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Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: Yesterday afternoon, Microsoft conducted their year-end global celebration of Xbox with a special X018 edition of Inside Xbox live from Mexico City, Mexico. While Xbox X018 did reveal a few cool announcements like a confirmed February 15th, 2019 release date for Crackdown 3 and early details on the upcoming first expansion for Forza Horizon 4, the overall show was disappointing and a missed opportunity for Microsoft to announce some bigger news.

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rbailey2046d ago

X018 was an overall disappointing show but I’m very curious to see where Microsoft will be as a company next gen. The 13 studios will definitely play a role but the question of whether or not all of these studios will put out quality games is the question that must be answered. Playground, The Coalition, and Ninja Theory will deliver. We shall see what happens with the others.

CaptainOmega2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Is the success of all of the new studios an indication of the success of Xbox/Microsoft next gen? Which studio’s poor performance will make the biggest impact if it occurs?

Xbox has been hanging on by a thread known as Forza Horizon this generation. A few A-AA studios making weak games won’t matter if the big studios are making good/great games bc there will always be that niche of people who will play the weaker games by the newer studios, just because they feel obligated.

chiefJohn1172046d ago

If hanging by a thread= 4.5 billion income in just a few quarters then damn someone plz come hang me by a thread lol

conanlifts2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

What games by Obsidian have ever failed to deliver. They are a solid developer.

CaptainOmega2046d ago

Alpha Protocol and Dungeon Siege 3 were poorly receieved.
I don’t think Skyforge was that good. It had a pay to win scheme that resulted in many of the players quitting.
Some OK games have been Amored Warfare, Wastelands 2 (also made by inXile).
Stormlands never came to fruition (literally failed to deliver the game).

Good games: KOTOR2, Fallout New Vegas, and South Park: SoT.
Pillars of Eternity(?) Tyranny(?) NeverWinter Nights 2(?)

It’s really a mixed bag. The studio does well when it has material to work from. when it’s a new IP it’s seriously a mixed bag. Hopefully it’s new IP will be big enough to get it out of its AA studio status.

gravedigger2046d ago

Show was basically a Gamepass commercial.

rainslacker2046d ago

I'm sure out of 13 studios, some of them will be putting out quality games. Most of their studios now do make quality games.

Question is, what will be that level of quality. MS has said they want more focused games, and more games that are conducive to a subscription service...meaning Game Pass. They've also been beating the GaaS drum for a couple years now. So, what kinds of games they put out may not be what people are hoping for if their intent is to pursue distribution avenues which aren't within the traditional model.

I'm sure they'll still have their AAA exclusives though, but if they'll have more of them is really unknown. however, it stands to reason that with this many studios, some of which are AAA studios, they'll have more than their staple output.

mcstorm2046d ago

Tbh I love how Microsoft are offering us a choice with game pass.

You can buy gamepass and get access to all there exclusive games on xbox and pc (when it openes up fully) or if you don't want to pay monthly you can buy the game digital or phisical.

It ticks alot if boxes for a lot of people.

I also think microsoft are on to something with gamepass. If microsoft carry on with xbox one and back games working on all future consoles then people who move across to xbox from another platform already have access to over 100 games for as little as 10 a month who else offers this?

I see a lot of developers moving to agame pass service along the way but I don't see game pass ever removing buying a copy of the game to as some peole only buy one or 2 games a year like fifa or cod but for people who like different gore's this subscription is a great way to go.

rainslacker2045d ago

Game Pass probably is the best deal in gaming right now. It'll be interesting to see what they keep doing with it in the future. I know I"ve made a lot of speculative arguments about it, both for and against, but I can't deny it's value.

Xavi4K2045d ago

it is disappointing show indeed in the eyes of sony fans...its not major conference what you expected?? and at least it was better than PAX

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SwiffEpics2046d ago

I was disappointed in this event. I expected much more.

2046d ago
Clark882046d ago

I concur. When next gen starts I see Sony winning the console War again because of their first party developers.

Thundercat772044d ago

Xbox has never won a gaming generation anyway.

sagesurge2046d ago

The show was a letdown, I'm happy for what was announced but I was just wanting more...a lot more.

CaptainOmega2046d ago

I mean, you’ll probably see the new studio projects in 2019-2020.

Parasyte2046d ago

Exactly! They will save the major announcements for E3

Jinger2046d ago

Well it's already announced we will see Ninja Theories game next year. I'd assume we will see playgrounds other game as well.

Atom6662046d ago

We always want more!

People over hyped it leading into it like they did in prior years for PSX. For what it was, it was decent enough. I hope Battletoads is shown at the VGAs since it was a no-show last night.

LeeFender2046d ago

2 studios acquisitions is small news? Lol wut.

monkey6022046d ago

No but a tweet would have sufficed. Creating a public event wasted everybodies time and patience

aconnellan2046d ago

Would it? MS’ biggest problem at the moment is their first party lineup, so they should be shouting these acquisitons from the rooftops (which they are)

If they weren’t having that problem then I might agree, but I don’t think a simple Tweet would suffice given the circumstances

Atom6662046d ago

That cynicism tho...

The public event has been happening for some time, they just made it a bit more extensive to boost their marketing before the holidays.

I enjoy events like this and PSX. Plus, it's great that companies do these cons and "fanfests." You could have not wasted your own time watching it by just checking out twitter afterwards.

monkey6022046d ago

I wish I hadn't wasted my time. That's the point. I do like small events like this. I didn't expect much but still looked forward to watching it. Even Nintendo directs get me excited. However throwing money at a studio or two but not having anything to show for it and announcing a load of old games available on a subscription service is not worth holding an event and generating a buzz for

rainslacker2046d ago

I think they kind of have to make a big deal about it given the criticism they've received this gen over their studio output, and seeming lack of caring about delivering more.

But, more games is probably more appreciated by most. Prospects for the future are easier to take in when there is a tangible product to get excited about. An abstract, "we might see something better in the future", is not always easy to get behind, and MS has a lot of times this gen where one has to use faith over evidence to give them the benefit of the doubt.

King_Noctis2046d ago

Acquiring Obsidian is a huge deal. A simple “tweet” is not enough.

“Creating a public event wasted everybodies time and patience”

The thing with people like you is, they did not put a gun to your head and force you to watch it. If you watched it from the beginning till the end, then that is your decision. Stop blaming others for what you decide to do for yourself.

monkey6022045d ago

"The thing with people like you"

Oh people like me who... enjoy celebrating their hobby by watching fun live events?

Who were disappointed in a lacklustre showing on a Saturday evening?

Who like pineapple on their pizza?

You don't know me pal so don't pretend to. And in regards not being forced to watch it. Stupid statement! I watched an hour of it before giving up.

If you ever get hit by a car while walking on a footpath don't get upset with the driver okay, nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to walk down that street

King_Noctis2045d ago

“If you ever get hit by a car while walking on a footpath don't get upset with the driver okay, nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to walk down that street”

I’m sorry, but what a stupid analogy you brought up.