Brace yourselves because the game Industry is headed for another full crash

The game industry will experience another crash similar to the famous crash of 1983, and here's some thought on why this is happening.

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Apocalypse Shadow75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I won't be on the plane if it crashes. And if I am, I have a life presever: tons of single player games on back catalog.

But let's talk about the article. There won't be a crash. The economy would crash before the industry does. I was there during the first crash. It was too much garbage on the market and no quality control. Nintendo's quality control and great first party games helped keep the industry alive. Too restrictive on contracts. But the quality of games was better than atari days.

There's nothing wrong with remakes or remasters if the quality is good.

Technology isn't going to stop advancing. Making better, quality products isn't going to shut down the industry.

Next mistake was calling the virtual boy vr. It wasn't. It was a 3D viewer. A portable version of this(Famicom 3D system)
Nintendo has always made portables of their console tech. Just look at their history. It just failed miserably at it.

VR and Oculus concentrating on making it standard is a good thing. It needs the financial backing.

Competition will always be there. It's what drives companies to do better.

Not setting a date at the end means you don't know if it will. But title the article as if you know it will. That's lame.

Gamist2dot074d ago

I think at the beginning of this gen had Sony followed suit with MS with online only and limiting game sharing, TV focused because of the data that these companies were looking at and saw lots of opportunity for profit. Sony's 1st party games released on initial release date instead of delaying their games for perfection, moved away from single player games and focused on multiplayer with the push on loot boxes and micro-transactions would have lead to a highly potential crash.
But all that didn't happen so I'm a happy gamer right now and looking forward to next gen.

Gaming10174d ago

The author clearly doesn't have a business degree, nor does he have a clue about economics or history.
This is another Armageddonist who tries to predict the end of things, and he's just as nuts as the people on the side of the street screaming the world will somehow come to an end... usually out of some narcissistic idea that they can't imagine a world that will continue on after they don't exist anymore.

Rambokind74d ago

Developing technologies costs money, however. You can't keep hoping gamers will subsidize these costs.

ninerguy160874d ago

Yep. If it ever did happen I have tons of games I haven’t even touched. At 43 that’s enough to last me a few years since I only play about 15 hours a week.

Iltapalanyymi74d ago

Good, i've been waiting for this to happen for a while now.
Luckily i have preserves for downtime, lots of old games to play.

rainslacker74d ago

I wouldn't eagerly await it if I were you. If the industry crashes, it won't be like the last crash. It'll be the closing of the kinds of studios that make the kinds of games we like, because they aren't as lucrative as the half-assed MP/MT/DLC mobile games masquarading as AAA games that we see making the most money today. Those games will still exist, but what we mostly like will fade away.

At least for a while, until the market is ripe again for the big AAA games again, because people get tired of the milked MT/DLC/MP market, and realize that a good amount of money is being lost from a huge market which cares nothing about those games.

Subscriber services have a chance to crash under their own weight, but I really am unsure if that would be a full industry crash....or like the one I describe above.

Cobra95174d ago

Not for Chinese-made Diablo knockoffs I don't. ☺

rainslacker74d ago

I do....but its a Windows Phone....and it keeps crashing on me.

Ceaser985736174d ago

Windows Phone are no more i guess Since Nokia has resumed their business . MS and Nokia's partnership has ended.
On October 8, 2017, Joe Belfiore announced that work on Windows 10 Mobile was drawing to a close due to lack of market penetration and resultant lack of interest from app developers

rainslacker73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

True, but I had one for quite a while. It was a decent phone, so long as you don't mind not having support for a lot of things, but did keep crashing after I started the preview program they had because they wouldn't support the older phones because they didn't have enough cores. I have a cheap ass Android phone now, and its fine for as little as I use my phone, and doesn't crash, although the battery is starting to not hold a charge much anymore.

My comment was just a joke though.

I also wouldn't say that MS partnership with Nokia has MS actually acquired Nokia and now owns them. What they abandoned was Windows Phone OS. Which is a shame, because it was actually a great phone OS, but as you said, failed to gain support from the great development community.

PapaBop74d ago

I'd like to say that it would be a good thing and could result in a much better and consumer friendly industry with less predatory tactics being used but honestly, the resulting outcome will likely just see more studios who in all fairness, we probably take for granted do their own Diablo Immortals. Less risk, potentially a far bigger reward and a less educated audience who have far less stigma attached to microtransactions.

WeaseL74d ago

Sounds just like when people predicted console gaming was dead after the 360/PS3

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