When Games Are Not Worth The Price

With day one games being pretty expensive, what is the benefit of day one purchases versus just waiting a bit. Click here and find out.

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doggo8470d ago

Why is RDR 2 in the thumbnail? it has more worthwhile content than 95% of games out there from this generation, go fly a kite

CorndogBurglar70d ago

That's why I didn't even click the article. It's obvious being used as bait.

Cobra95170d ago

The page that doesn't even show without Javascript. That makes the site suspect already. I'll pass on it for now.

TheGoodestBoi70d ago

I was about to ask the same thing.

King_Noctis70d ago

Maybe the author want to illustrate that RDR2 is one of the few games out there that worth the price.

CyberRekkr70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I buy 2 to 3 games a year at launch with a new price tag, But mostly I wait for sales. (Digital or physical copy.) But RDR 2 is definitely worth $59.99, I actually got the ultimate edition $99.99. Was it worth $99.99 for the extras??, Prolly not, But we'll see when online hits.

roadkillers70d ago

GTA5 was selling at $60 for years. Assuming this will as well. I found an awesome deal,bought the xbox One S bundle with NBA 2k19 for 300. Then they had a deal to get 100 off if I bought RDR2 with it. So RDR2 gave me a net profit of $40 + a $10 gift card + 3 months of Xbox Streaming Service.

First time owning an Xbox, wish me luck everyone. Needed a new interface after owning a Playstation for 15 years.

FlameWater70d ago

Noob Gamer logic: Buy Brand New full price game full of bugs and broken up content to support billion dollar developer.
Chad Gamer Logic: Buy game on sale with all the content and fully optimized for optimal experience. Gives zero F's if publisher goes under.

JonTheGod70d ago

I nearly always wait. Didn't with RDR2.