Activision Nets Over $4 Billion a Year in Microtransactions

Activision has mentioned that in-game microtransactions generate the publisher over $4 billion a year.

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gangsta_red31d ago

Damn! No brakes on that train son!

Skull52130d ago

Yeah I didn’t care for a while and was even part of the problem. It’s gotten well out of hand though and has become a serious hindrance to gaming, and I certainly won’t be spending any more on micro transactions.

LucasRuinedChildhood30d ago

This news won't stop shills like Andrea Renee screaming, "They need micro-transactions to feed the developers' families, guys!!!" That was in regards to FIFA, a game that easily sells 20m+ yearly

JBlaze22630d ago

Bet you anything that these billions of revenue are never given to the families.

TKCMuzzer30d ago

Wow, and I contribute exactly.......$0 to that figure.

Relientk7731d ago

This is why we can't have nice things

tanukiesuit30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Oh, that's because those executives took it all!

TheGamez10031d ago

*sigh* and idiots will keep buying....

holdmyown8330d ago

Don’t be mad we can spend money on games we want to.

PlayableGamez-30d ago

You are spending REAL money on FAKE money in a video game that you paid $60 for.
At that point, you might as well brag about donating money to billion dollar corporations.

RizBiz30d ago

The problem is, the more money people spend on microtransactions, the fewer full game experiences we'll get.

cfc8330d ago

We're not mad. We just think people who spend alot of money on them are stupid.

Dragonscale30d ago

And you sir are part of the problem lol.

TKCMuzzer30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

You know, sometimes I sit and wonder who falls for all this micro-transaction nonsense, but thanks to you, I can wonder no more. #moremoneythansense.

Just let this sink in, they generate $4 billion extra, from games you have ALREADY paid for. It's not acceptable, especially when they are omitting content from their games.

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Born2Game8330d ago

Yeah let me tell you how to spend your money......

30d ago
PhoenixUp31d ago

This sends the wrong message to Activision Blizzard

bradfh30d ago

its time to fight back, #canceldiabloimmortal

Majinzo29d ago

Time to fight back with any micro transactions

DarkVoyager31d ago

“Activision Nets Over $4 Billion a Year in Microtransactions”


UCForce30d ago

We live in the world of pride and greed. I really hate it.