Strategy guide publisher Prima Games is shutting down

Prima Games, one of the most popular publishers of video game strategy guides, will officially be closing its doors.

Neonridr4d ago

So many great guides from them in my possession. Sad day for sure.

darthv723d ago

With manuals no longer being in new games and now strategy guides going by the wayside... what's the next piece of tradition to disappear?

Seraphim3d ago

I'd disagree. They did a great job on the original Ni No Kuni guide but anything else I've seen from Prima pails in comparison to the work Future Press does on Guides. However with so much info and user videos on the internet strategy guides have been a dying breed for quite some time now. Hopefully this leads to more work for Future Press and they are able to still produce great guides like they have with Bloodborne, it's DLC and Dark Souls...

Neonridr2d ago

go look at all the Zelda guides that Prima did over the years. Lots of hard work and attention to detail there.

Srhalo4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

That's unfortunate, but to be honest i'm surprised they lasted this long. That said as easy as it is to look online there is definitely something to be said for having a book with pages you can flip through. And especially in the early days the level of detail in their guides was unmatched even when compared to what was offered online. They often had pictures and maps and things a text based "gamefaq" just didn't offer

Neonridr3d ago

true, but some of their "collector" edition strategy guides were top notch with awesome cover art and crazy amount of details put in. Print sadly is going by the wayside, so as you said, it's surprising they lasted this long.

BlackTar1873d ago

They are obsolete with patches and fixes.

mkis0073d ago

What happens to digital guides?

awdevoftw3d ago

Picked up a few over their lifetime. Too bad.

bigmalky3d ago

The internet claims another victim.

RIP Prima. You will be missed.

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