PUBG PS4 Release Date Listed on Amazon

An Amazon listing of PUBG PS4 has appeared. The listing suggests the popular battle royale title will make its way to the PS4 by the end of the year. Sony and PUBG Corp have yet to confirm the news.

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Araragifeels 74d ago

It too late. Black Ops 4, Fornite, H1Z1, and other games that have Battle Royale. I don't see anyone paying for a old games that is burning out.

rdgneoz374d ago

With Fornite and H1Z1 alone being F2P, PUBG will not have a huge playerbase. They waited too long to come to PS4, now there are a lot more options.

Clark8874d ago

Don't forget Battlefield 5. I don't know if it will have a BR mode though

rdgneoz374d ago

It will as DLC I believe, though not right off the bat.

paintedgamer198474d ago

Agreed, only xbox fanboys carried this title like it was the best thing next to sliced bread no matter how unoptimized and broken it was. Now a whole year later the game is slated to release on the ps4 and these same dudes are acting like PUBG is trash anyhow...

Jinger74d ago

Still better than Fortnite in my eyes, but I'd much rather play the Black Out mode in Black Ops 4 then PUBG as of right now.

chrisoadamson73d ago

It's awesome . I've gone back having tried blackout for the last month. Although not as smooth the gameplay and fun of pubg is unrivalled

Baza74d ago

PUBG is dead. This should have happened a long time ago when they had their shine.

HentaiElmo74d ago

Keep kwiet if you don’t have anything constructive to say it will make you look smarter. So far I haven’t see any comment that look like ps fanboy and it’s true they took too long to bring the game to the PS4 and now there’s other options

KwietStorm74d ago

You're entitled to your own blind opinion.

HentaiElmo74d ago

True but you also have to take responsibility for the consequences of your blind opinion, kid think before you write

PurpHerbison74d ago

I'm really not sure how many people will want to play an unoptimized BR. We already have h1z1 for that. Game is only 30fps on the Xbox One X and I don't see the PS4Pro being able to match that. I really don't see it doing well when Fortnite and Blackout run at 60fps.

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