PlayStation Users Pay Amusement Tax to Chicago Now, Seriously

Carl Williams writes, "It is a fine time to live in Chicago Illinois, a city usually better known for their gun related violence. They are now aiming, no pun intended, for a new goal, this time for charging their citizens to enjoy anything entertainment related. This is nothing new as the “Amusement Tax” was first introduced in 1993 according to’s website. Now PlayStation owners are the latest to join the taxation B.S. of Chicago Illinois."


Admin note; This tax has already applied to Xbox and other services. It's not 'just' playstation. Author decided to focus instead only on PS in the title and summary.

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Araragifeels 70d ago

Because United States want to tax every thing, they are capable to tax.

2pacalypsenow70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

United States doesn’t do this.

Chicago does this, they voted for politicians who offer free stuff.

Srhalo70d ago


Don't be silly, there are dumb taxes across the country in both red and blue states and cities.

annoyedgamer70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Its a Chicago only tax. I dont support taxing but let's be accurate.

2pacalypsenow69d ago


Right, but we’re taking about this dumb tax

NecrumOddBoy69d ago

If you voted in a Democrat this week then this is your future. People don't understand that when all they watch is MSNBC and CNN.

Shikoku69d ago (Edited 69d ago )


Yeah yeah and you can only parrot foxnews. Can we leave this bullshit out of gaming, I come here to get a break from that crap.

doggo8469d ago

Lmao you don't know South Africa. Be thankful for your tax laws.

steven83r69d ago


Right. This is due to voting Democrat. Maybe we should try the trickle down effect? Reagonomics? More taxes for the poor less for the rich because one day they may give us poor a minimum wage job? That's the other side you like correct? This tax has nothing to do with dem or repub. Soon there will be taxes on everything. Regardless of party.

Srhalo69d ago (Edited 69d ago )


Republican passed dumb laws

The United States Congress enacted a luxury tax and was signed by the former Republican President George H.W. Bush.

Here are a few republican passed dumb taxes.


Card Tax: Want to play a game of solitaire in Alabama? You’ll have to pay 10 cents to the government. Alabama is the only state with a 10-cent tax on a deck of playing cards.


Tattoo Tax: Arkansas’s additional 6 percent state sales tax on tattoos and body piercings is enough to make you rethink your ink.


Amusement Device Decals: Idaho amusement parks are subject to very tedious, expensive taxes. If you own or operate amusement devices in Idaho, you must place a $42 decal on each machine in a visible spot. The decal isn’t valid unless the name and business address of the owner or operator is typed or printed on the face of the decal, and if you add a machine later in the year, you must buy a decal and pay the full-year fee. Separate decals are required for each monitor of a multi-player game.

New Mexico

Bingo and Raffle Tax: Odds of winning at bingo? Not great. Odds of getting taxed on the proceeds? Certain – if you’re in New Mexico where there is a 0.5 percent tax on the gross receipts of any game of chance, including bingo and raffles.

South Dakota

“Special Tax”: South Dakota imposes a “special tax,” which is every bit as unspecific as it sounds. This tax includes an alcohol occupational tax, cigarette excise tax, and GAMING excise tax. It also includes license and registration fees such as coin operated laundry license fees and amusement device registration fees.


Food Taxes: Indiana is not very s’more friendly. Marshmallow cream is tax exempt, but marshmallows are considered candy and therefore taxed at a higher rate.


Single Man Tax: In Missouri, getting married might help you save a buck…literally. Single men between the ages of 21 and 50 are taxed an extra $1 every year.


Ice Block Tax: Opt for cubed ice in Arizona over ice blocks to avoid a higher price. In Arizona, ice cubes are considered a tax exempt food. Ice blocks, however, are not. So if you want to buy your ice in bulk, be prepared to shell out some extra cash in tax.


State Hotel-Motel Fee: Expect to pay a $5-per-night fee on each calendar night you stay in a hotel room in Georgia – unless, of course, you rent for 31 or more consecutive days. After 31 days the rental becomes an “extended stay rental” and is not subject to the tax.

There are hundreds more, every state has silly laws and taxes many large cities have. It's not a liberal or conservative thing like some people would want you to think.

Christopher69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Misleading. Some areas might tax more things, but not most, and taxes in general are way below other countries. But, then, we get the privilege of affording those things that taxes in other countries go toward.

rainslacker69d ago (Edited 69d ago )


Excise taxes for a product which doesn't need extra taxes for anything, because it neither a public nuisance, public threat, doesn't require extra regulation by the government, and isn't done with the intent to regulate trade is wrong regardless of the political party who may or may not be more prone to making them.

