X018: Crackdown 3 Announces Xbox Game Pass Launch on February 15

by Joseph Staten, Senior Creative Director, Crackdown 3:
"At X018 – our global celebration of all things Xbox – Commander Jaxon invited all prospective Agents to ‘Step Up Your Boom’ in preparation for Crackdown 3’s worldwide launch with Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One and Windows 10 on February 15, 2019!"

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KaiPow3d ago

At least I won't have to worry about giving up my Valentine's Day plans for the multiplayer!

UnSelf3d ago

I might have to get a One X now...

Skull5213d ago

Tech looks cool but I’m still not interested in the game. Looks like it’s gone through lots of changes and troubled development, don’t expect any ratings higher than 7-8/10. Probably should have just scrapped the game completely and tried again on next gen.

itsmebryan2d ago

Isn't 7-8/10 a good score? Say it as if that's a bad score.

Skull5212d ago

I’d call it more of an average score, not bad but not great either. We can be honest though, the crackdown IP has never been great. For some reason though Microsoft packaged the Halo 3 beta with it and as a result they took the sales from Crackdown 1 as a testament to how good that IP is when really it was a testament that the Halo franchise is powerful enough to sell a beta for $60. I’m just calling it like I see it, the game is going to be seen as a letdown because it’s been very hyped but it won’t deliver. Gonna be the 2019 Sea if Thieves lol.

Fdan642d ago Show
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Septic3d ago ShowReplies(9)
Cmv383d ago

Yeah this game doesn't look great. Its best bet is to be on game pass.

DJStotty3d ago

All Microsoft 1st party are on gamepass going forward

HentaiElmo3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Doesn’t look great but this video make it look fun although I wouldn’t buy a Xbox for it

NXFather3d ago

Are you saying it looked bad? If so, you can't be serious. To each his own though.

AngelicIceDiamond3d ago

Its hard to take anyone serious when they say an Xbox game looks bad. Considering the very biased nature of this site.

Livingthedream3d ago

It looked pretty damned good and TBH I dint think this would have been possible on the base xbox one without whatever the cloud may be helping with. Looks like it will be tons of fun, I understand that most Sony fans will throw shade because its not a single player game but it's all good man.

sprinterboy3d ago

Didn't look great either though did it

NXFather3d ago


The graphics looked pretty top notch but, the demo did not show enough modes, single player, etc... to really get hyped. I missed the allusion to valentine being the day before from kapow.

King_Noctis2d ago

If this was a Sony game it would automatically be goty.

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Donnie813d ago

Good thing crackdown launches the next day huh. Look at it this way you might as well play some multiplayer because you can watch dirty movies on the net anytime

NXFather3d ago

Oh, I'm dumb. Jeez, you kids!

mark_parch2d ago

My question is , whats the point in destruction? so they keep saying if somebody is at the top of a building or bridge you can destroy that building or bridge but whats the point in that if there's no fall damage

RememberThe3572d ago

That's my question. The mode does look cool but at the same time I have no desire to actually play it. The destruction doesn't seem to be gameplay oriented as much as a cool factor. But forgive me for not having a raging hard on for it, I guess that makes me a fanboy.

mark_parch1d 19h ago

I'm still looking forward to playing it on gamepass but the destruction seems to be thrown in just for the hell of it. another mode where you have two large buildings and the first team to destroy the opponent building makes more sense. like what they showed in 2015

mark_parch1d 15h ago

just read this article, has given me hope actually looks really fun


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Team_Litt3d ago

XO18 is killing it so far for Game Pass!
Crackdown 3
Void Bastards
And Freaking Hellblade!

SegaGamer3d ago

Add the two Ori games now too (including the new one that isn't even out yet)

monkey6023d ago

Only Microsoft could hype an event to announce games that launched years previously.

45 minutes in and this is a bore

ElementX3d ago

When that lady asked about buying companies Phil said something about an announcement later on. Could they have bought Obsidian?

monkey6023d ago

Maybe so. It would be a fantastic acquisition for them. They need to be put to good work too.

ElementX3d ago

They just said something about 2 studios!

giovanealex3d ago

"Only Microsoft could hype an event to announce games that launched years previously."

Sony's 2018 E3 show did the same and showed even less games, dude. Get over it.

monkey6023d ago (Edited 3d ago )

"You can leave, you know?"

I had to. It was dreadful! What a waste of time

"Sony's 2018 E3 show did the same and showed even less games, dude. Get over it."

