Nintendo looking to increase the appeal of Switch Online, enhance the service's content

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa had a few interesting comments about Switch Online during the company’s latest financial briefing. Furukawa started out by stating that the service “had a good launch”.

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franwex5d ago

Ok, so nothing was actually said?

Leeroyw5d ago

I had to buy it to get the comments and help in dark souls. But apart from that it's a terrible service. Despite being "cheap" by some fan boys.
It isn't cheap if you're getting nothing much for your money.

Sm00thNinja5d ago

Yeah I had no incentive to even pay a measely 20 bucks for this... At least at launch.

michellelynn09765d ago

I understand. I like playing online, having cloud saves and playing old NES games, but I hear what you're saying.

Sm00thNinja5d ago

Eventually probably with Smash Bros or Pokemon Let's Go I'll subscribe. I'd like more perks. N64 games, GameCube, free games monthly. Cloud saves shouldnt be locked behind a paywall.

I'd also like to see how well Smash Bros performs online. Brawls online was unplayable for me.

paintedgamer19845d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I would surely hope so as their online offering is severely lacking. I dunno how about you give is our virtual console back Nintendo!


Agreed, i wouldnt even pay 5$ a year for this.

Jinger5d ago

If they gave us VC then their milking of retro consoles wouldn't be as effective.

Jinger5d ago

As of now there is little to no appeal.

michellelynn09765d ago

I told people to give it time. Let's hope in six months or less they do make it more appealing.

Sm00thNinja5d ago

I hear you with the give it time.... But we waited a whole extra year for absolutely nothing. So I'm a bit impatient Nintendo is so far behind the other 2 in this department it's comical.

Moonman5d ago

Nintendo definitely did more than emulate 20 NES games in a year's time...I sure hope so. They just love to drip feed content and it's time they stop doing that....haha. :)

michellelynn09765d ago

I agree, but if they can improve it in the near future. That will be good.

Sm00thNinja5d ago

They seem committed to do so. I think the Switch is perfect for a community return similar to miiverse. Offer me two free N64 games a month. Give me access to games a week early. Nintendo should really be in talks with Microsoft about what they can do to improve they seem somewhat comfortable as of late

michellelynn09764d ago

Yeah, the X Box has such a good online service, that would be wise for Nintendo to do so.

Sm00thNinja4d ago

Seems like a good exchange. Well help you with your online service you help us develop more quality first party titles. Both parties win. Won't happen, but it's nice to dream

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