Fallout 76 File Size and Day-One Patch Is 96.6GB

With Bethesda’s latest RPG just days away from launch, the Fallout 76 file size and day-one patch have been revealed.

masterfox5d ago

Day one patch 96 GB?, WTF!, not only Bethesda games are buggy as hell and with this supposed patch news is pure devils rectum hell! daamnn.

Lon3wolf5d ago

The patch is 55 GB (still a joke for a patch as it's bigger than the game install):

First up, the initial install size is 45.04GB. On top of that, you’ll then be prompted to download the day-on update, which is even bigger at 54.641GB

Baza5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

And I’m sure there’s eventually gonna be another 50 gigs of patches to fix more bugs and glitches. Classic Bethesda.

Army_of_Darkness5d ago

So the patch is the actual game?? 🤣😂 What's even the point in buying physical these days if it won't even work day one without internet access....

roadkillers5d ago

Resale value is why to purchase disks, but MMOs can’t be resold at most stores so... lol

PapaBop5d ago

Flop of the year, calling it now.

rainslacker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

And its online so you can't even play it until it updates.

Funny enough, this patch is probably the pre-bug-fix patch, and it'll still be rife with problems.

Considering some said the beta was just as big, this sounds more like the situation like Activision claimed for the Spyro remasters. That it couldn't fit on one disc. The game is probably that big, and they just filled up a BR disc, and pushed the rest to a download. It's a MP game, so I assume people will have internet, but thats still a lot of data to download, and could take a while for some people.

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pcz5d ago

Yes, The future involves buying a disc that acts merely as a glorified download code. The game is only ever really available for download.

rainslacker5d ago

One would presume though that if one were to buy a MP game, then they'd have access to the internet, so its not like they can't get the content. But still, that's a rather sizable patch.

Relientk775d ago

Yeah that's totally reasonable


Dude wtf

ChrisW4d ago

I'm fine with it... My C: drive is a Samsung 850 Evo M.2 1TB ... /s

But it does undeniably suck for those who have limited download bandwidth.

KukwesGaming2d ago

I just put my code in for the full game in on pc patch..sooo… this sounds like a console thing.

Crazyglues5d ago

Whut...? Wait Whut..? How in the world, Since when is a day one patch bigger then the entire game... So the game is 45.04GB...

And the patch is 54.641GB... OMG! ---Bethesda what in the world is going on over there... ? 54GB patch..?

Let's just hope this means the game is amazing and they fixed a lot of the boring and fail things in the Beta... So Basically you need 96.6GB Of Space..

Elwenil5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

It's been that big for me since I first installed the beta on my PS4:

Crazyglues5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Really wow, that's interesting... mine was only like 52 GB, maybe I came late...

Elwenil5d ago


Yeah, I got called a liar because some monkey on here didn't believe it but I have no reason to lie. The game seemed to play fine and I didn't seem to have anything "extra" from the beta, it just took up a ton of space and took me about 2.5 days to download on my crappy Internet. But now that the game is revealed to be that size for everyone else, I am kind of wondering why some got the larger install and some didn't. Maybe an experiment with the beta with compressed files? Hard to say.

Crazyglues5d ago

@ Elwenil

yeah My friend had the 96 GB like you, I guess they were just trying stuff in the beginning like you said... who knows..

Omnisonne5d ago

I'm one of the biggest Fallout fans you'll ever encounter.. but this game, this is a trainwreck waiting to happen.
I'll likely wait a good year before considering a purchase.

winter_hill5d ago

The only way I'll even remotely consider a purchase is if they add an offline SP campaign. Otherwise **** them and their rotten game.

KukwesGaming2d ago

more people that never it gave it a chance..I am a massive fallout fan and guess what this is more of a fallout game than people actually think...and guess what you can solo the game and it has multiple story lines...and loads of NPC;s it just doesnt have human npcs because at this time period is when the only non mutated humans are people leaving Vault 76...perhaps in the future when it works with the story line we will see other vault dwellers become NPC's but right now it has lots of Robot Npc's that have lots of charm and SUper Mutant NPC's ...I love it and I have played every single Fallout game.

Omnisonne2d ago

Sure, this just isn't a game I'm willing to ''give a chance'' for $60. The lack of NPCs doesn't even bother me

InTheZoneAC5d ago

surely this update comes with a full fledged campaign?

Elwenil5d ago

Nope. and don't call me Shirley.

KukwesGaming2d ago

you follow the story line of the overseer.