Editorial: Is Cross-Platform Play All That Necessary?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Since the beginning of this current generation of gaming, many have been advocates of making cross-platform play a necessity and a feature that is incorporated into each and every platform and now in late 2018, it seems this once far-fetched concept is now a reality. Being able to play some of the most popular games such as Rocket League and Fortnite: Battle Royale from one console to the next is a tremendous feat in of its own and hopefully, this can grow into something far greater for future generations to come. However, is the idea of cross-platform play all that necessary in terms of competition and growth for the video game industry and should it be a focus over other needed improvements? Well, there are arguments to suggest that it shouldn’t really matter."

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Neonridr839d ago

Necessary? No, most certainly not. It is a good thing to have? Absolutely. Most 3rd party games can benefit from being able to play with users on any platform.

PoopsMcGee839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

Necessary? No, most certainly not. Is it a good thing to have? Absolutely NOT.

Keep console online multiplayer as standardized as possible, please.

No crossplay, please. No more mid-gen hardware upgrades, please.

It isn't broke. Don't fix it.

Neonridr838d ago

so wall all the players off and limit who they have access to. At least I understand your mindset. Got it.

PoopsMcGee838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

Well, if it's confined to private matches I have no problem with it but Rocket League crossplay with PC almost ruins the game for me and it's the default option for multiplayer. I fear others will often do the same. Is Fortnite crossplay the default?

I want as even a playing field as possible when playing online or else it's basically meaningless. There's already enough out there contributing to this problem and crossplay adds to it tenfold.

I don't have any trouble finding matches for the games I play online. So crossplay is basically a faulty solution to a non-problem IMO

Switch4One839d ago

Nothing about gaming is necessary, however allowing gamers more options and freedoms beneficial to them is never a bad thing.

PhoenixUp839d ago

People made such a big deal about its inclusion this generation compared to last gen

gangsta_red839d ago

It's not necessary, but if a developer has the means and the way that doesn't break anything then it shouldn't be blocked.

In the end it benefits gamers who play that game as well as developers who don't want the hassle of maintaining multiple servers.

It was crazy actually ready various comments saying how they were against this idea.

Dark_Knightmare2838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

Come on now there were articles non stop for weeks with hundreds of comments jumping on Sony for not allowing crossplay and Sony did reverse their decision it wasn’t just for fortnite that was just the first to be done

Dark_Knightmare2838d ago

I don’t care either way but I think it’s crazy people were acting like Sony was holding back the future of gaming by not allowing crossplay but now that they reversed their stance you don’t hear a peep from them about crossplay or games that need crossplay

gangsta_red838d ago

But Sony never reversed their stance. They were just pressured with Fortnite because of how popular the game was and it actually brought real media attention to the problem.

And I didn't see people acting like in the way you described, but from the outside looking in or for certain people that had to defend Sony that could have been the way it looked.

Realms838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

Oh you mean developers like Bethesda, LOL. Where is the same kind of out cry towards Activision and EA that some of you displayed towards Sony for not allowing cross play? These two publishers hold two of the most successful and played games COD and FIFA where is the outrage and pressure to make these companies allow cross play? What total BS some of you are showing your true colors it was never about cross play and more about talking smack about Sony. Whatever cross play was never a big issue to most gamers and even developers as it turns out some it was just a talking point for some of you fanboys.

gangsta_red838d ago

”Where is the same kind of out cry towards Activision and EA that some of you displayed towards Sony for not allowing cross play?”

Oh, what games did EA and Activision want crossplay for? Hey while we’re at it, what about Capcom, Konami, Ubi, how about every third party in existence!

You seriously can't be this naive or oblivious to think this right?

There were only certain devs that wanted this and those were the ones that were addressed.

It was only the completely dedicated shills and die hard fanboys that were the real crybabies, distressed because they thought their favourite company was under attack. Desperately trying to convince everyone that nobody cares.

It was actually funny to see fanboys so sad when Sony actually let Epic and their fortnight users share their profiles across different platforms.

Realms837d ago

Nobody cared that much is my point, yes some small independent developers care because it meant their games would have a better shot of being successful but many and many more publishers didn't care because they rather you buy multiple copies of the same game. So a small minority bitched and moaned until Sony said fine whatever let's see how many publishers actually want this as it turns out not many so that leaves you fanboys crying over nothing.

rainslacker839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

Was it ever really necessary? how long did MP gaming go on without it? Was it really that important before it was about cross-console?

Is it nice to have? Sure, why not. It doesn't really harm anything that I'm aware of to include it. most of the downsides to cross play in general are in the excessive amount of time spent discussing it.

As it is, these collective websites are probably making more money talking about it than the industry ever will implementing it actually requires a bit of work to implement, and the returns probably are negligible.

I think I, and quite a few people I've argued with about it, have probably spent more time typing out comments about it, than we will ever spend time playing with our friends on other consoles with it enabled.

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