Tetris Effect Review - IGN

Tetris Effect turns the game you know into something you’ve likely never experienced.

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Abnor_Mal74d ago

Played the demo which is no longer available. This games visuals along with some nice electronic dance music (I'm not even into EDM), and the pulsing controller feedback is musical crack. The song from the first level The Deep alone had me feigning to play the level over and over. Sensory overload, on a good way, I don't know what kind of chemicals it releases in the brain (endorphins, dopamine or serotonin ) but this game made me want more and more. Just feeling great listening to the music in surround sound turned up high, and the haptics pluses in your hands.
I want my friend to try it but am afraid that it might induce a seizure, since he is prone to seizing. I just want to share the sensation, hey kid you wanna get high.