There is already a sales tax on games, and that should be all there is to it....unless the city needs to regulate video games somehow.

And both party affiliations do these kinds of excise taxes, which mostly just hurt the poorer people.

To me, any tax imposed should have a stated reason, and that reason should stand up to scrutiny beyond refute.

If not, they do nothing to bring in money that is not used for anything meaningful to "fix" whatever they think needs to be fixed by playing video games, it's just a way for these politicians to get a piece of the pie on a huge market which they feel they are entitled to get some money from. The money isn't going anywhere except their coffers, and that is entirely wrong.

So instead of making this into a partisan agenda, stop trying to push some political view like you are somehow enlightened about what the future holds should one go one way or the other, because you come across as woefully ignorant.

Skull52169d ago (Edited 69d ago )

That's what happens when you elect democrats, they steal your money through taxation, because in their minds they can spend your money better than you can. Not a single democrat voted for tax cuts.

frostypants69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

People who act like all taxes are bad crack me up. Without taxes the internet as we know it wouldn't exist. The entire infrastructure is the product of massive subsidization.

BuildTheWall69d ago

Shitcago needs to tax everything possible since Illinois economy is so bad the state can't afford to have a lottery. Hell, Illinois would tax your dreams if they could.

Seraphim69d ago

that is true. The US wants to tax everything. don't like something tax it. Can't balance a budget, find something new to tax or raise taxes on something. We divert our road funds and can't keep roads and bridges up to standard, let's raise the gas tax.... So on and so forth.

It's absurd just how far reaching or ok it has become. I'm all for taxes and understand the necessity of but the Fed, State and local governments really need to spend w/in means and quit giving corporations massive tax breaks just to bring them to a city. Or spending hundreds to a billion on a new stadium for a Sports Stadium whose leagues are tax exempt and owners have the luxury of affording their own construction and stadiums. Chicago is a beautiful city but they've had issues for years and like New York, have excessive taxes on many products...

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CyberSentinel70d ago

Because voters vote for the politicians that solve problems by raising taxes. You get what you deserve Chicago.

69d ago
crazyCoconuts69d ago

Illinois has been on the verge of bankruptcy. They're desperate. I'll leave out the politics, since we fight enough around here 😊

Cobra95169d ago

Illinois is one of the most corrupt states in the union (perhaps THE most corrupt). They've been flirting with bankruptcy for a while, and a recent governor was an outright crook who ended up impeached and removed from office. Chicago is the biggest money drain in the state.

Note that this effectively raises sales tax in Chicago to over 19%, a confiscatory rate.

Testfire69d ago

Keep voting Democrat, this is what you get, more tax and more crime and more poverty. Here in California it feels like the taxes have taxes.

69d ago
Muzikguy69d ago

This seems like a stupid thing to tax, as most of these odd tax laws are.

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Srhalo70d ago

This is the second recent article to portray tax related issues as PlayStation only. These are issues that will effect all gamers across all platforms. You don't have to pay taxes on shirts but not pants.

triverse70d ago

The article is aimed at PlayStation in title alone. I mention the fact that Netflix, Steam, and Xbox users also pay this tax (as of last year at the latest some as far back as 2015). PlayStation is the latest to be brought into the fold so to speak, that is why PlayStation got title billing here.

Silly gameAr70d ago

Guess he didn't read the article.

jznrpg69d ago

Many just read the title and make bad asssumptions , we all know this

gangsta_red69d ago

Expect this with every article that just points at PlayStation or Sony.

Shocked he didn't say "clickbait"

Shikoku69d ago

So why mention playstation in title alone cause its click bait grabage.

Kribwalker69d ago


you be predicting this shit like nostradamus 🤣

Juiceid69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

You should also mention that this tax is for rentals, not purchases. Look at ruling 5, item 10.

chiefJohn11769d ago (Edited 69d ago )

ROFL gangsta red the great Nostradamus 😂

Gonna call you Nostradamus Red from now on

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DerekTweed69d ago

Meh, U.K already pays 20% tax on everything. So it's not so bad. Germany is 19% and Sweden is 25%.

You could be worse off, at least it seems to be just the services and not the actual games and accessories.

