Activision Isn't Pleased with Destiny 2 DLC Sales; Microtransactions on the Way

In its latest financial earnings call, Activision has stated Destiny 2 Forsaken did not meet sales expectations. The publisher remains determined to find In its latest financial earnings call, Activision has stated Destiny 2 Forsaken did not meet sales expectations; is seeing to "re-engage" fans.

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RpgSama29d ago

"Sales didn't meet expectations, OH, I know, let's add even MORE microtransactions, that will make people buy it, 'cause if there's one thing people love in a game is paying even more for fake S...!"

SenorFartCushion29d ago

We created our own competition.



PapaBop29d ago

All a part of the grand plan for Activision to own Bungie.

madpuppy29d ago

I can see it now, From Lord Shaxx to Amanda Holliday will have an Eververse section where you can at the worst, buy yourself to victory and at the best buy worthless pap visual items.

Skull52129d ago

This should be a red flag and anyone thinking of purchasing The Division 2 and likely Anthem should take note, as they’ll be the next games that pull this crap, best to skip them and let these people know we are tired of this s***.

Muzikguy29d ago

I definitely don’t get their logic here. More MTs will turn more people off. I guess that’s why there’s such a disconnect with these people and gamers.

Definitely. I’ve not bought any game from Activision, EA, and only one from Ubisoft this gen. I won’t support this crap. The one was Watch Dogs and it was a huge disappointment

amazinglover29d ago

As a former diehard destiny player it's hard to hear from my friends that Forsaken is so much fun and worth the price because it was everything leading up too it that cause Bungie to lose me as a customer for life. Sure we can blame activision for some of it but they have some blame in this as well. Sucks I will never play a destiny game again time to vote with my wallet and let them know that treating your fan base like shit is never the answer to being successful and this sudden change in heart is too little to late and words I have heard before they will continue this cycle we destiny 3.

Gaming10129d ago

They gave up on new sales. They just aren't happening, but Executives want their bonuses so they think the only way to get more blood from this rock is to put in micro-transactions. Hey, if you can't make money through new sales what did you expect?

MajorLazer29d ago

Activision are literally scum. They are the dog shit on your shoe of the gaming world

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Skull52129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Gamers really gotta continue boycotting these games, this is getting ridiculous. Your solution should be to make the expansions cheaper, or more filled with content, not to try to make up revenue for failed expectations with loot boxes and micro transactions. Kinda glad Destiny 1 was such a disappointment and only had enough content for a half week of play. Sold my copy after 4 days. Kept me from giving these bastards any more money in expansions and sequels to a mediocre-at-best franchise.

Sono42129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Are they taking notes straight from how to kill a franchise 101?

1. They release a sequel that adds almost nothing new to an already bland and extremely repetitive formula (which led to low sales and extremely lower play times then the first installment).

2. They screw over loyal players again by releasing many DLC packs which also add almost nothing new and are over priced, but you are almost forced to buy to stay relevant in the game if you actually care.

3. They are now upset that their terrible release schedule of garbage DLC is not fooling the consumer like the first time around so they are now milking the remaining fanbase for all they're worth.

Honestly pathetic, at this point the remaining Destiny players deserve all they get for being so loyal to a series that has done nothing but screw them over from the beginning. As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, well i'm the idiot. Which is exactly why I bailed after the first DLC of the first game(well I actually did play the last DLC of the first one because my friend bought it for me and tried to convince me it was better.... spoiler, it wasn't), although I did download Destiny 2 and the DLC for free when it was available on PS+ but I still haven't gotten around to playing it because frankly... there are better games.

RacerX29d ago

If people were boycotting and micrtransactions were killing games, we wouldn't see them on every game now. Game publishers and developers are among record profits year after year now. I hate it, but don't see an end to it anytime soon.

FinalFantasyFanatic29d ago

It's not like gamers haven't been screaming at that them for Destiny's issues, I mean, there's not a great deal of content, and they still tried to nickel and dime they're player base. Then you have games like WOW and a Real Reborn which is still popular and has a large player base happy to keep playing and paying for content (those games have a sh** ton of content).

It's not that they don't know how they can fix the game, it's that they've gotten too greedy without offering enough, no surprise people aren't paying.

SierraGuy29d ago

I think one thing PlayStation, Xbox, Switch devoted gamers can agree on...stop purchasing this garbage.

Davidice29d ago

Wouldn't surprise me with Activision.

Brave_Losers_Unite28d ago

Fuck Activision with their bulls**t Diablo mobile game

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ZaWarudo31d ago

I wonder what ridiculous expectations they had.

Shikoku29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Imagine the amount of money that would satisfy you then quadruple it and thats a 10th of what they wanted

PhantomS4229d ago

Activision expects everything to sell like COD and if it doesn't it gets shut down. Skylanders was quietly shut down after the last one did less than expected and now bigs stores have very few if any Skylander toys and the devs have been working on the Spyro remakes (which is awesome for them). I wouldn't be surprised if Activision axes Destiny 3 and either drops the Bungie contracts for uses the rest of the time to make them make a COD game. Either way, we all know Bungie is capable of great things but Activision is holding them down.

rainslacker29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

They only made 4 billion dollars off MT from last year. They weren't able to afford all those extra private planes, and could only have Lobster for lunch 3 times a week, instead of 4.

They do have to support their families you know. So, where you say ridiculous, I say....well....the same, but only because I can't think of something clever to end my sarcastic remark.

I guess you win this round.:)

-Foxtrot31d ago

Wake up's because people realsie this game isn't all that and you screwed them a second time after promising how "amazing" the sequel would be compared to the first. Fool me once shame on you, food me twice...

I'll be annoyed if people get suckered into the third one but I hope after it Bungie breaks free and makes a single player driven story with co-op features.

Michiel198929d ago

Its not only on activision. Bungie was the one who wanted the lootbox things in D2, because they couldnt produce dlc for the game at the pace that they promised. I think its a mutual agreement to put it in. How far bungie has fallen....

I wont be buying a game from them before they make a proper game again, and stop lying to their consumers.

Magic_Spatula29d ago

I don't think that Bungie is going to make any single player story driven games soon because they partnered with NetEase for their next IP. Plus, they have a couple of more years with the Destiny IP and the state of D2 is still bleh AND they've already started development on D3. So yeah, hopes of a great game by them that isn't muddled by microtransaction crap isn't going to happen or might ever happen again from Bungie.

PhoenixUp31d ago

Micro transactions can’t solve all your problems

Aither29d ago

If anything, it will only make things worse for them.

shaun mcwayne31d ago

Im not pleased with price of the dlc Activision. Thats why i didn't buy it.

Shikoku29d ago

^this, 60$ for an expansion is dog shit.

Sircolby4529d ago

^Exactly. I thought the expansion was pretty good, but overpriced as usual.