Playstation Classic is using the open-source PCSX emulator in order to play its games

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of console gamers were hyped when Sony announced the Playstation Classic. However, it appears that Sony has not developed its own emulator and instead it is using the open source PCSX emulator that most PC gamers have been using all these years."

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lnfiniteLoop70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

should have had a line in the licence that read "not to be used for commercial use"... that would have stopped Sony from using it dead in there tracks from using it... Sony are scum who are quite happy to use other peoples work for profit and not pay for it...

kneon70d ago

It's under GPL, so commercial use has always been allowed.

darthv7269d ago

Oh imagine if they were using something like bleem. It could have produced a much cleaner look to the old school graphics.

Skull52169d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I just think it is funny Sony needs to use someone else's emulator to play their own games... like, why? I suppose the emulator could be better than the original PS tech.

I think the PS/N64 games are gonna be the worst. It's like the games were running in impressive 3d at the time but the framerates were in the single digits but no one cared because we didn't know any better. That era didn't age well, best to have just been a part of it while it was here instead of going back to it.

naruga70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

@infinite ....are you serious ? or trolling....since when "pirate" emulators have the right to own their emulated products??????.....whatever PCSX emulator is reproducing is by DEFAULT owned by Sony ....since they r owners of the source material (PS1) .....

YoshiFtJ70d ago

Not at all true. The only thing Sony owns is the BIOS, and PCSX can run via HLE without one.

kneon70d ago

If it's a clean room emulator then it's completely legal and Sony owns none of it. It's the same for other emulators, that's why companies go after the ROM and ROM distributors because they do have a case there..

starchild69d ago

That's completely false, naruga.

rainslacker69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

That's not how the emulator works. It interprets Sony's original code into the code for another machine. Then as it sends back data to the program, it reinterprets it into the original PS1 machine code that the program uses to process the task.

At least in simple terms.

The emulator itself doesn't use any of Sony's own code to work, it's merely an interpreter. Older emulators used the original bios code to control that flow of data, but they don't really need to do that anymore.

However, ironically for all the pirates out there, Sony, or those who buy this device, are the only one's who are allowed to run games on this emulator legally. But legality is limited to the games they include in the system itself.

I'll get disagrees, because some people think they have the right to do whatever they want with their games, but technically, that's not true. Sony, or any company really, may not go after you, but that doesn't mean that its legal.

All that being said, I'd be perfectly fine if Sony decided to use this emulator to create a PS1 BC solution for PS4.

Ju69d ago

I would even go so far and say they already do. PS1 classics run on the PS4 and also in PSNow. I doubt this uses a signigicantly different emulator. Also, being open source and all, I wonder if they have contributed to the emulator (and possibly worked out a deal with the developers). Wouldn't surprise me. If you can't beat them join them.

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doggo8470d ago

LMAO the irony in your comment. you are a special kind of delusional troll.

YoshiFtJ70d ago

No reason for Sony to pay to develop their own when they can use a well known pre-established emulator that falls under GPL.

What Sony should have done is put more effort in presentation, but this is a holiday cash grab product that they have no real belief in.

2pacalypsenow69d ago

The PS4 is dominating and will dominate the holiday.

Why would they put all their focus on a PS1 console. They’re just trying to get a piece of the pie like Nintendo.

Zenbaby36969d ago

They don't need better presentation. These things sell themselves

ZeroX987670d ago

Good thing Sony didn't sue those guys back then!
I know they've sued the "Bleem!" emulator back in the days, but thanks god "bleem!" was the winner in court. paved the way to this little gem :)

2pacalypsenow69d ago

Being a winner in court put them out of business.

Sirk7x69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Pcsx is open source, requires no bios, and was built in a way that violates no copyrights. It is a completely legal emulator. Procuring games to play on it is another matter. It's just ironic and hypocritical, because the industry is fighting so hard against roms and emulation, but literally, they have to use open-source tools that their PAYING FANS have built, because these companies haven't invested their own time in preserving their own products. The PS Classic probably wouldn't even exist without open source emulators, because then they would have had to pay more for research and development and software engineering. So you have companies suing sites that host roms and emulators, which preserves the industry, and then they go and use their tools and roms to sell their own products.

rainslacker69d ago


But they're going after these emulators and ROM companies because they are distributing products that Sony, or other companies, may still be able to make a profit off of. Like the PS Classic for instance.

Sure, there may still hundreds, or thousands of other games, no one will ever see again, but at the same time, the games that are active, or have high potential for being active through current distribution channels(mini systems, online stores through BC, etc) have these products for sale.

If anything, the irony is on those who say these games are so old that there is no money to be made on them anymore, because now more than ever, it's more likely to be easy to get free games easily.

InTheZoneAC70d ago

Reported, please keep uninformed opinions off the site

Cobra95169d ago

Reported for what, having an opinion you don't like? I don't like it either, but I'm not about to try usurping his right to express it.

