloud compute physics then the recently released official trailer.

AngelicIceDiamond807d ago

@Jag Too bad your opinion doesn't matter. If your biased half the time your "opinion" doesn't get far, that how it works. What's funny to me the game clearly looks much, much better than it did before. The game before looked liked yet another reskinned CD1 with bland characters and same type of look and feel. I remember early previewers even said it just looked too familiar like the last one. This game seems to have more personality and color than the first one ever did. This is Crackdown we're talking about here mid 2000's open world action game and very much its own thing. So a sequel will only take this game to new heights. Amuse me so what exactly are you even talking about?

806d ago
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TheProblem807d ago

We'll see. But this is a Microsoft bum site. They rate every exclusive a 10

The guy who runs it has already been caught lying when he claimed the xbox x would update The Witcher 3 without a patch.

The real question is how will the original xbox one run the destruction as promised back in 2015

UltraNova807d ago

Yeah your nametag is pretty accurate in what your comment is going to cause around here. Good luck.

aconnellan807d ago

Didn’t they say at the conference that the point of all the ‘cloud’ focus was that it wouldn’t matter if you were on a base console or theX? So they could get the same performance across the board?

Obscure_Observer807d ago


"The real question is how will the original xbox one run the destruction as promised back in 2015"

From the article:
"Our demonstration was not in closed-network conditions, it was running live on the same Xbox network we all use, and the technical achievement on offer is undeniable."

Imo, that´s the only information that og Xbox One users wanted to know. ;)

Jinger807d ago

Joseph Staten at XO18 said that due to the cloud the destruction will be the same across all their devices.

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Atticus_finch807d ago

So the Xbox will be 4x more powerful like MS said, right?

aconnellan806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

I can’t find this quote. Do you have a link?

Atticus_finch806d ago

"We're doing that flat out so that any game developer can assume that there's roughly three times the resources immediately available to their game, so they can build bigger, persistent levels that are more inclusive for players. They can do that out of the gate."

mark_parch807d ago

It clearly looks nothing like what they showed in 2015 but it's obvious why. They are trying to make a multiplayer mode and some of the stuff they showed in the 2015 demo just would.t work from a gameplay stand point. Why spend a few minutes trying to shot a hole in a wall to create a sniper nest and then just sit there waiting to snipe. That stuff would be perfect for a more tactical game but was clearly never going to create the fast pace gameplay they wanted for crackdown. Whilst I'm still cautious about the final game, what I have seen in this article looks surprisingly good to me. I would also like to point out that I have been listening to Jez Corden on Rands podcast for a long time now and he seems like an honest guy to me and is critical of Microsoft when he needs to be, so I trust his thoughts and opinions on the game. Lets hope they can add some depth to wrecking zone and this could turn out to be a really fun game

AngelicIceDiamond807d ago

My only concern for this game is content. I hope this game doesn't get repetitive. I hope they introduce new weapons, orbs, play lists hell even a new city in the near future after launch. It needs rich content.

806d ago
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Sciurus_vulgaris807d ago

The gameplay looks cool and frenetic. I have some personal gripes with lock-on targeting, also what will the other multiplayer modes be? Also, I have no overt problems with Crackdown 3’s current graphics. The graphics look fine to me; I like the effects and cel-shaded art style.

XiNatsuDragnel807d ago

It fines that's good but I'm waiting for many people playing this @ once then. That's the true test begins

Switch4One807d ago

Good to see there's nothing to the rumours that cloud destruction won't feature anymore.
Really looking forward to seeing what else they can do with the technology.

MP looks fun. Reminds me of Halo Reach MP on this particular map.

Kyizen807d ago

Game is built on a gimmick..."My biggest concern with Wrecking Zone is the lack of depth in the general combat experience. The cloud destruction is fun and incredible to experience, but the gameplay layered on top still feels like it needs a lot of work."

Bobafret807d ago

Then don't buy it, you won't be missed.

aconnellan807d ago

That’s just the multiplayer. Single player will still have an open world story like the first two.

That said, I have to agree with the authors thougts on the multiplayer - the tech sounds awesome, but it doesn’t sound like they’ve included much else in way of game mode variations

mark_parch807d ago

it's a valid point and it's obvious that the cloud destruction is the show piece but hopefully in the next 3 months they can add some depth to the multiplayer mode. Don't forget they didn't show Jez everything so there could be more there already. All I know is I'm more confident in this game now than I was a few months ago

Baza807d ago

This game will be so shallow. It will be fun for the first week then get boring. I mean how long can you run around and blow stuff up?

King_Noctis806d ago

Then it is good that it will have multiple online modes to play, including single player mode as well.

Plus, being a GamePass game this game will be updated regularly like Sea of Thieves.

rainslacker806d ago

The cloud destruction is what brought this game so much hype. Otherwise, I doubt it would have been mentioned much during the early part of the generation when MS had much more interesting games coming out.

Personally, I couldn't care about the game either way, but I do want to see the cloud tech in action. Even if this game doesn't deliver on all the promises, or expectations, if the tech is sound in implementation for the present abilities of the consoles themselves, then I think it's a huge achievement.

I'll say right now I don't plan on buying this game, but may play it since we'll likely get it at work. But I do want to see this cloud tech in action, and experience it, because its the kind of tech which is just interesting. IGN's game play video shows some promise for the tech, even if it didn't live up to the original 2015 destruction exhibition.

I'll let others discuss the quality of the game itself, cloud or otherwise.

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