Biggest Black Friday Sale Ever With Lowest Price Yet for Xbox One X, Xbox Game Pass & More

Xbox Wire: The holidays are almost here, and Xbox is back this year with our biggest Black Friday sale ever There will be loads of deals on Xbox consoles and accessories, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, and must-have games, including the lowest price ever for Xbox One X at $399.99.* We’ve got all of these and more exciting offers for our fans around the world, so get ready to jump in!

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Vasto34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I am looking for an External Hard Drive for my Xbox One X. Its a must have now for Game Pass.

Skull52133d ago

Very nice deals. Anyone know of any Switch deals of note? It’s the only system I don’t have yet.

ABizzel133d ago


There's been nothing so far besides the $299 bundle with a game for Switch.

$199 XBOs (Minecraft) and PS4 bundles (Spiderman)

$399 XBO-X

MasterCornholio33d ago

I find that deleting games that you dont play anymore works for me especially if you dont have a capped internet connection. Also since you have unlimited cloud saving with Xbox it doesn't really ruin your progress.

Vasto33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I was doing before I got Game Pass. Now there is just so much I want to have already downloaded so I can play instantly.

MasterCornholio33d ago

I have Gamepass as well however in my case there isn’t that much that I want to play from it.

oSHINSAo32d ago

There's gonna be a 4tb External @Bestbuy for $80 Dlls, You're welcome

Vasto32d ago

A 4TB is exactly what I need. Thank you

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MAULxx33d ago

While it may be their lowest price ever, newegg is going to have it for $299.99.

Muigi33d ago

No they’re not I’m looking at it right now.

MAULxx33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

They must have changed it or maybe what I saw was a typo. Would have been an excellent price :).

steven83r33d ago

Guessing you got that fr ok m Gamingdealist. They said $299 Newegg $399

timlot33d ago

1/2 of year of Gamepass is going to move.

blm50433d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Need another beast for my living room to show my friends what this animal can do

Clark8833d ago (Edited 33d ago )

With the lowest price yet for the Xbox One X I expected more comments. Where's the holiday spirit? What's wrong with this site?

steven83r33d ago

It's a good deal for sure. But most people already have an S. If they offered $200-250 trade in value and had this price I'd buy right away.

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