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AusGamers has reviewed Battlefield V and writes:

"Everything DICE has done before has been building up to this. Battlefield V is a return to the World War II era that started it all for DICE’s iconic brand of all-out warfare. When it’s firing on all cylinders, it’s an undeniable tour de force. Yet there are still little self-inflicted cuts – some design decisions, some bowing to public pressure, and some unfortunate recurring sins of the Battlefield forefathers – that hold Battlefield V back from its true potential..."

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Baza840d ago

Suspicious there is one early review and it’s a high score..

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NachosWithCheese840d ago

One early review? There are eight already on Metacritic (and they're all green)!

Sciurus_vulgaris840d ago

Review scores have a tendency to drop off after a game is released, its a somewhat suspicious trend.

TekoIie840d ago (Edited 840d ago )


Its hardly surprising that the people with more varied opinions are working for lesser known/smaller outlets or independently is it?

Lionalliance840d ago

I think its because its on early access now on Xbox. So expect some early reviews.

blacktiger840d ago

what, you think bf cant get high score?

GTgamer840d ago

Mannnnnn I ain't gonna lie I forgot about this game 🤨

Teflon02840d ago

Why? All the games negativity is literally about EA and not DICE. The quality of the game wasn't likely to be compromised if it got delayed unlike BF4 on release etc. People cried about customization and EA's response. Most hate about the gameplay were cry babies trying to ruin the game by saying it was bad. From what I played it was fantastic

shaneybow839d ago

I was skeptical going in, playing it on origin access and yes its very similar to BF1 in a lot of way but it does feel nicely improved. Peformance is perfect, no network issues, no rubberbanding, the marketing team let it down because its definitely looking like DICE's best work so far.

RomanPSX839d ago

Its a conspiracy! The reptilians are manipulating this reviiewers to put the high scores! Alex John its right!

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franwex840d ago

Well, let’s see if they actually deliver 1st. For me gameplay is king, I partake in no politics.

Findingcrybabies840d ago

well DICE and EA do. Supporting their games you are partaking.

Tross840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

@franwex Good on you. I hate the current political climate as identity politics have crept into discussion on virtually anything as of late and it's becoming infuriating. I will judge a product based on its merits or lack thereof, and draw my own conclusion. Of course, this is precisely why I will not be partaking in this particular game. It's looking more and more like a typical EA MT-fest and just a total cash-grab in general. I have a massive backlog as it is and some Spider-Man DLC to enjoy for the next couple months, so I have no time for this filth. If it truly turns out to somehow be a quality product contrary to everything I've heard, I may check it out sometime post-price drop. Otherwise, it's looking like a waste of time and money, and I'm awfully tempted to put EA on my permanent boycott list as it is.

franwex840d ago

Well I do not support them, I have a wait and see approach. If I buy an actual good product without casino like progression or pay to win mechanics (like Titanfall 2) then I will support it. EA and all. YOU can then be a snowflake and take my actions however you like.

-Foxtrot840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

So they glide over all the issues then...right

xX-oldboy-Xx840d ago

As much as I love Australia - our journalists are spineless. Truly pathetic.

REDGUM839d ago

Spineless? Really. Just for having a view on a game! Abit harsh dont you think?

xX-oldboy-Xx839d ago

It was a blanket statement that covered all journalists in all fields. Australians are too PC these days, much like the rest of the world - can't say something for fear offending someone.

A review should present good and bad if present, not just the good to keep a company onside.

Profchaos840d ago

EA has deep pockets Battlefront 2 had overwhelmingly positive reviews pre release until gamers tore it to shreds

xX-oldboy-Xx840d ago

I have no doubt this will be the case with BFV.

nyu1840d ago

Issues like what ? Female soldiers ? What if they just don't care about it ?

What if they just liked the game ?

N4G doesn't like this game, so only a bad review will satisfy you all.

xX-oldboy-Xx839d ago

Or - features that were advertised aren't present in the game at launch. And for me female soldiers is a little cringey, especially ones with prosthetic arms.

T2X839d ago

I can't wait! It looks great and I loved what I experienced in the Beta.

Rude-ro839d ago

Or this series has gone backwards?
Just maybe?
Offering less and less.
And the asking price for this game is “hope”.. as in some content will actually take longer to get here.. after they have taken people’s money.

I get the “hate” you are referring to.. but there are legit reasons to not put faith in reviews for this game because we are only getting 1/3 of it.

sander9702840d ago

Expect this to be the case for all review sites: "We give this game a $$$/10"

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EmperorDalek840d ago

A 9? Better be 10 times better than the beta.

Sm00thNinja840d ago

Battlefield 1 was outstanding so I don't understand this

Sciurus_vulgaris840d ago

Critics were overly generous towards Battlefield 1. Battlefield 1’s mediocre campaign, poor level design, terrible AI, cluster mess maps, weapon balance issues and general lack of content should have not reviewed in the high 80s. Yes, my opinion is subjective, but, BF1 was objectively a very flawed but pretty game with a strong initial wow-factor.

xX-oldboy-Xx840d ago

Technically amazing - gameplay was atrocious, such a poor BF game. Absolutely hated BF1.

Sciurus_vulgaris840d ago

@0ldboy I didn’t hate BF1, but it was far to bombastic for my liking. BF1, lacked skill, strategy and balance; it got tedious real fast once the wow-factor wore off.

TekoIie840d ago

Campaign was far better than the typical Battlefield single player so I disagree there. The multiple short stories with historical events and characters was far better than the fantasy they'd usually think up.

Even Battlefield 3s single player was basically a wannabe Black Ops. Battlefield 4 was just pathetic and had absolutely no explanation to the logic they were pulling.

Sm00thNinja840d ago

Eh I enjoyed it. But those gripes are probably legit. I wasn't a fan of the setting would probably be my biggest gripe