Nintendo Plans to Incorporate Add-on Content for Flagship Titles to Keep Them in the Spotlight

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said that going forward, the company plans to incorporate add-on content to keep flagship titles like Zelda and Mario in the spotlight longer.

He also stated that the Nintendo Switch Online launch was a good one, although there will be initiatives to increase the appeal of the service.

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Imp0ssibl375d ago

Now even Nintendo gives in to the game as a service Devil.

King_Noctis75d ago

It’s not game as service. Add on content does not automatically mean that.

cha0sknightmare75d ago

Lets not jump to conclusions. Substantial additional content worth it's price is a different kettle of fish.

Aurenar75d ago

Agreed. And even GaaS isn't always bad.

instantstupor75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

And this quote sucks as well:

"We take the value of software very seriously. What we want with our evergreen titles is to maintain their values as long as possible without lowering the prices."

You want that? You already *DO* that! And you do it with all your titles, not just the "evergreen" ones. And apparently the "value" you talk about is value for you, not value for your customers. Your titles basically never go down in price, even years after release. Look, I enjoy Nintendo's offerings but it puts me off how they refuse to factor time into that software's value like literally every other game publisher on the planet. If we're lucky, they'll introduce the Nintendo Selects line to Switch in like...what, another 2 years?

I guess their data backs up their decisions, but for gamers like me it just means less games we get to play and less money we give to Nintendo. I've only got 2 games for my Switch. Please give me a reason to buy more of some of your older titles, like bundle Xeno 2 and all DLC together for $60, or knock the main game down to $40 or something.

Sucks it appears their stance on full priced titles that are years old isn't going anywhere.

PhoenixUp75d ago

Does Nintendo plan on releasing GOTY editions of their games with all the DLC included?

The only time I can think of when they did this on the same platform was with NSMBU with NSLU

Neonridr74d ago

well MK8 is basically a souped up GOTY Wii U edition with even more added on :P

PhoenixUp74d ago

I said on the same platform. MK8DX is a remaster on a different platform from the original game.

I don’t really want to have to wait for another console just to get a GOTY edition of a game

Aurenar75d ago

I wouldn't mind some decent sized expansion for Super Mario Odyssey.

cha0sknightmare75d ago

He also stated that the "Nintendo Switch Online launch was a good one"

I'm out.

Neonridr74d ago

I think they are saying that out of all the Switch owners out there a heck of a lot of them signed up for the Switch Online Service. Hence it was a success to them based on current owners.

chris23575d ago

it is a wonder that the most hostile of any consolemanufacturer took so long until they found out about this kind of cashgrab. but that‘s what you get when you are arrogant enough to ignore the competition *shrugs*

DrStronk75d ago

Not sure if they've found out yet, tbh. Kirby Star Allies, Splatoon and Mario Tennis Aces is still getting tons of free DLCS. They could easily have charged for them, or made them into microtransactions. I dont mind them doing paid DLC as long as it isn't cut content. DLC used to be a great way to keep games alive before games like Destiny started abusing it. Just look at the DLC in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, or Bloodborne. Breathtaking DLC. Not needed to feel like you're getting the full experience that the base game provides, but a great dessert. Having DLC in upcoming games like Beyonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 would be nothing short of amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.