Ninja Theory's New Project to be Unveiled by Microsoft in 2019

British developer Ninja Theory may be unveiling their next project to the public as early as next year, according to Xbox's Phil Spencer.

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gangsta_red32d ago

Makes sense they would already have something in the works since the Sacrifice game. Interested to see what they have in store. Will probably be saved for the next E3.

32d ago
Vasto32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Mat Booty said a lot of the new studios were already working on new games when they got acquired by Microsoft.

Clark8832d ago (Edited 32d ago )

But will the games be good that's the biggest question 🤔 the only one I see that has potential is Ninja Theory new IP

Vasto32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

How is that when we have not seen what the studios are working on including Ninja Theorys new project?


Clark8832d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I'm going by NT reputation and past games. Can't say the same for the other developers.

Vasto32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Whats the NT reputation and past games?

Kribwalker32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

So playground games isn’t very good? A brand new studio with devs from Sony Santa monica (a producer on the most recent god of war) a lead writer from RDR, director of Rise of the tomb raider amongst many other industry vets has no potential?

And then there is obsidian. Makers of one of the best Fallout games ever, as well as south park stick of truth, But there’s no potential there either.......

coming from a MS hater this is very typical

gangsta_red32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Will the games be good?

I've read that each new studio MS aquired is making new games with the intention of purposely making them as bad as humanly possible.

It's just a rumor though so take that with a grain of salt.

andibandit32d ago


So you're saying if a new studio started today, they would have no potential?.

King_Noctis31d ago

Playground Games and Obsidian (and to a lesser extent, IneXile) are also great devs you know.

j15reed31d ago

So is good determined by your own opinion or metacritic, because I would say Quantem Break was good but most won't agree. I can't tell whether it's geniune or because it's MS.

UltraNova31d ago

This comment thread reminds of a - insert any zombie flick scene- were a character finds themselves into a room/area surrounded by 1000 blind zombies and they know that if they made the slightest sound they would get torn apart in that instant.

Clark, dude, that was loud.

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Jinger32d ago

Can't wait to see what they have come up with!

LegoIsAwesome32d ago

I just hope its for Xbox One and not for next gen xbox.

stupidusername32d ago

Probably next gen. They’re most likely working up to the announcement of the next xbox when they will reveal what their new studios are working on.

Jinger32d ago

Well didn't Phil say they aren't doing traditional gens anymore? I'd expect that at least the One X will be supported as well.

mcstorm32d ago

I think they will be for this gen. Phil has said that he wants Microsoft to look at bringing games out all year round and its kind of started now with SoT coming out earlier in year and we now know CD3 will also be earlier to. I see microsoft starting a cycle next year where each quarter has a new game not just in the last few months of the year as both Nintendo and Sony have shown games sell well all year round plus the big names like fifa cod AC always come out last few months of the year. I also don't see a new xbox coming until 2020 if microsoft are to be taken on there word of upgrades ther than a new gen then next xbox would be 3 years after the x like the x was after the Xbox. I also don't see them making a smaller version of the consoles any more to I think the s will be the last of that for Microsoft.

I could be way off though and microsoft do something different.

Imortus_san31d ago

Microsoft is not know for showing games for next gen, and since they already have Gears 5 next year, confirmed, others will follow.

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BeardedDrachen32d ago

It's a shame. I bought Hellblade on my PS4 and got the platinum for it. , and I probably won't be buying an Xbox for the next Ninja Theory game.

thatguyhayat32d ago

Time will tell if Microsoft lives up to what they said and let them have freedom. I bought an xbox only for scalebound being a platinum games fan but that didn't end well. Since they got more studios now, possible chance you might like something from their new studios

BeardedDrachen32d ago

I guess you are right. However, with my current backlog of games, and games that I will be playing in the future, it’s not conducive for me to be investing in another system.

I do wish the studio luck on their journey with Xbox, but I won’t be there to play their games. It’s a shame because I did like Hellblade.

Imortus_san31d ago

You bought an Xbox One for a Game that was releasing also on PC, hahahahaha, the shit people come up with.

Cmv3832d ago

My sentiments as well. This is the down side to studio acquisition. But if they create something undeniably amazing, I may consider it.

Jinger32d ago

Well if they start building a decent library with all these new acquisitions, I'm sure you'll be able to pick up a cheap Xbox in a couple years. Phil did say that they're done with traditional console cycles so I'd assume NT's next game will still support the X as well as the NextBox

King_Noctis31d ago

You don’t have to be loyal to just one console and limiting yourself to just one console you know. The world is big out there, you should expand your horizon.

Elda31d ago

Not if that console for the past 5 years hasn't landed any original compelling interesting exclusives,buying a console just to collect dust is a waste of money.

j15reed31d ago

I know most you guys on N4G are all about the metacritic and other people's opinions for you to enjoy a game. MS has been releasing games this year they released just as many platform exclusives as Sony, but of course nobody likes MP or GAAS. You can shit on SOD and SOT all day but these games are still being updated through 2019 and beyond no need to mention Forza because that's the definitive racing game of this gen.

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