You mean the E3 Sony showed an in depth look at about a half dozen games that weren't out and still aren't? Yeah... That's not the "same" as what I said at all

ElementX3d ago

I was right, haters gonna hate

conanlifts3d ago

2 new studios is not too bad. No new game clips certainly indicates they are throwing everything at Xbox 2 though. But I like the new studios purchases.

monkey6023d ago

Have they announced the studios yet?

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giovanealex3d ago

@monkey602 oooh, so you mean that Sony talked about a couple of games that haven't been launched yet with no release dates? Oooh, that's even worse!

Dude, get over it.


monkey6023d ago

I'm not saying Sony's E3 was great either. This whole event was a shambles

warriorcase3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Didn't they also announce acquisition of inXile studios and Obsidian aswell?

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gangsta_red3d ago

Wait...the cloud is real?

But what if my internet goes out!?!

Alexious3d ago

If your Internet goes out you can't play online multiplayer anyway.

gangsta_red3d ago

But what if...uuuumm...what if....what if my internet has latency or I'm in a submarine and I want to play online???

Sophisticated_Chap3d ago

@ gangsta
But what if your submarine has a screen door?

Sharky2313d ago

What if part of the single player game is off loaded to the cloud... then the internet goes down? What then?

DarkZane3d ago

There is nothing in this trailer that would need the power of the cloud like they claim. The destruction they showed isn't really impressive and was already possible on vanilla ps4 and xbox one.

gangsta_red3d ago

Wasn't this game cancelled??

Wasn't this destruction possible in EverQuest?

Wasn't multiplayer cancelled???

conanlifts3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

The destruction looks interesting, it might be fun, not sure yet. But having just Cause 4 shown just after was an interesting choice. Seeing the two so close together certainly made me take note of just Cause 4.

jagermaster6193d ago

Holy crap I only read the first page of your book and it gave me enough to disagree with you. Just don't get it now get off my property...I say good day!

mark_parch1d 15h ago

the cloud is most definitely required although it is hard to tell from the trailer. check this article out

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rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Couldn't really tell from this video. Didn't see any more destruction than you could have locally. A bridge being destroyed in pieces, some windows being shattered, and running through a wall.

Where were the buildings crashing down all around you completely changing how one may play the area? Where was the footage showing how all this destruction can be interacted with? All you saw was the beginnings of a building being destroyed, but nothing in context.

Sorry, but for all the talk about Cloud, this trailer is extremely disappointing, and half of it is just talking and showing the characters running around with what amounts to really dated animations.

At least the graphics aren't as crappy as they were before.

Decided to rewatch again in case I missed something, and while i saw some chunks of building being blown up, it was just normal, then suddenly huge chunks kind of collapsed....but nothing about what happened to them afterwards. I saw no physics worth mentioning based on their cloud talk to get hyped over.

Hopefully they'll have a real showing of it later. More than just a trailer, but an actual game play showing.

Septic3d ago

Don't worry, it's playable on the show floor. Plenty of opportunities for crow to be served

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Tell me, instead of just saying something about my console preference, what about this trailer actually showed the cloud destruction on the levels that you have come to expect from the hype.

It's easy enough to go around talking in a sarcastic fashion about how we're now all proven wrong, but you haven't offered up one single piece of reasoning why we have been proven wrong.


Just a bunch of snarky comments used to gloat about some perceived superiority that MS has gained by proving us wrong, when they haven't even done that.

I was one of the Sony fans who went into great detail about how it was possible to do this tech, but said that it wasn't going to be a big thing this gen. 5 years into the gen, and I was right, and this trailer did absolutely nothing to prove me wrong. I've never once said I was excited to play in a fully destructible environment. I don't even like MP that much. But I am keenly interested in seeing the tech work on a full scale application level. I haven't seen that yet.

So, tell did MS prove our criticisms unjustified in the span of a 45 second trailer(if you take out the fluff) where half of it didn't even show the destruction?

I know you don't have any real expectations for MS to deliver something great, which is why they get so much leeway from you for their lackluster offerings, but at least say what is so great about this trailer.

I'm willing to assume that they're going to show more later, and at that time, if they prove they made it work, I'll congradulate them for it. But you did nothing, and so far MS has done nothing to prove the doubters wrong.

Come on can refute my arguments about how MS hasn't shown anything here without bringing me into the topic can't you? I managed to make mine without saying you were a fan boy. Are you not capable of making a counter argument that can actually address what I said, or do you really believe that questioning my bias somehow negates anything I said about how they didn't show a damn thing of worth in this video to prove their cloud tech.


Then I look forward to the impression reports, and hopefully more footage. Despite what Gangsta wants to imply, I am keenly interested in seeing this cloud tech work. While I may not feel it makes a good game for CD3, I can look beyond that and imagine how the technology itself may be beneficial in the future.

