5 Games That Could Steal GOTY From Red Dead Redemption 2

Jerry from BagoGames says, "Everyone is riding around the Old West right now playing Cowboy, myself included, but we must not immediately think that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be This is been another great year for games, but with Rockstar's Western Americana opus just hitting the shevles does any prior game even stand a chance?"

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ClayRules201272d ago

I don’t know of 5. But I know God of War has a good chance. A masterpiece of a game. Love both games & still have to finish RDR2.

Skull52172d ago

Nope. None of these games come close.

doggo8472d ago

God of war DEFINITELY comes close. You will never admit that though :)

ClayRules201272d ago

I respectfully disagree (in the case of God of War) because it’s still highly talked about & praised by gamers all these months later. I mean, I get it, Rockstar is one of the absolute best studios in the world, and their games “in my opinion” are always raising the bar for open world games etc...

But what Sony Santa Monica did for God of War on PS4 is no easy task. Not just any studio could’ve (only them, imo) could’ve given this series the real refresh that was needed for the series. In the end, a masterpiece. God of War has a fair shot.

Skull52172d ago

Na, I got bored with GoW once I met some witch in a giant turtle house and haven’t touched it since. I haven’t been able to stop playing Red Dead. The games are on two different levels, Red Dead is far superior.

ClayRules201272d ago

That’s too bad. Seems like you really barely scratched the surface of what’s to really come in that game. In my humble opinion, your really missing out.

While both games are completely different, both offer such fantastic experiences.

I respect your opinion, regardless of me disagreeing with you. Glad your enjoying RDR2 tho.

Nitrox72d ago

So, GOW bored you barely into the game but the pacing of RDR2 keeps your attention?

Don’t get me wrong I have to agree Red Dead is more likely to be goty, but it’s nowhere near “far superior”. Me thinks your main issue with GOW was having to hold a PS controller to experience it. 😉

CarlDechance72d ago

Ok, but you are extremely biased against all Sony games.

Skull52172d ago

That is certainly part of it, PS controller is trash compared to the Elite controller. I’m not not biased against Sony games, I play all the big titles they just aren’t as great as people make them out to be. Bloodborne was fantastic and one of my favorite games of the generation. Most of Sony’s stuff is pretty good, but I generally would score them a point lower than the scores they generally receive. I love Naughty Dogs attention to detail, but the gameplay in their games is what I would consider above average but not great. I enjoyed Spider Man as well, it wasn’t full of QTE which a lot of early footage made it look like. I actually think that zombie game coming out (Days Gone?) looks like a solid game and has been receiving unfair criticism.

Clark8872d ago

Definitely not a Xbox exclusive

Mr Marvel72d ago

@Skull521... Quiet child, the adults are speaking here.

rainslacker72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I guess everyone around here has finished RDR2 to say that it's GOTY.

Who am I kidding? Many people made this decision long before the game released. Sorry, but bias is obvious. GOW is a fantastic game. RDR2 is a fantastic game. Both deserve to be nominated, and IMO, both are equally deserving of the award.

I have my criticisms of RDR2, but it's still a damn good game, and well above most games, and there are other games this year which stand with it.

But I guess your opinion is relevant considering you openly admit to playing GOW an hour...maybe two tops. Long before you ever get to a point where you can actually use the battle system to full effect. Before Artreus becomes vital to the game play. Before the real plot of the story starts to unfold. Before any of the characters, or the antagonists reasons are stipulated. Before you even saw a moment of the open world that exists.

So, next time you criticize GOW, remember, you've made it clear how far you've progressed in the game, and many people know just how short a time it takes to get to the turtles house.

How you can say you were bored with GOW after such a short time, but have become engrossed in RDR2 when it's most boring part lasts for many hours, of not days, really only shows either extreme bias, or not much of a gamers attitude towards playing games.....and i'm not one to lightly throw around calling someone not a real gamer.

Skull52171d ago

Lol, well at least you didn’t try and tell me I don’t own a PlayStation like a lot of the clowns around here do.

DarXyde71d ago

Not sure if...

(a) trolling

(b) wouldn't know an amazing game if it hit you because your taste is questionable

(c) has not yet learned that the world does not revolve around your interests

(d) has realized there is no single GOTY

(e) a & b

(f) a & c

(g) a & d

(h) b & c

(i) b & d

(j) c & d

(k) a, b, and c

(l) a, b, and d

(m) b, c, and d

(n) a, c, and d

(o) a, b, c, and d

CarlDechance71d ago

"Na, I got bored with GoW once I met some witch in a giant turtle house and haven’t touched it since. "

LOL.....your opinion of GoW is disqualified. You barely scratched the surface of the game. You played enough to come here and say you "got bored" with it. I think that is the only reason you even have a PS4. Just to talk shit about it. That is amazingly sad.

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Realms72d ago

God of War is my GOTY RDR2 has pushed back to much for me to say that I have enjoyed it without complaints, both are great games the difference is I got lost in God of War and RDR2 has had more than a few things that have annoyed me yanking me out of the immersion and reminding me that it's a game too many times.

nucky6472d ago

that's a good way to phrase it - "getting lost in GoW". same thing happened with me. and i also agree on issues in RDR2 that yank you out of the immersion.
well put, realms!

rainslacker72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I can see why RDR2 will win many awards this year. It wouldn't be my personal favorite though. GOW is probably still at the top of my list, however, now that I've finally started playing Spider-Man in earnest, I can say that I'm having an absolute blast with it. I kind of took for granted the people who said how satisfying it was to just swing around the city, but it's actually true, and made me want to upgrade my Webslinger path much sooner than I probably would have. DQXI seems to have a lot of love as well, although I haven't played it much. But I don't think it'll win many, if any GOTY awards, because it's a JRPG, and they usually don't fare well in the face of media hyped frenzy released.