2pacalypsenow69d ago

Or they could of used their own.

AnubisG69d ago

Oh really? But it's all fine to play pirated ROMs on these emulators huh? That's not scummy at all.....

rainslacker69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

How are they scum for using open source code to make a product? You know even MS has quite a few things they do open source with right? The whole point of open source is to put it out there for people to use it.

Given that PCSX wouldn't even exist if Sony didn't make the PS1, I think they may have a bit of a right to use what is essentially an interpreter for their original machine code. And they have the right regardless, because the project allows it. If anything, PCSX shouldn't even run games on anything that isn't a PS1 platform, so this is really the only way to legally run PS games through that emulator. Emulator may be legal, but it's not actually legal for the customer to run games on it. But, yeah, scummy Sony, I guess.

Hell, MS could use it if they wanted, although they'd likely get slapped with quick lawsuits for emulating PS games on devices that weren't licensed for those games.

Muzikguy69d ago

I loved the idea of this classic system but Sony really messed up with it. The game selection is terrible, no analog controller, the price, and now this? I guess the emulator could be a debatable issue, but I just feel as though they rushed this thing. There are so many awesome games that I still enjoy to play and would have bought this for. Oh well. I guess I'll just get that laptop and run the emulators myself

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riibhu70d ago

Lmao. This is golden. Hey, will those who have criticized PC gamers here on N4G, for using emulator now criticize Sony too? Or is hypocrisy gonna win the day as usual.

Jinger70d ago

Oh i doubt this article will even get above 100 degrees since no Sony fanboy will come near this news lol

Hey, if it's open source then screw it. Use it. Saves them a ton of money as all they need to do is make the cheap plastic casing.

uth1170d ago

I'm an emulator fan, and a Sony fan, and I don't see what the big deal is. They aren't the only company that has packaged open source emulators into commercial products.

riibhu70d ago

Yes it's open source I don't have any problem with Sony using it, in fact I encourage it as it saves costs anyway. But my problem arises from the hypocritical and sanctimonious comments of some users here on N4G whenever any article related to pc emulator comes up.
But as you say these users won't show up on this article. Lol.

CarlDechance70d ago

Uh.....why is this news shocking or taboo in any way? Are you trying to make a big deal out of nothing?

Godmars29069d ago


Part of the irony is that at one time Sony made BC a mainstream thing with the PS2, backed out of it with the PS3, and now have just made a pay-walled mess of it with the PS4. Nevermind that they're copying Nintendo.

Jinger69d ago


Lol geez I know! Did not expect anyone would care

Cobra95169d ago

@uth11: Well, Steve Snake's work features in some Sega 16-bit releases on PC. KEGA Fusion is probably still the definitive emulator for the 8-16-bit Sega consoles and their expansions.

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boing170d ago

Right. And i'm sure all those PC users have legally acquired all games they can play on this emulator.

YoshiFtJ70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

1. Irrelevant

2. Probably do. PS1 games are cheap. You can run straight off an original disc and can even use Sony's PSN format if you pull the data.

starchild69d ago

Yep, the PS1 and PS2 games I play on my PC using emulators are all games I own on disc.

boing169d ago

Sorry, but I don't believe you.

Casepb69d ago

Who gives a shit really? PS1 games are old as dirt and have no value anyway.

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l3w1s70d ago

Well, Sony actually paid for the games licenses, and we all know that 95% of regular gamers who emulate don't pay a cent.

YoshiFtJ70d ago

Not at all true.

You can also hack any Sony platform to run illegal PS1 games using their own emulator if you so desire.

l3w1s69d ago


What is not true? That Sony paid for the licenses? Or that gamers use emulation mostly to steal?

And so what if you can hack "any Sony platform"? What does that have to do with anything?

Computersaysno69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

"we all know that 95% of regular gamers who emulate don't pay a cent."

Assumptions and lies made by people with no evidence at all to back up their claims, and so they can be easily dismissed without evidence too.

I emulate a lot of games and own so many old titles without the original hardware.

Sirk7x69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I could argue that people that download and emulate old games probably also are some of the highest spenders on gaming and gaming merch as well.

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Computersaysno69d ago

It's worse than emulating on a crappy PC. It is emulating PS1 games without all the extra resolution, bells and whistles you can get on a low powered modern PC.

You may as well download a better emulator and run the games with more resolution, with settings that eliminate the texture warping, added anti aliasing and filtering etc all the eye candy emulators can do.

rainslacker69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I won't. Sony, or people who buy this device, are the only ones that can legally play the games themselves on this emulator. All those people who used the emulator on the PC were still playing those games illegally. They could boot up the emulator and look at a black screen all they wanted, but once they started up a game, even if they owned the disc, they were breaking copyright laws.

"2. Probably do. PS1 games are cheap. You can run straight off an original disc and can even use Sony's PSN format if you pull the data."

