Observation Dev Explains PS4 Console Exclusivity, ‘Sony Took An Early Interest In This Game’

GB: On whether a Switch or Xbox One release is in the pipeline: "We've not looked beyond PS4 and PC for now."

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Ceaser9857361848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Sony always supportive and more freedom are given to the devs.. Hence they have best exclusives and the console is selling well and Leading... PS 5 will be no different...

sampsonon848d ago

“Sony took an early interest in this game and has worked closely with Devolver [Digital, the publishers of Observation] for a number of years and have a longstanding relationship,” McKellan said. “They’ve been great to work with, and along with Devolver have given us the support we needed to get things moving.”

this pretty much sums up this gen.