Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Coming To Xbox Game Pass

X018 has been going at a very steady pace providing Xbox fans updates on upcoming titles, Ori and The Will of The Wisps is officially coming to Game Pass.

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timotim3d ago

I was told that Microsoft only wanted to use GP for Multiplayer and Microtransactions...interestin g

timotim3d ago

I'm not surprised you feel that way...

optimus3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

your lemonade is overrated...even the hard ones. 😜 ....i bet you wouldn't think it's overrated if it was on PlayStation.🙄

Sirk7x3d ago

Ori is probably one of the most beautiful games ever made. They hand drew all the assets, do you know how much work that is? Which is why they're not doing the same for the second lol. I love that game.

Team_Litt3d ago

Show us proof that you played it.

ninsigma3d ago

It's really not. One of the best games this gen!

mikeslemonade3d ago

It’s overrated. Other than the good graphics the rest of the game is “ho-hum”. It’s just an above average Metroidvania. The character is lame and his attacks are mostly projectile based.

I play it free on the computer. I like exclusives. The Xbox just doesn’t have any exclusives.

Bronxs152d ago

had to log in just to downvonte mikeslemonade's comment.

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gangsta_red3d ago

They'll probably add microtransactions and GaaS to this game.

Sirk7x3d ago

They funded and published the first one, no MT thankfully. Wonderful game.

Lilrizky3d ago

I'm mostly a Nintendo and PS guy and Ori is a brilliant game. probably my favourite XO game to date.

I also love metroidvanias and it's up there with Guaccamelee for my favourite metroidvania in the last decade (Hollow Knight is up there too)

Will of the Wisps looks even better!

iplay1up23d ago

Microsoft, is releasing ALL 1st party titles, day one on gamespass! I don't know who "told" you otherwise, but they are wrong. Gamespass has over 130 titles. Well worth it!

Obscure_Observer3d ago


"I was told that Microsoft only wanted to use GP for Multiplayer and Microtransactions...interestin g"

Lmao! Yeah, me too. XD

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Nothing better than gamepass. Can we get the left4dead series on gamepass?

King_Noctis3d ago

I think the Gamepass app for phone has a feedback section. Maybe we can voice our opinions there.

zahdab3d ago

Doesnt n4g grant all wishes ??

cfc833d ago

Incredible. Team xbox are really bringing huge value to its userbase. Ashen, Crackdow and Ori on their way to pass.

EddieNX 3d ago

Original and the blind forest blew me away, can't wait for this.

chiefJohn1173d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Bout to renew gp soon lol. I need to hurry TF up with red dead first but it's a game that shouldn't be rushed. I'm only at 43% and mp beta about to drop too. I'm overwhelmed without much time to game. Ori 2 is gonna be amazing

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