Destiny 2: Forsaken Did Not Meet Sales Targets

Destiny 2's latest expansion, Forsaken, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC failed to meet Activision's sales expectations and the DLC's ability to re-energize the franchise. This report comes from the most recent Blizzard-Activision earnings call.

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UltraNova70d ago

Well cry me a river Activision! How about leaving Bungie to their own devices so they can listen to us and give us the game we want so, you know, we buy it to your heart's content next time?

littletad70d ago

What disturbs me about this article is how they paraphrase activisions comments about wanting players to be more engaging and purchasing microtransactions. Not a warning shot by any means with recent industry practices, but it's the last paragraph that gets me. "The next big update to Destiny 2 comes in the form of the Black Armory expansion in December, which hopefully will take the games sales numbers a little closer to their projections." I mean, have you ever seen a credible game site state or say they "hope" a publisher reaches their forecast projections for sales target? It's like literally saying, "we hope gamers purchase plenty of loot boxes to satiate publisher market expecations," regardless of the shady nature of microtransactions.

UltraNova69d ago

Are you really that surprised though? Whats the point of hiding anymore?

SirBillyBones69d ago

The shills don't bother concealing their treachery anymore. They're too desperate for a slice of games publisher peen.

Skull52169d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Sure is disappointing to know Activision ruined both Bungie and Blizzard. Two great studios of gamings golden age, gone forever.

Gaming10169d ago

The author is a fan of Destiny so he wants it to do well so he can get more Destiny. He's another fanboy, same as all the fanboys who want their console to do well, and they compare sales figures in hopes that their console will get better exclusives and so forth.

I played Destiny 2 free with PS plus and it was very meh. Was done in a few days only to realize there was no content, had to grind to unlock stuff which was repetitive and irritating, especially since none of my friends were playing it to make it interesting and worthwhile. It was just a microtransaction filled mess.

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AllMightyFox69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

knowing Activision/Blizzard is losing money makes me happy …
too many times in the past did I believe articles written to hype games so they got my $$$ before, but now that everyone can see the snakes for what they are I only hope they go out of business.

Destiny 2 was just like the first where they broke a game into pieces just to slowly sell us each piece at a marked up price.

Warmind & Osiris DLC where sold in a seasonal pass only to have both be devoid of content, then they market Forsaken with the price of an entirely new game …. (just like Blizzard who wants subscriptions)

There is 1 company I hate worse than EA for horrid consumer practices and they should be closed by the BBB & CPB …. but they'll only do that after they go after those who write paid articles to lie to consumers and promote this garbage.

Shikoku69d ago

Yes brother yes, soon the dark forces with bring down the beast.

Axel-Foley69d ago

AllMightyFox - Warmind & Osiris DLC where sold in a seasonal pass only to have both be devoid of content, then they market Forsaken with the price of an entirely new game.

They did the exact same thing with Destiny 1 and The Taken King. I have Zero sympathy for anyone who bought Destiny 2 before Foresaken.

InTheZoneAC69d ago

While disappointing I got my money's worth and enjoyment out of it. I barely played anything else for most of D1 and D2's life and this last month has been the first time I have actually taken a break from this game.

Ethereal69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Like others have said the time investment to dollar amount is more than worth the entry price BUT you hit the nail on the head. The smart thing to do would be to wait a year for them to get the game where it needs to be and buy it for the measly price of $40. Right now you can get the vanilla release, both expansion AND forsaken for $40. Now that is some content for the money. Too bad it is all possible because of the people that really like the game that dove in day one and now have to pay nearly $150 to get the same content. I am waiting until all the DLC is released and the complete package comes out.

conanlifts69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Exactly right. I will buy it when the DLC releases and they sell it for a reduced price. As it is for someone who already owns destiny 2 and expansion 1 and 2 I think it is overpriced. For new players it is a good deal, but they need to drop the price for everyone else.

Sirk7x69d ago

They're not losing money, just not making as much as they want, which is all of it lol. Acvtision/Blizzard is one the the top gaming publishers there is, and made billions this year.

DerekTweed69d ago

"Some players we think are still in 'wait and see' mode. "

I think the players who are not "engaged" are in a fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, mode.

The model Activision uses for the Destiny Expansion is just downright ridiculous, it's practically mandatory if you want to play Destiny 2 in any meaningful way.

spicelicka69d ago

Yes exactly. People defend Destiny 2 by stating that Forsaken is good, but that's not the point. I'm sure it's good, but it costs almost as much as a full game, PLUS you need to have the base game. It's a blatant way to earn the revenue of a full price game just a year after release, and still looks like Destiny 1, for a bit more you could get a full game.

gleepot69d ago

Not anymore. I believe you buy forsaken, you get everything.

spicelicka69d ago


You only get everything if you buy the bundle, which is the price of a full game, $80 in Canada. May be worth it for people who never got D2 last year but for anyone else you either rebuy the damn bundle, or pay $55 just for Forsaken. It's ridiculous pricing.

gamer969d ago

@spicelicka - even if you owned D2 it was 80 cdn for foresaken because they forced you to buy osiris and warmind. 55 was if you had D2 + osiris and warmind. I didn't buy forsaken for 80 and i haven't missed it

conanlifts69d ago

They make so much money and want continued engagement yet barely release any extra content unless you pay for it. They should be adding new content, extra story missions etc frequently, without cost. This would keep players coming back, they would sell more dlc and people who bought the expansions wouldn't feel as ripped off by its lack of content.

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pabadamus169d ago

I thank the universe everyday that I broke free from the addictive grasp of Destiny 1 back in July of 2017. I never bought a single unit of in game currency nor did I make a micro transaction but I did buy every "expansion". I will not be too harsh on the game itself because I did derive hundreds or thousands of hours of enjoyment though it was through uninspired, mindless repetition. I have no such qualms fully criticizing Bungie and Activision for their lazy, money gouging re-skins and less than fair loot box algorithms...but I got out and I learned my lesson.

Sirk7x69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

It's basically a hidden subscription fee, considering once expansions are released, they will lock you out of content you were able to play prior. Honestly, Destiny should just be turned into a full blown MMORPG.

Seafort69d ago

Publishers need to understand that the gamers are the customers. They might be selling something game related but it doesn't mean we are going to buy it.

This will get a lot worse for many publishers trying to milk the customer for every penny they have with microtransactions, expensive DLC and season passes.

People are wising up to their tactics and will just stop buying their games.

EmperorDalek69d ago

Are they really wising up? With how much money Fifa microtransactions bring in, I'm not so sure. Destiny 2's problem is the original game was mediocre. The microtransactions are so pointless that not many people buy them (Which is good for everyone other than Activision.)

CrimsonWing6969d ago

Seems like GaaS games aren’t as lucrative as good ol’ regular single player narrative driven games, huh?

Emme69d ago

Yeah, I mean Activision can only dream of the sales of Spiderman or RDR2.I am proud that Sony and their studios deliver these breathraking single player experiences and are commercially very successfull ! GaaS and F2P must die.

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