Blizzard: Diablo Immortal Reaction Was 'Interesting';It Will Be An Excellent Experience Upon Release

Blizzard president J. Allen Brack said the reaction to Diablo Immortal was 'interesting'. He then added it will be excellent upon release, as Blizzard will make sure it respects the very high-quality standards requested by the community.

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ccgr4d ago

Curious how this will pan out

KaiPow4d ago

Gameloft does just fine with their Dungeon Hunter series on mobile, so I'm sure Diablo will play better than that.

OtterX4d ago

How many games a year does Gameloft release? How many games a year does Blizzard release?

Even if it is better than Dungeon Hunter, it doesn't matter to me because I don't game on a phone. I can't stand touch screen only controls. Any of the controller add-ons made for phones become cumbersome.

But, I guess to all of you Dungeon Hunter fans out there, have fun!

Relientk774d ago

"I think that it’s clear that there are a lot of players who are eager for more Diablo PC and console content. I think that came through loud and clear from BlizzCon"

Translation: Wow, we got our s*** rocked.

-Foxtrot4d ago

Realising they aren't such hot shit they actually think they are

Jackhass4d ago

Yes, "interesting"...that 's the word for it.

PapaBop4d ago

Well here is something more "interesting" for everyone:

Currently down 12.62% now K E K

wraith99993d ago

right, but this has very little to do with the response to diablo immortal
many investors in the gaming industry (like my grandfather, who asks me about this shit all the time lmao) realize that very few fans of blizzard IP will actually stop playing games they love today because blizzard has decided to release a mobile game tomorrow; that being said, its more of a loss of opportunity profit, which is still a loss

who knows tho, immortal could do very well fiscally regardless of what core gamers think, remember mobile games dont target the core gaming demographs they target casuals, who may very well still love this game when it comes out, play and pay a lot for it

this drop in share price is almost solely due to the missed earnings as the article states

MoshA4d ago

Another multiplatform company succumbing to greed. Another win for Sony :)

Aurenar4d ago

What does Sony have to do with this?...

Sm00thNinja4d ago

What the hell does this have to do with Sony?!

ImGumbyDammit4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

First, what does Sony have to do with of this?

Secondly, your second word "multiplatform" tells you their purpose of this company is to support multi-platforms. They support PC and console. The phone is a fast-growing extension and part of the multiplatform world experience. This is not succumbing to greed but doing exactly what the company should be doing as you clearly admit it is a multiplatform company. Or is it only multiplatform for the platforms you agree with?

Do I think they handled the announcement of this game incorrectly? Definitely! But it is a good move for the company none the less. It is an audience of 2 billion phone users to sell to. And beyond all the drama going on now about Diablo Immortal, there will be a D4 at some point. Perhaps when it does arrive (2020?) Blizzard should just follow your advice to avoid that crash grab and release D4 only on the PC like Diablo was originally done and avoid that console cash grab that came later. /s

-Foxtrot4d ago

They are just going to keep coming out with stupid PR crap making out they aren't phased by it but deep down they are

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