So, GOW because of how great it was. SM for just the fun of it, and not being one of those people that feels every game has to innovate all the time, and then maybe RDR2 because of how much care was taken with the world, but to me, the game play keeps it from one of my personal favorites, unless it gets substantially better once I get further in the game.

mkis00772d ago

There is too much story padding with travel and too many control complaints for rdr2 to be a clear winner. Personally after completing it I can say I had a much better to time playing God of War.

ClayRules201272d ago

Hey, I’m glad you had such a great time with God of War.

nucky6472d ago

for me, it would be difficult to pick between GoW and rdr2.

ClayRules201272d ago

Yeah, I get that. Gaming experiences are different for everyone. Have you finished RDR2? If so, what do you think of it? Also, what’s one of the things that impressed you most with the new God of War?

Livecustoms72d ago

Finish RDR2, because wow the story really pays off.

ClayRules201271d ago

I definitely will finish it. I’m excited to see how it pays off, now that you say that. I Hope you have a great night.

Ceaser985736171d ago

Yes GOD OF WAR Can beat it.. But I will be happy if either RED DEAD 2 or GOW wins it.. Both are Game of the Generation in my book...

ClayRules201271d ago

I hear ya, bud. Both games were given so much love from their respected studios, and they’re both just amazing. Got finish RDR2 tho. Curious to see where it’ll stand on my list. But I’m loving it.

Ceaser985736171d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Ya loved GOW and got the Plat... RED DEAD 2 100 % completion and Plat gonna take a lot of my time... Specially getting to scan all the animal is a bitch! Bryan from PS4Trophies lost it and got mad at the trophy list. lol!

I started RED DEAD 2 on 26th 12.01am and still on CHAP 2... No rushing here... Almost doing everything :)

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blm50472d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Wow that list and no Forza 4 and not one Nintendo game

PoopsMcGee72d ago

What Nintendo game would you put on? They haven't released anything worthy of contention so far this year (we'll see once Smash is released).

As for Forza, it'll win best racing game for sure but, IMO, racers shouldn't be considered in GOY barring if the game makes a huge leap for the genre (which Forza didn't although it's a great racer).

blm50472d ago

So you saying fist of North,Detroit and Yakuza game have a better chance than FH4 just because it's a racer I think not

PoopsMcGee72d ago

Yup. That's what I'm saying.

For instance, an amazing golf/baseball/football game that gets 10s across the boards would be up for best sports game but it would have to be truly groundbreaking and special like we haven't seen in years to even get a nomination for GOY, in my opinion. Same goes for racing.

Ceaser985736171d ago

Forza will win the best racing game but GOTY Nope...

Masterchief_thegoat72d ago

God of war. The only game, that will be better then Gow18 is the sequel

pody72d ago

TLoU2 has a good chance.

sampsonon72d ago

a chance? lol it's a done deal friend. the gameplay trailer is already better than God Of War, as much as i loved the game.

Ceaser985736171d ago

Every PS Exclusive wants to be better than other PS EXCLUSIVES... So ya LOU 2 gonna be awesome for sure.

Skankinruby72d ago

I second that TLOU 2 will run circles God Of War

KickSpinFilter72d ago

ya but that's not this year so...

Skankinruby72d ago

'The only game, that will be better then Gow18 is the sequel'

Clearly making reference to the future as well so....

annoyedgamer72d ago

*insert PS4 exclusive here* Is the GOTY. The only game that will be better is *insert sequel to PS4 exclusive here*

generic-user-name72d ago

This tends to happen because Sony release many high quality exclusives that usually end up in the running for goty discussions.

rainslacker72d ago

Ever consider that's because their games are so good? It's not like the games they've made haven't been deserving of it.

cha0sknightmare72d ago

God of War is the only thing that stands any chance in hell of beating RDR2 to GOTY.

and it still wont.

supes_2472d ago

Not IMO, I can't play RDR2! I find it too slow and boring, still. Every time I have to ride the horse long distances I fall asleep!! I try not to but it isn't exciting at all.

cee77371d ago (Edited 71d ago )


Set way point, enter cinematic camera and enable autopilot it’s pretty sweet.

supes_2471d ago


I’ve done that, makes it even worse for me. I actually got ambushed and killed cause of it. I was like, wtf!?? Why would they allow that to happen. I give control to the game and I get killed, lol. Whatever tho, I’m not mad.

rainslacker72d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I think it will get some as well. GOTY isn't really a one shot deal by some official committee. And for every publication we have the pleasure of looking forward to each group saying why one is better than the other.

Will be great won't it?

I think those are likely the only two that will be in real contention though...outside a few random ones awarded by some random sites. Which is typical.

No matter how you cut it though, it was a very good year for gaming.

TheGamez10072d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Gows still my goty, rdr2s amazing but im still early in the game. Gow however made me beat it within a week. Both games will win many awards.