Final Fantasy XIII and PS4 HD Remasters Coming To The Xbox One

In an announcement at X018 there's some good news for Final Fantasy fans on the Xbox One

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Razmiran561d ago

This was announced a month ago?

lxeasy561d ago

I def want to revisit FF 7 the most!

Kribwalker561d ago

The final fantasy 13 trilogy are being xbox onex enhanced as well

gamer7804561d ago

really? do you have a link for this?

zielocz3k561d ago

Thats not true :/ shame, i own xbox one x but i will have to enjoy them again in 720p...

DrakeFan1561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

Thank you for the info. I recently purchased a Xbox One X and never played the last generation Final Fantasy. To be able to play all 3 games at X enhanced 4K is great. I just purchased all three used at Gamestop for $5 each. I was skeptical of BC on the Xbox ecosystem but I ended up having purchased or played thru game pass over 100 BC titles already. It is an awesome feature on the platform.

I wish Sony would do the same for my PS4 with PS3 titles because that was the only console I had owned last gen and I still have well over 80 disc games for it.

gamer7804561d ago

Hey thanks, looks like those outlets are saying its enhanced. I can't seem to find it in Microsoft site though. I really hope its true

DrakeFan1561d ago

Those FF games and Civilization Revolutions will be made BC tomorrow and it will be added to the BC and X enhanced list.

Kribwalker561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

it shows up there on one of the banners . It says Xbox OneX Enhanced above the picture of the games

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Eidolon561d ago

What do they mean by PS4 Back catalog..

Eonjay561d ago

It's a Playstation troll to attract clickbait.

Silly gameAr560d ago

To get more attention and to make this seem like a bigger deal than it really is. Pretty much what Eonjay said.

FallenAngel1984561d ago

But still no Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far announced for Xbox One

gamer7804561d ago

Having played some of the games before, the hour or so long recap that's included in kh3 is plenty, the story overall is a bit nuts anyways.

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