Viewers Hated the Fallout 76 Rick and Morty, Ninja Twitch Stream

From GameWatcher: "Fallout 76 has been having a hard time getting to stand on its own two feet, but if you thought technical difficulties were all we'd have to contend with, the latest Fallout 76 Twitch Event has just proven you to be dead wrong."

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-Foxtrot800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

Cringe worthy as hell

Skull521800d ago

I tried watching Rick and Morty because some friends said it was hilarious, so I gave it more than a fair shot and watched the whole series and I think it made me smile like once, not even laugh. That show is ****ing stupid.

EazyC800d ago

It's well written and all that but it is absolutely ruined by its meme/edgy internet smart guy-following.

AirJohnston800d ago

It’s an incredible show that’s been almost ruined by its fandom and what the public has done with it

DeadManMMX800d ago

Show is pretty hilarious. Just started watching it 2 weeks and have binged into the second season. I don't care about the fandom I care about the content and it's well done.

PurpHerbison800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

"absolutely ruined by its meme/edgy internet smart guy-following"
Strange. I watch the show without concerning myself with the fans.

RememberThe357799d ago

Rick and Morty is fantastic. Smart, sarcastic, brutal, layered. F#ck the fan base, watch the show.

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Fonso128800d ago

Nobody cares about a soy boy stream.

FunAndGun800d ago

I guarantee more people care about the stream more than your comment about the stream. I don't even care about Fallout, R&M, or Twitch gamers...but millions actually do.

You just sound upset about a soy boy stream....for some reason.

Casepb800d ago

Does that mean he eats lots of soy?

Kabaneri800d ago

According to youtube, eating a lot of soy products will make you an SJW Beta-male.

Fonso128800d ago

I'm pretty sure ninja and the other fools on that stream consume a block of tofu with soy milk ever morning.

derkasan800d ago

It seemed like a desperate attempt to appeal to a younger demographic. Can't say I'm surprised it didn't pan out.

Fonso128800d ago

"how do you do fellow kids".

thatguyhayat800d ago

I need holy water for my eyes, that was just too cringe

mafiabrett800d ago

Feel like Bethesda just keeps getting further and further out of touch with their core RPG fanbase. They keep dumbing down their games, making them more like Mass Effect (Fallout 4). They make fun of EA about multiplayer games, then they go and release a multiplayer only game. They get tons of heat because of the Creation Club/Bethesda Net Launcher, so what do they do to take off the heat? They go after Sony and crossplay.. now that Sony said Crossplay is open, Bethesda said oopsie we won't do that. Then somehow they think throwing money at these 3 guys who already have tons of money will somehow make people buy Fallout 76? If anything that stream made people NOT want to buy 76, it made the game look boring when you have 3 people who know nothing about the Fallout universe and have no personality to go along with it.

ShadowWolf712799d ago

Remember when they did that "#SavePlayerOne" spot for E3 a couple years back? Basically saying SP games were here to stay?

Now, this. Now a co-op focused Wolfenstein. Etc. lol

Garrett_the_GOD799d ago

Ive been talking about this since Fallout 76 was announced at E3 2018..E3 2017 they were claiming to be the saviour of single player and then a year later they are showing us how they are turning one of their biggest franchises into a shit multiplayer game...smdh

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