Tetris Effect Review | Slant Magazine

Aaron Riccio: "Tetris Effect is staggeringly immersive—and also playable in PSVR—but it falls short of justifying its audiovisual ambition as anything more than a novelty, a way to resell one of the oldest video games in the world, now gussied up with high-definition colors and graphical bloom. There’s Tetris, better than ever, in the foreground, but then there’s all these other effects going on in the background—like all those random videos that accompany songs at a cheap karaoke bar. Worse, all the flair that’s been added to the base game lays bare what’s been deliberately and inexplicably left out, like online multiplayer. Mizuguchi has made strong, confident choices with his approach to Tetris, the Zone ability most prominent among them, but he’s done so uncompromisingly. And that’s an effect that’s as likely to leave tetrominos burned into your retinas as it is to simply leave you feeling cold and alone."

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