Final Fantasy XV Sales Hit 8.4 Million Shipped Worldwide

Square Enix has shared a new sales update for Final Fantasy XV confirming that the game has now shipped 8.4 million copies worldwide.

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AceRimmer30233d ago

How sad, what a turd of a game. Nothing "Final Fantasy" about it.

xRacer74x32d ago

yea it was pretty awful. Makes me miss ff13 and that was a pretty tame entry for the series.

Godmars29032d ago

All three of them?

That the two squeals were things, not just attempts to legitimize the first but prototypes for what Square planned to do moving forward from that point, makes 13 as bad as 15. If not worse.

nommers32d ago

Yeah..FF1 was supposed to be the Final Fantasy. How dare they continue the series and make lots of money and awesome games.

CernaML32d ago

I think youre a little too far gone there.

Godmars29032d ago

FF1 was a last desperate attempt to make a hit that succeeded by a company, that in light of further successes, lost the sense of desperation that inspired the creativity that made their first original success. Have since focused on their own history, exploit built up fandom, while repeatedly failing to deliver legitimate good games.

InKnight7s32d ago

Woooow I know this game fails in being complete and fails to deliver what we saw in trailers and what we expect. But the journey is pure FF game as never since FFXII.

4 warriors heading to the rest of the world to ensure the Crystal of the Light is well protected, and trying to bring back the light and peace again. This is apply on FF1, FFVII, FFX, FFXI, FFXIV and FFXV.

TeamIcoFan32d ago

Don't bother, the fanbase for this series is stupid as hell.
Just you wait, when FF16 gets announced and the first trailer drops, these exact same people will spew utter hate for FF16 and suddenly do a 180 on FF15 saying it's a timeless masterpiece and a true representation of the FF franchise.
I've seen this happen many times in the extremely toxic FF community.

DarXyde32d ago

I'm one of those people that didn't totally hate Final Fantasy XV. It was really different in terms of gameplay and I'm sure that rubs people the wrong way. I thought the story was weak and the cast was forgettable, but I still had plenty of fun with it. Final Fantasy XIII was painful up until reaching Gran Pulse, at least for me. Then it was great.

I see why people are disappointed since it took quite some time to be released, but I still had good times with it.

Far from the best, but not unplayable in any sense. I actually enjoyed the hunting side quests and training camp battles.

DevilHunterDante32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I'd say FF15 was mediocre trash. 6.5 or 7 at best for me.

pietro121232d ago

Concept wise it was everything the franchise represented it was just poorly implemented. Four heroes of the light attempting to bring peace back to their kingdom. If that isn't Final Fantasy at it's core I don't what is.

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BeardedDrachen33d ago

I really miss the turn based combat of these games. It had a sense of strategy to it.

TedCruzsTaint32d ago

Still feel 12 had the best combat.

pietro121232d ago

True. FFXII and X-2 had the best combat in the franchise.

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blazin832d ago

I don't. i want to be in the battle. you can still have strategy when playing an action rpg

BeardedDrachen32d ago

I feel it really depends on the game. In many respects you’re just button mashing.

FallenAngel198433d ago

“The updated sales figure for Final Fantasy XV makes it the third best selling game overall just behind Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.”

Good on them for that

-Gespenst-33d ago

That's good isn't it? How about un-cancelling that DLC then SE?

richierich33d ago

How about forgetting FF15 and concentrate on FF7 Remake or start work on FF16

-Gespenst-32d ago

I'd be more inclined to agree if they hadn't announced 4 more episodes in the first place, but yeah I do want to know where 16 and the 7 Remake are at.

pietro121232d ago

Why? Square was still losing money

meganick33d ago

I hope the next FF is a throwback game similar to Dragon Quest 11 with turn based battles.

Dabigsiebowski32d ago

I want turn-based battles still but I would like a more MGS1-4 approach as far as storytelling to be honest. Have an open world field would be cool to kinda like how Ni No Kuni does and the older FF games.

Let me get a shot at making a FF game square!

Nebaku32d ago

I don't. They already have Bravely/Octopath and Dragonquest to fill that void.

I'd rather they keep experimenting with the mainline series.

bigmalky32d ago

They have experimented long enough, and come up with nothing that beats the turn based battle systems of x and below.

Nebaku32d ago

@bigmalky Wrong. FF12 is as good if not better than any of 1-10.

bigmalky32d ago

Nebaku, it's a great game, but the slight MMO feel, and party control was a little off. It felt very finnicky to use, and the gambits were tough to play around with to start with.

People gave the Junctioning system a hard time from VIII, but it felt more natural having more control over your party.

I don't hate XII in any way, it was just the hardest to break at the start, and I preferred previous games' mechanics.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI32d ago

Every dragon quest is a 'throwback' they all play the same...

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