Battlefield 5: 135-Page Day One Patch Proof of Rushed Launch

Power Up Gaming writes: "The day one patch for Battlefield 5 is 135 pages long... Doing this at the final moment is proof that Battlefield 5 launch is rushed, to say the very least."

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Fluke_Skywalker73d ago

This game is early access and should be priced as such. Its a bit of a joke tbh.

UCForce73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

This game is in bad shape for sure. I don’t know what the hell EA and Dice were thinking.

Skull52173d ago

They should delay it 6 months to finish it and remove all the social justice warrioring and I’d probably buy the game.

PapaBop72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

"I don't know what the hell EA and Dice were thinking" Talk about déjà vu, pretty sure I've read that line about a million times in November last year too.

Parasyte72d ago

They released it early to fill the gap left by the failure of Battlefront 2

OnlyThoseOnTheFence72d ago

They're only chance for making big money on this is to have it out in time for the holidays and that's clearly all they're thinking about.

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414gamer72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

After playing the beta and spend some of my ea access 10 hour trial time, I have to disagree. This game, although not completely polished, (will have to wait until the day 1 patch) still feels very good on multiplayer. Maps look quite stunning in the Xbox One X. I think we are looking at the best battlefield yet. Also I don’t see how it is rushed, considering it was pushed back from the original release date

shaneybow72d ago

I absolutely agree, played it and it feels much better than BF1, the flow of the maps seem great, no performance issues, no network issues. Shaping up to be there best Battlefield yet

BenRC0171d ago

It's broke as all hell on my one x

BenRC0171d ago

This game is broken! Keeps handing at a black loading screen during grand operations, have to quit the game and restart. Chunks of the player models are missing, guns face right while crosshair face left and it's ugly as hell close up on the one X.
We have settled for broken games for so long the publishers just feel they can deliver any old garbage now and use us as free testing. Sick of this ****

414gamer71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

You realize it’s not patched yet right? This is early access. I’ve played only 4 hours of my 10 at this point. But haven’t had any glaring issues. My guns work. When I shoot someone they aren’t eating 100 rounds and finishing me off. If I charge into a gunfight outnumbered, I lose, as it should be. Haven’t experienced any lag whatsoever. Customization is on another level. This battlefield will do great.

BenRC0171d ago

@414gamer your obviously a lot easier to please than me

-Foxtrot73d ago

Yet reviewers will completely ignore any of this stuff...just watch

Switch4One72d ago

Any of the stuff that has been patched?

CorndogBurglar72d ago

Why would reviewers mention things that were patched at launch? That means the issues were likely fixed.

Also, read the patch notes. This article is full of crap. It's not 135 pages of things they fixed. Most of it is just stating a lot of things that are in the game.

But even if it was 135 pages of fixed issues, isn't that a good thing? It means they were fixed in time for launch.

D3TH_D33LR72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

If the game works well at launch that’s all that matters anyways. So yeah, it’ll be ignored.

Srhalo72d ago

They are fixing bugs on a game that hasn't released yet... the hate train on this game is unreal. Fixing bugs is a good thing.

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Majin-vegeta73d ago

I wonder if the OP even looked at the patch notes?Just cuz its 135 pages doenst mean its gonna be a big patch.The notes have everything they have worked on from the beta to release.Most of the pages is just stating the weapons,vehicles,gadgets etc etc you can use in the game.

2pacalypsenow72d ago

Battlefield 4 all over again

bennj72d ago

not at all. The game is great for a launch product. I played it for 2 hours yesterday and it was awesome.

2pacalypsenow72d ago

Yeah till the server get overloaded once everyone else plays the game.

1nsomniac72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

As per usual for me beta worked fine, full game won’t get past the main menu without crashing. Which is exactly what happened with both Battlefield 4 & 3 until it got fixed months later by DICEs bizarre update release schedule.

bennj72d ago

This article is full of shit

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