Several Final Fantasy Titles Coming To Xbox One, Includes XIII & XIII-2 Via Backward Compatibility

Square Enix is bringing several Final Fantasy titles to the Xbox One within the coming days.

Starting off, Xbox 360 titles Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be playable on the Xbox One starting next week. It is unknown if the titles will contain Xbox One X enhanced features at this time, but starting next week, Xbox One gamers can begin playing last generation’s Final Fantasy titles on the Xbox One.

Additionally, a selection of Final Fantasy classics is releasing for Xbox One next year. Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, and Final Fantasy 12 will be available at some point in 2019, although exact release details have yet to be announced.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy is also joining Xbox One's Backward Compatibility

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Eonjay573d ago

Final Fantasy 13-2 is one of my favorite games of all time.

gangsta_red573d ago

13-2 was the best out of that trilogy

gamer7804573d ago

I like all three of those games better than XV, I still haven't finished XV, much like SE is not really finishing it, kinda a fitting end to the train wreck that was FFXV.

jaycptza572d ago

I haven't played Lightning Returns. I did quite enjoy XIII-2. I am holding out that might remaster this for PS4 one day. This is great news for XBO guys though

MoshA572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

Either these guys are joking or they are Xbox gamers with low standards. FF13-2 is a joke. You're meant to laugh at how bad the game is, that's the only good part.

Thank God Platinum Games and Square Enix are still prioritizing Playstation to focus on quality over profit.

gangsta_red572d ago

Prioritizing what exactly? Considering their games come to Xbox also.

Oh wait, you're mad, calm down a bit and then reply to me.

MoshA572d ago

Relax dude. Nier Automata took 2 years and a bribe to come to Xbox. FF7 Remake is coming to PS4 first, 1-2 years later to other platforms. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 still aren't on Xbox so you won't enjoy the third one or notice all the mind blowing improvements. Left Alive isn't coming to Xbox. There's probably more :D

Darkwatchman572d ago

Nier: Automata took 1 year

gangsta_red572d ago

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5, two old games? Wow, that's some prioritizing there guy.

"...notice all the mind blowing improvements."

Lol, I'm sure people will be juuuuust fine.

"Left Alive isn't coming to Xbox."

I'm going to have to emphasis, juuuuust fine.

sirultimos573d ago

I never finished XIII and always to go back and play the last little bit. This is as good an excuse as any.

lxeasy572d ago

I never played the Final Fantasy 13 games. Can't wait to try them out

mark_parch573d ago

This is actually really surprising. Definitely going to pick up 7 and 9 when they drop. Pretty sure the final fantasy 7 remake will come to Xbox now as well

DarkZane573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

It won't. First of all, I doubt Sony is gonna let that huge system seller go this easily.

Second of all, it won't come to Xbox One because this is likely not releasing on PS4 either. This will likely be a PS5 title at this point.

giovanealex573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

"It won't"

He stated that based on nothing, as much as you are stating that based on nothing. So I am pretty much sure there is as much chance of both of these things happening. So...
"It will".

MoshA572d ago

Lmao it's not a system seller. Horizon 2, Gow 2, Spiderman 2 & Persona 6 are.
Every final fantasy fan is already on Playstation because no one waited 15-20 years for Xbox/Pc ports.
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 are also still PS exclusive.

Matrix6572d ago

Probably not until the next Gen console, seeing as SE is a very slow dev company in releasing RPG games. We'd be "very lucky" to see it even release on PS4 next year.

rainslacker573d ago

That's cool I guess. I wouldn't really care to revisit these games though. Maybe for a new trophy set....if I had nothing else to play.

Wasn't SE working on a remastered compilation or something as well?

Eonjay573d ago

I remember hearing about it. Then news stopped. Several years ago...

rainslacker573d ago

Oh well. I may have picked up a collection of the games. I actually liked the 2nd and 3rd, and might revisit it one day for trophies. But I'd be hard pressed to replay the whole series just to experience it again. It didn't captivate me enough the first time.

Lionalliance572d ago

oh yeah btw, i meant the "ewww" for the FFXIII trilogy, pretty cool seeing the others FF for the Xbox though!

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