Players who buy Battlefield 5 have to wait the longest to play it

EA is trying something new for the release of Battlefield 5, and it might seem a bit counter-intuitive. If you want access to the game right now, oddly enough, the worst thing you can do is purchase a copy

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Kribwalker31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

You could buy the game digital with EA a access. You get 10% off, Plus the early access that’s out now.

To those that did buy the game, and have to wait, that sucks, but it is called early access for a reason. Stupid thing to have to pay extra for, but people do it, or else they wouldn’t sell it

Me personally, i play my 10 free hours then wait till it hits the vault in 6 months and play it free. EA only gets $30 a year from me, and i get to play all of their games.

Valkron129d ago

I’m doing the same thing. Not sure why so many disagree. Unless.... maybe.... they can’t get EA Access? 🤔

RizBiz29d ago

They're downvoting because EA Access is f*cking horsesh*t.

GottaBjimmyb29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@riz funny how krib explained his viewpoint with reasoning and evidence, and your argument is just hyperbole. (A sad side effect of emotional and biased standpoints) Always seems to be the way you guys respond on here.

The reality is, EA Access is a great deal when used as he described and early access is a benefit of it, though, if you bought the game, you still get what you paid for, not sure what is so unusual about that.

People buy physical movie discs too, and you can buy them digitally days or sometimes weeks before too, in fact, some people can even pay a movie theater to get an early screening O_o

It is called a business model, if you don't like it, participate in the model you do like, that is one of the great realities of the entertainment industry, choice. but don't expect to have your cake and eat it too.

UltraNova29d ago

It serves them right. I mean they dont even care that they are running the BF IP to the ground with what looks like the worst launch in this franchise's history second only to BF4's and what seems to be the most un-inspired entry in the series.

No thanks EA.

annoyedgamer29d ago

How about not giving Acitivison and EA your money?

King_Noctis29d ago

It is their money after all. They are free to buy whatever I want.

But as for me, I would never support those two companies, especially the shitty EA.

Travis370829d ago

They can’t force us to buy digital. I wouldn’t dare spend $60 on that crap when I can’t even trade it in later

Inzo29d ago

I wouldn't dare spend $60 on that crap period.

DerekTweed29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I pre-ordered, got the discount and have it downloaded, but I'm too busy playing RDR2 to play the trial.

I think you'll be waiting a bit more than 6 months for it to go to the vault.

When did battlefield 1 go in there, August or September last year? Almost 1 year. and with the battle royal releasing later, it might push that back a bit.

Anyway, it will surely go on there so , enjoy it.

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Donnie8129d ago

I got a month of ea access just to play the game early and get the 10% discount. So technically I got my money back with the discount. I wanted to hate bf v but I gotta admit it's easily the best bf game since bad company 2

Kabaneri29d ago

Report: Battlefield V launch is coming post launch.

shammgod29d ago

EA doesn't see any money from me

Magnus29d ago

Hmm last story that was on N4G was how EA banned some guys account and he did nothing wrong and it took a mob with pitchforks and torches to even get the attention of EA to look into the issue. I think the story was a month or two ago and now EA doesn't want you to by a copy instead pay for their subscription service that is some strong shit EA is smoking. I won't pay for their subscription service I pay for Xbox and PSN online and then have EA charge me for their subscription service for a game that is also probably littered with microtransactions and randomly ban an account even if you did nothing wrong. This is why I hate EA they kill studios that made some really good games like Visceral and Dead Space they choke you and hold your wallet hostage to milk more cash off a person. Their sports games are the same stuff that you would find on the Sega Genesis but with improved looks and teams. They have some decent ip's like Shadows of the Dammed which they will not tap. Anthem has peaked my interest but if it flops the Bioware could get shut down I am done with EA.

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