Yeah, you can. But not legally. Those discs are only licensed to play in a PS1 or officially licensed device. Officially licensed devices would be the PS1, PS2, and PS3. Nothing more, nothing less. You can't even play those games you own on this device if you decided to make a ROM copy of it, and mod it to play other ROMS. At least not legally. And realistically, most people don't own these discs, they download them.

Sony isn't likely to chase after you if you play the emulated games, but that doesn't mean they're legal to play just because you own the disc.

Learn licensing laws before you actually decide to comment on what others say. Because it actually is relevant to the hypocrisy your trying to point that there is really not much hypocrisy, as people have always said you don't have the legal right to emulate those games on other devices.

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pcz70d ago

sony are bloody lazy. all they do is repackage other peoples ideas

nitus1069d ago (Edited 69d ago )

It may come as a surprise to you but that is how developers work.

This is why Microsoft used a version of "Windows 10" for their XBox1 and Sony for their PS4 used Orbis OS, a modified version of FreeBSD that's similar to Linux. Both Microsoft and Sony don't have to pay a royalty for these operating systems.

Why reinvent the wheel every time you wish to make a new product? Sure some particular ideas can be patented and the people who use that idea do pay a fee up until the expiry of said patent(s), unless (of course) the particular countries patent systems is totally corrupt.

BTW. If you wish to get a migraine, take a look at the wording of some patents. Even if you have an engineering and/or scientific background the legalese used for some modern patents is so vague that it could cover almost anything.

Switch4One69d ago

I'm not sure that's the same thing. Microsoft used a version of their OWN operating system for the Xbox One. That's not the same as "repackage other people's ideas" as pcz said.
Not that I agree with pcz, I'm just saying that you can't use the x company does it too and then give an example which turns out to be the exact opposite.

asad19770d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Almost every one has the ability to play these games free if you have a basic PC. And you can play them today.

CarlDechance70d ago

Free if you pirate. Otherwise you still have to buy the game. The games are still widely available. I’m currently playing Persona 4 from disc in my PC. Emulators are great if people use them the way they should be used.

YoshiFtJ70d ago

People who pirate games will do so no matter what, be it hacked it modified OEM hardware or emulation.

Don't try and blame honest users.

CarlDechance69d ago (Edited 69d ago )


Not sure I follow. I'm not blaming honest user for anything. I said emulators are great if they are used the way they should, meaning not pirating games so you can play them for free.

cell98969d ago

Well if the games aren’t sold anymore, how else do you suggest we play our fave classics?

Kribwalker69d ago


that was everyone’s argument against nintendo having Roms removed. “we can’t buy them so we should get to download them, they are part of gaming history” was consistent when people were mad nintendo had them removed. funny how that changed

CarlDechance69d ago


They are for sale. Try ebay or retro shops. Heck, you can buy a lot of PS2 games brand new on Amazon.


"that was everyone’s argument"

uh....I don't know who you are talking about, but you are generalizing heavily. Funny how what changed? if you are suggesting I or someone else have changed their position on piracy based on which company is being pirated....please, point that out. Otherwise, you are just making random arguments with absolutely no merit behind them.

rainslacker69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

"Well if the games aren’t sold anymore, how else do you suggest we play our fave classics?"

Well....since there are many legal devices out there which do give you the ability to play a great number of old games, maybe try one of those? Almost every PS1 games is available on the PSN store, so you could get a PS3. Atari and Sega have officially licensed consoles with tons of the most popular games on them...much more than these mini systems. There are plenty of resources to buy the physical copies of these games really cheap....yard sales on any given spring/summer weekend, ebay, craigslist, other sites, so you could get them there and buy hardware which will play them.

There are of course some games that you can't get them many US TG-16/CD games, or any really popular game that had more limited production runs for their time. While i do understand there are times that piracy is more suitable due to things beyond one's control, it shouldn't be used as a primary reason to pirate games, because if anything, there are more options since last gen to play old games legally, than there have ever been in the past.


"that was everyone’s argument against nintendo having Roms removed. “we can’t buy them so we should get to download them, they are part of gaming history” was consistent when people were mad nintendo had them removed. funny how that changed"

What's changed? Nintendo has some avenues for buying those games, and people who called out the pirates for using that excuse have no reason to do so against Sony. I see the correlation here. We're talking about Sony using an emulator legally because it's open source and available for them to do so, to play games that they can legally run on the device, because they own or pay the license holders for those games to do so. Do those pirates pay those devs/pubs for the license to run the games on an emulator?

I don't care how much people say that "these companies aren't selling these games anymore", we have right here, in the PS Mini, a system which is selling the games. We have many services which sell these games through individual sales and legally licensed for new hardware, or through compilation discs that come out regularly from various publishers, where the games are legally licensed to run on a different system.

Also, don't try the "you're a hypocrite" generalization of this subject on me. I am well documented for saying that piracy is illegal, and that these companies are well within their rights to protect their interests.

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cigi70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Omg. this is just golden. SONY does what they do best.