Newegg Black Friday 2018 gaming deals for PS4 and Xbox One

Newegg has posted its online ad for Black Friday 2018, revealing a limited selection of console gaming deals that focuses mainly on hardware.

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Gamist2dot04d ago

Xbox 1X for $300. Now that's a good price!

ABizzel14d ago (Edited 4d ago )

That's a huge typo. It says $399 in the actual ad and it's $399 everywhere else.

Gamist2dot04d ago

Wut?... Well, that's a shame.

4d ago
Srhalo4d ago

Did Microsoft make some kind of deal with these companies to be the only console on black friday or something? I keep seeing these ad's that only have xbox consoles and not PS4 or Switch.


Take off the tin foil hat and get outside for some fresh air...

DefenderOfDoom24d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Cool SONY VR bundles on sale ! Is their a NEWEGG in Massachusetts ?