My original comment was more questioning Red's notion that MS somehow proved anyone wrong with this trailer, because the trailer didn't show anything worthwhile.

Plus, he's making it seem like I have said things I never did before, and some of the things I've said for years have been quite the opposite of what he says. But I've always held onto the notion that the tech was possible, but the game was probably not going to be anything all that special, since that cloud destruction was the only selling point MS had for it.

I don't consider it being served crow to be shown what MS wanted to do. I consider it normal to ask them to prove their claims in the face of no proof that they could achieve it. If they do that, then I'm happy for them, and we'll see where the tech goes from here, and I'll still not care two licks about CD3 beyond the Cloud tech

After this comment, I have no intention of discussing my personal bias towards the game or MS. If people can't discuss what I bring up, and say how the trailer proves us wrong, then what's the point in even responding?

NXFather3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Well, you got to put 2 and 2 together with the haters on the show floor who did not send out any its fake articles. He said they are playing it right now. It was said to be on the floor. But, yeah they could have shown so much more and probably will before release.

Quite Honestly they probably feel it is smarter to just let the people who are interested in it play it when its time and not allow dissapointed critics like you to damage the image any more than they managed to already do. Which is smart since N4G can't stop the streets. They will decide if its hot or a flop. Also those people are hardcore multiplayer gamers that are always waiting to spend money on these type of games.

I mean don't act like guys like yourself aren't always secretly wearing a smile and hoping for games like red dead to underperform sony AAA. I just hope they all do(*edit insert well) and my comment history confirms this. Yours won't leave that impression. They are just games and these people just want to eat man.

They know they have let alot of gamers down. As you can see you guys have not managed to change what they do. They will work at their own pace. And they will lose on their own word. The majority of gamers are the fortnite gamers and you guys can't change that.

I prefer singleplayer myself but, it is what it is and thats all I got.

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


People are going to hate regardless. I'm willing to not hate, but I've put it on MS long ago they had to prove that they could make it work.

I'm interested in seeing the cloud tech work. This trailer was disappointing.

Sure, they want the people on the show floor to experience it, but at the same time, how many people are attending this event? A few thousand? What about the millions of others out there who have been hearing about this games tech for half a decade now? Are they not worthy of seeing what this game is capable of as well.

Take note, I'm not ready to dismiss the tech as of yet, my comment was in response to Gangsta acting like MS had done anything to prove people wrong with this trailer, which he followed up with a bunch of snarky comments making it seem like everyone was just wrong, without a single point to prove how MS had done that. Quite honestly, his comment should be flagged as inappropriate for how antagonistic it is.

On the rest of your comment, as I said, I have no intention of discussing what my personal bias may be towards MS or the game itself.

I don't really care if people want to be excited about the game, but if one is going to imply that MS proved people wrong, I feel they should at least back that up with how MS did that.

That being said, while I appreciate most of your comment being a reasoned response, since I doubt I'll get many people saying how the trailer proved anything, I think I'm just going to bow out of this reply session. If people can't say what the trailer did, then there's no point repeating myself, asking what it did to prove people wrong, and at this junction, I'm not really interested in hearing reasons why MS may wait a bit, since my comment was about this trailer only.

Atom6663d ago

Maybe you're better off just waiting for release.

It sounds like you're wanting to examine the tech more than what's possible in a trailer, so why put so much effort into trying to crap on it if you acknowledge that it's not enough to go by? How is that any different than hyping it up based on the same?

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


Indeed I am waiting for more. Just stated that this trailer did nothing to prove anything, which was what Gangsta was implying.


Every comment in this thread from you is about how MS has proven people wrong, or an attempt to attack other users.

I asked a simple question. And you can't even answer it. You never can.

What has MS done to prove people wrong with this trailer?

You started by regurgitating every comment used to criticize MS over the years in a way that was antagonistic and obviously aimed at implying that MS had proved everyone wrong, and acting as if you, other fan boys, and MS have been vindicated by this trailer.

I said they did no such thing, and you then made it about me. I didn't make it about me, I asked how MS did anything to prove people wrong. I was disappointed, because they hadn't proved me wrong.

So, don't think I'm making it about me, you are the one making it about how MS is somehow free and clear of the criticism, while doing nothing but using other people's criticisms against them in a vain attempt to try and feel superior.

Look at your own comments. Not a single one of them discusses the game. Every single one of them is about how MS sure showed us fan boys a thing or two. You've spent more time trying to bring me down than on the game or tech itself. You don't show any care for the subject at hand, EXCEPT in how it can be used against others. Don't want people playing the victim, then stop trying bring them down over pointless console war rhethoric.

