YouTube now available for Switch

A YouTube application is now available for Switch via the Nintendo eShop as a free download. Here is an overview of the application, via the Nintendo eShop: Kick back, relax and enjoy all of YouTube on your Nintendo Switch.

strayanalog4d ago

Oh my God, another port!? I was playing this on PC way back when.

mikeslemonade3d ago

Youtube 720p on a Wii 1.3? No I will stick to my iPad Pro.

beanplant4d ago

FINALLY!!! i'll probably never use it though.... maybe Netflix next?


Looks like switch is moving up 😊

InTheZoneAC4d ago

now available? It wasn't before?

shabz66614d ago

No it wasn’t. Only Hulu was available. Although there was a work around to access YouTube using the network setup for the first time. The switch has a web browser it uses to connect Facebook to your account and that same browser can be used for YouTube.

This is great having YouTube on switch. Hopefully Netflix next and then a dedicated browser

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