Microsoft Xbox X018 – Inside Xbox Event Full WrapUp & Videos

Jon of RGN writes, "Xbox provided a 2 hour livestream from Mexico City during their X018 Event showcasing their lineup for 2018 / 2019 and revealed world premiere content for first party and third party games. There was also two new studio acquirement announcements for Microsoft Studios and a large number of ways that Xbox plans to get more gamers into their brand by remaining consumer-friendly and increasing their investment on quality content for the future."

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lxeasy1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

it had neat surprises. The 16 new titles coming to Gamepass were a highlight for me.

affrogamer1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

not to be an Xbox hater or anything of that sort but that was one boring show lol it makes sense why Sony PSX this year as they knew they didn't have much to show

aconnellan1787d ago

I thought it was pretty good, I don’t think anyone was expecting E3-level of announcements, and with that in mind I think they did well. They announced expansions for 3 games I play a lot (two of which N4G tell me are dead, lol) and a few studio acquisitions, which were a highlight.

The game pass announcements I could take or leave, but for some they’re a great deal - I already own PUBG but it’s now really accessible for those that don’t. And I might finally play Ori that it’s on there.

monkey6021787d ago

It bored me to absolute tears and I'm sorry I wasted an hour of my weekend on it at all. It was seriously pointless

King_Noctis1787d ago

You don’t actually have to watch the full show you know. It is your own fault for thinking this event is E3 level. They had said multiple time already that this event is to celebrate all thing Xbox, they didn’t say to expect millions of new exclusives games and announcements.

JaguarEvolved1787d ago

Fanboys hyped this event to be amazing and made bold predictions and once again for the past 6 years and many shows it was a massive disappointment. Some people never learn

Clark881787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Yes it was boring but they got to start somewhere

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oasdada1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

I cant belev i stayed up at night for this.. It sucked! Didnt even announce sunset over drive for pc, i hoped they'll confirm the rumours there but no.. Announcing mediocre studio accusitions like theyre some.big shots was honestly disspointing, no gears 5 or battle toads gameplay..

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gangsta_red1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Glad the Obsidian rumor was true. It'll be very interesting to see what type of game comes next from them.

And Game Pass just got a whole lot better with all the upcoming games announced. That was actually the highlight of the show for me since I'm all about the rentals.

blm5041787d ago

I'm looking forward to playing great games on Da X and eventually the next Xbox

King_Noctis1787d ago

Yes good for him. And on that note, why are you here?

shuvam091787d ago

Me too :)
On the PC though...

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PlayableGamez-1787d ago

Guys and gals.
This wasn't a fan event.
This was a 2 hour Gamepass Commercial.

aconnellan1787d ago

Because god forbid the Xbox team show off an Xbox product at an Xbox event /s

There was a lot of Game Pass in there, but I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

Every time they mentioned Game Pass, it was talking about new games that were getting added or the deal that it’s on - and there were just as many new or existing game showcases/studio announcements as there were mentions of Game Pass

RosweeSon1787d ago

What for 2 hours... a service people already about littered with games they already knew about but at least crackdown 3 has a release date now cos that’s gonna be a game of a generation forget the year 🤔🤔 yeah don’t think so. Where’s the new stuff the new games we all know about gamepass we know you can play games from 10-15 years ago what about new ones.

Ausbo1787d ago

It was a fan event for the people in Mexico City who got to played unreleased games before everyone else.
Was the show great? No, but give them credit for putting on a great fan service for the people down there

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How The SAG-AFTRA Strikes Can Change Video Gaming Forever

The video game industry might end up shutting down indefinitely if negotiations with SAG-AFTRA fall through.

banger881d 20h ago

"The video game industry might end up shutting down indefinitely if negotiations with SAG-AFTRA fall through."

LMAO. Clickbait bullshit. Gaming isn't going anywhere.

erinlime1d 14h ago

"Indefinitely" just means we don't know how long the strike would last. Considering the studios they're targeting, this would severely impact both Sony and Microsoft's first- and third-party releases and push back a lot of games.

They're not wrong, they're just being inflammatory.

Anyway I support the union and hope the studios meet their demands for fair compensation and protections against AI voice sampling and facial capturing.

CobraKai1h ago

Same. I would not be cool giving away my voice and likeness to be replicated by AI, for a studio to use indefinitely, while i get paid for one day. Actors and Voice Actors need to be protected from this

Trilithon18m ago

the only thing more ridiculous than letting these strikes continue is these click bait titles. lots of games will be affected but there will always be games that don't require actors or voice actors.


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