Of course it is perfectly normal to be upset about this, fight it if you can, but ultimately, it will become so normal that you'll forget about it.

ShadowWolf71269d ago

Not when you can drive 20 miles out of the city and pay less.

DerekTweed69d ago

But games are not included in this tax, it says PS+, PSnow, PS vue, music and video.

So you can't drive outside the city to buy those.

rainslacker69d ago (Edited 69d ago )


Then that's even more screwed up, because those games essentially aren't even sold within the city limits. This is actually unfair taxation. State sales tax over the net isn't required if the operating company isn't located in the state. At least the company isn't required to collect it. I'm not sure why any of these services would be required to pay these taxes, unless they are somehow incorporated within Chicago, or at least have the right kinds of business set up within Chicago.

This may actually be an illegal tax, and if I were these companies, I'd tell Chicago to F* off. It's not like Chicago can force them to pay, and good luck going after the individual subscribers for each sale, because these companies are under no obligation to share their sales data with Chicago, since they likely operate at a state level, and only local business would be required to share their sales data for taxation purposes.

Most states I guess legally say you have to pay sales tax for stuff you brought out of state, but I doubt even .01% of people actually do. I don't keep track of my spending like that to be that honest come the end of the year. Only reason places like Amazon charge sales tax is because they're distributing and selling within the state, but if you get something shipped from a distribution center out of state, which can happen sometimes, then you don't pay the tax. I've had that come up a few times. Sony doesn't charge state sales tax to their customers where they don't conduct business at the state level. So, unless Sony has a retail business license within the city of Chicago for those services, then they should be exempt.

As to your question below about how much a game is at really depends on the state. There is no federal sales tax, that is all done through income taxes. Even property taxes are levied by the states or municipalities(cities/towns).

In North Carolina where I live, the state sales tax on everything but groceries(not including candy and soda) is 7.5%. So a new game release of $59.99 comes out to $64.49. Then the business will pay a tax on their profits, but that is part of running the business. Groceries I believe are a 2% sales tax. Our local county has a 1% tax on prepared for restaurants and hot foods you might buy from the grocery store, which ends up becoming like 8.5% sales tax. The extra 1% is supposedly to pay for the health inspectors.

The federal government may tax some items through various taxes, and through the manufacturing process and what not, which the states and possibly the local municipalities will, but that cost is included within the purchase price based on the mark up of the product like it is everywhere else in the world. For instance, tariffs on imported goods would have higher prices because they'd have to cover that cost of importing.

Sales tax ranges between 1.98% to 9.98% depending on the state. A few states have no sales tax, but generally have higher property taxes or some means to collect money other than that tax....typically the lottery....although levying sales tax in states with lotteries has also become more common nowadays.

In more recent years, states have been pushing hard to have sales taxes collected by online retailers. They can do this because laws were changed in most states where if you operate any kind of business within the state you would be required to collect taxes. However, if that company doesn't operate within the state, they don't have to collect taxes, although in most states, they say the citizen is supposed to pay that tax on good faith. They'll ask you on your taxes if you brought anything you didn't pay sales tax for, and brought it into the state.

Cobra95169d ago

You fail to see the whole picture. There is a country here made up of states made up of towns and cities. Each of these takes money out of our pockets. This is a city tax on money spent, on top of a state tax, on top of two hefty federal taxes on that money when it was earned. Illinois and Chicago take a combined 19.25% of it. That still doesn't account for the much bigger bite the country takes out. And then we still need to pay for healthcare, usually in the form of hefty insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays. The countries you mention provide that with their high taxes.

DerekTweed69d ago

Actually, the sales tax do not go towards health care in those countries. Health insurance is paid directly from your wages.

How much is a video game before tax and how much is it after tax? I've always wondered about this in the US since in Europe, the listed price always includes sales tax.

steven83r69d ago

Ya only problem with the higher taxes of other countries is that they actually give you something for your money. Better public transport, Free healthcare, Education and more. USA is all about profit and healthcare and education is a business. Especially for the right. I'll pay higher taxes all day if i get a bullet train, private toll roads and more here in Cali.

Majin-vegeta69d ago

We just got screwed here in cali with proposition 6🤦‍♂️

LiznA69d ago

Free doesn’t equal better

bigmalky69d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if this is why the governments with the help of the media around the world are always trying to link violent acts/toxicity/hate with video gaming.

Tax it with the excuse that it makes it less desirable for parents to buy games for their kids that will warp their fragile little minds...