And no, you haven't hit any nerve by me. You've done nothing to change my mind. And the only reason I respond now, is in the slim hope maybe you'll see that your attitude and comments are neither productive, or serve any purpose.

If you want to keep perpetuating the console war in this way, then don't expect it to go away.

No, you don't need to prove anything to me. But I said long ago the impetus is on MS to prove they can make it work. I'm holding them to that now on the cusp of them truly showing what the cloud is capable of, instead of just using it for vague marketing talk to promote a system. But if you're going to antagonize people, expect them to ask you to prove to them why your comments are worth respecting.

Other people here can disagree with me without bringing me into it, or making the topic about me, and I can respond to them with respect. And my first comment to you was more respectful than you deserved based on your comment.

Srhalo3d ago


"the usual fanboys who did nothing but shit on this game for years"

The game still looks like shit... Honestly it looks worse than it did years ago.

DJStotty3d ago

I saw the buildings being destroyed you must have selective vision

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


I saw some destruction, just not to the extent that was hyped up as possible by the cloud, or even some of the earlier showings of the tech.

All of the destruction shown was possible on the base hardware. At least to the extent that was shown. Some of the earlier showings had rather extensive damage models, with lots more going on, and not just some rather large objects falling apart. The large tower destruction shown was brief, and shown in a close up, which I assume was done to show it closer, but without the context, I couldn't tell if it was done through cut-scene, or real time in the game, since I can't imagine someone would view it like that during game play.

Most of what I'm interested in is how the tech holds up in actual game play. How it works for the game, and ultimately the player. I may not care about the game that much, but I am always about new tech. Most criticism I have about new tech ends up being in how it's implemented in things that I don't feel are beneficial to the consumer, but that's another subject entirely.

Half this trailer wasn't about the destruction, and disregarding the stuff about how the game play looked, I just didn't feel this trailer really did anything to show off why their talk of cloud talk was justified.

I am really hoping for more to be shown soon, this weekend being the best. i want to see it. I've wanted to see it for a long time. I've defended the technical principals involved, and criticized the practical application. But the tech is intriguing, and no matter what some people may want to imply about me, or what I believe, I will keep an open mind until I can see more, and I will probably even end up trying this game out at work at the very least.

Atom up above said that maybe I expected too much from the trailer. And he may be right. I probably have spent more time on this subject now, based on a single trailer, than it really warrants because of other things which have nothing to do with the technology itself.

FinalFantasyFanatic3d ago

This trailer actually made it look like a bland generic shooter, if they game wasn't so well known as one of the few games Xbox gamers were waiting on and the amount of delays it's had, I would have glossed over it.

Atom6663d ago

They showed and talked about a bit more during the event. Looks pretty good. Maybe start there?

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

OK. Glad we established I will never be satisfied.

Now, lets get to what is the real thing here. Perhaps you can actually be on topic and make a comment that isn't trying to antagonize the community on the other side of the console fence, or me.

You started this particular thread, yet you have NOT ONCE, in any comment, said anything about this game, or the tech involved. Every one of your comments is what would be considered inappropriate. Seriously, go read every one of your comments. Quote the one that discusses the game or the tech.

So, what is it you really care about? The game? Or just putting other people down?

See the real thing now, or will you just reply again saying how I'm the problem here, when my initial comment was not overly negative, and simply stated that I didn't think this trailer proved the cloud tech MS has been talking about for 5 years now.

Can you finally reply with something on topic? Others have been able to do that just fine. I don't want to discuss our personal preferences over consoles, or who may be a hypocrite, and who isn't, or who's better than the other.

I want to know your opinion on the actual game shown in this trailer, or why you felt that MS had a good showing of the tech here. Is that really so hard to answer? Jesus, you'd think I was somehow breaking every bone in your body to get an answer, and your opinion on the topic is a matter of national security with the way you've avoided discussing it. If you won't even give dissenting opinions of your own a chance to respond to an actual opinion of yours, then don't go around accusing them of being unwilling to listen. You aren't even capable of stating your opinion, and that's not my fault.

RememberThe3572d ago

This has been an interesting read. Rain keeps making point about the actual video and y'all just keep taking personal shots at him.

Maybe you can tell us what's so damn magical about this video? Crackdown is my favorite series from MS but I don't see anything in this video that could keep my attention past one or two rounds.

But we're all fanboys because the destruction works in a new Tron mode. And at one point some moron said the cloud wasnt real so now that we're sceptical we're lumped in with them to make your thinking easier and your retorts snappy.

This mode looks lame! Show me the rest of the game!