Walmart launches its own 'Overpowered' gaming PC line-up

Companies like Alienware might dominate the pre-built gaming desktop and laptop PCs, but Walmart is throwing down the gauntlet today. The company has launched its own line of powerful gaming rigs, as spotted by PC Gamer.

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DarkVoyager37d ago

“The DTW2 desktop, on the other hand, will run you a whopping $1,899“

I could buy a PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and 12 games for that price. Lol

AspiringProGenji37d ago

Why would you buy two consoles that do pretty much the same? Buying a PC is the better investmenr in the long run

Shikoku37d ago

That may have been true years ago but those days are pretty close to ending man.

ibrake4naps37d ago

Could still get better deals at a Newegg sale