Polygon Writer Fails to Understand Cowboys and Saloons - Opinion

Polygon writer insists that the RDR2 mission "A Quiet Time" is about machismo man attitudes and addictions, thus proving himself to be a Puritan.

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ninsigma67d ago

That mission was great. Full of laughs!

Lenny was nearly lynched for crying out loud. Which is why you're there. If anyone deserved to just let loose and have a nigrr of drinking it's him!
End spoiler

Of course polygon saw a problem with it. When DON'T they see a problem?? 🙄

Spenok67d ago

I've noticed that a lot from Polygon and other sources like Kotaku lately. It's frustrating how much they seem to want to push a PC agenda.

ninsigma67d ago

Yup, agreed it's really annoying. You'd think it would be a bad idea to attack your audience 🤔

Skull52167d ago

Polygon is powered by pure estrogen, something you don’t find in cowboys nor saloons. There was bound to be a disconnect.

deno67d ago

Look at their writers, their physical appearance. SJW Liberal is written all over them.

D3TH_D33LR67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Lenny and a what of drinking?? Lmao not sure if typo or bait

ninsigma67d ago

Oh crap! That was bad 🤦‍♂️

Night* of drinking 😂

DrumBeat66d ago

Whenver I see "Arthur Gies" I know I'm in for a read full of cringe. The Polygon writers don't seem to understand anything. Either that, or they're willfully ignorant. I think they just love to go against the grain. Sometimes it's for social justice reasons, and sometimes I really think they just love to be contrarian. It's as if they take pride in it.

Sciurus_vulgaris67d ago

Polygon writers occasionally fail to:
- comphrend reality
- know how to play the games they review
- have credible sources
- have journalistic integrity

CaptainObvious87867d ago


They ALWAYS, not occasionally, fail at your stated list, among others.

CaitSith67d ago

Polygon Writers Fails to Understand


Potnoodle99967d ago

Polygon Writers Fail to Understand*

brownbanana67d ago

Polygon. The fail is implied. So you don't need any other words than Polygon.

The7Reaper67d ago

Breaking News: Polygon writers are brain dead, more at 11.

CaptainObvious87867d ago

That's not news, we've known that for a while now :)

HaVoK30867d ago

Vox media is full of whiny snowflakes and beta males? Everyone knows this.

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The story is too old to be commented.