EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair Review - Sitting Done Right | Terminal Gamer

TG writes: We've been using the E-Win Champion Series gaming chair for a week. Should you consider one of these for your office or home gaming set up?

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SegaGamer67d ago

I don't understand the appeal of these so called gaming chairs, they are really ugly. People seem to want them because Youtubers and streamers use them. They are also massively overpriced because a bunch of suckers keep buying them.

TerminalGamer67d ago

Office chairs are expensive, these aren't, comparatively speaking.

Elwenil66d ago

A good quality chair is expensive, but I agree with most of these "gaming chairs" there is no point in them. What good are side bolsters and holes for the shoulder belts of a 5 point harness in a chair you use to sit in front of a TV or computer monitor? Admittedly, I do have a DX Racer chair, but it is their Classic model from their office chair series and it is a very nice chair for the money. But it is a nice, wide chair with a high back and decent adjustable armrests. No gimmicks other than the brand name and it works very well. I wish had bought one years ago. But anything like looks like it was pulled out of a car on the set of the latest Fast and Furious movie is just stupid and pointless.

TerminalGamer66d ago

The adjustable arms are nice on this model and the chair itself is comfortable and has a high back..

Elwenil66d ago

The arms are all basically the same if they are adjustable. Make no mistake, 90% of all of these gaming chairs are all made in the same factory in China and share most of the same parts. They just rearrange the parts, redesign a few, and change the pattern for the poly-leather. Depending on the customer making the order and how much they pay will depend on the quality of the finished product. But they are all variations on the same theme, but copying the design of a racing seat is more than a little stupid. You aren't getting thrown around by G-forces in a desk chair. You aren't belting yourself in with 5 point harnesses every time you pick up a gaming controller. Hell, I would wager that the vast majority of the time spent in one of these chairs isn't even while playing any kind of racing game. It's pointless to make a chair like that for gaming when what people really want is a big, comfortable chair with room to relax in. I'm a grown man, so keeping my legs clamped together in a seat with side bolsters is not how I want to spend a couple hours gaming.