We've played the PlayStation Classic, and it's underwhelming

From Eurogamer: "I first heard of it through a playground rumour; whisperings there was a machine that could run Ridge Racer, the game that had been wowing us all over the summer holidays at whatever low-rent seaside resort our families had dragged us to. And what's more, someone knew a friend of a friend who had one - who'd imported one from Japan and had Namco'"

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2pacalypsenow68d ago

What were they expecting? Remastered versions of each game?

Neonridr68d ago

I think the N64 / PS1 classics were going to be the worst of the bunch. Early 3D polygonal games will look horrible on our updated TV's. The Rose tinted glasses will definitely come off when playing a bunch of these titles. Half of the list is pretty good while the other half are very strange choices. Rainbow Six? Was that really a defining game for the PS1? I dunno.. I have one on order, but don't expect to get too much out of it :P

2pacalypsenow68d ago

I'm only buying for collecting purposes, I have majority of these games on disk or on the PSN.

But yeah, games look really bad on an HDTV.

If/when Nintendo releases their n64 mini, I doubt people will complain, being Nintendo.

Neonridr68d ago

@2pacalypsenow - the only thing I can see working for Nintendo is some of their early N64 games went with the flat color shading (Mario 64 for example). It doesn't look as bad as some of the texture warping that was noticeable on PS1 games. That and the list for the N64 mini might be a littler more memorable. Who knows.

raWfodog68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I still love popping in my original PS1 games from time to time (last week I played a little Legend of Dragoon) and it definitely looks blockier than I remember :) but it was still fun to play and relive those memories. Other titles I enjoy spinning up...FFVII, Xenogears, BO: Legeacy of Kain. Ahh, those were the days..

Computersaysno68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Just emulate.

You can run PS1 games at much higher resolutions, with added filtering and all sorts of clever tweaks. Correcting the texture warping of many titles is possible, and this is a BIG deal for PS1 games which for the most part all featured this rendering issue due to the nature of the hardware. Emulation can fix it.

Hows about some ultra wide HD PS1 Spyro 2

Yes, this IS the PS1 version of Spyro! Looks amazing.

Or maybe a bit of this:

pcz68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

N64 games don't look as bad as PS1 games

n64 games look more solid.

n64 is more powerful than ps1.

Nintendo knew the limits of the technology and created games within those limits.. ie, stylised/cartoony/bold, simple... Sony tried photorealism with 32 bit graphics. so yeah, looks incredibly bad now.

n64 had expandable memory, so games like perfect dark were possible... approaching 128bit standards.

the only problem with n64 was blur. and that has always been the problem.

otherwise, n64 games have aged well.

the playstation classic is great, with some truly classic games, but sony were never going to secure all the titles that defined the playstation.

Nintendo will have a similar problem with a n64 classic, but at least Nintendo will get 75percent of the titles everyone agrees are essential n64 games. the only titles missing will be the Rare ones.

and you never know, even those might be included.

sony not having the original ridge racer, gran tourism, tomb raider, spiro, crash and wipeout (and my personal fave, die hard trilogy) is inexcusable. but hey, there are some titles in the finished release that I never had the chance to play, so I will still buy.

2pacalypsenow68d ago

The N64 came out a year and a half after the PS1.

So of course it’s more powerful, but cartridges held it back.

darthv7268d ago

That's why I'm all for a Saturn classic mini. Because it had more 2D sprite based games during its short run than 3D polygonal ones.

Astal, clockwork knight, guardian heroes, three dirty dwarves... so many good but under appreciated games.

RosweeSon67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

The line doesn’t help tho yeah the graphics aren’t great but still some great games there they just chose Random ones a load of launch titles and a selection that the majority didn’t care about then but now they’ll Lap them up. No! The clues in the title clsssics and sorry but most of those games don’t scream classic to me jumping flash pft croc would have been better also where’s Tony hawks, Lara Croft, driver l, Gran turismo all the big PlayStation’s names/games from back in the day. Resi 1 directors cut great but 2 would have been awesome with remake around corner Tekken 3 is brilliant and as it’s never been on PSN in U.K. glad that’s been included not a massive final fantasy fsn but of course 7 had to be on there and GTA awesome glad destruction derby made it but yeah even crash/spyro I know they’ve had remakes but they were the games for PlayStation back in the day... Kula world also should have been included I’d happily remove a solid 12 of them 20 games just not Classic enough for me. Darn site better than Xbox would be able to muster up tho they have no classics
You didn’t see Nintendo go here have Mario 1 Zelda 2 not include Mario kart (on snes mini) they had a great selection of top notch games a few id change and sure we all want 50/100 games included but it’s quality not quantity just yeah the ps classic line up pretty weak for me
Still getting one for my mini console collection tho ;)

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GGEZ68d ago

by underwhelming he meant the game selection not the graphics. Like seriously why don't you read before commenting?

2pacalypsenow68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Again what were they expecting, Sony already released the list. Were they expecting the games to change when they’re played on the mini as opposed to the originals that came out over 15 years ago?

It’s like me going to McDonald’s, ordering a Big Mac and feeling underwhelmed it didn’t taste like a Whopper. I knew what I was ordering and I’ve had a Big Mac before so I know what I’m eating.

rainslacker68d ago

I think one could decide about the whelm factor of the games just by reading the list. Not sure why they'd have to play them. If they have never played them before, then likely they aren't used to games from that gen, and they may not live up to today's standards. Ridge Racer, while great in the day, and still kind of fun, isn't even the most impressive driving game of that generation.

BizarroUltraman68d ago

Sony will still make remasters of the games in PS Classics and you guys would still be like those birds in Nemo.. Mine, Mine, Mine.......

micdagoat1968d ago

That's what I want out the N64 mini. At least smoothed out to be playable.

Segata68d ago

Sony slapped the open source PCSX ReARMed in the PS1 Classic. The emulation is bad. That's a huge factor.

Nu67d ago

N64 had Star Fox 64, Ocarina, 007,Wcw vs Nwo, Ogre battle 64, Mario Rpg, MK64, Mortal Kombat 4, Mario 64, and a few other things. I'm sorry to say this but N64 ran laps around the PS1. PS1 had great RPGs and Spyro and Bandicoot

BlackRaven85_167d ago

@2pacalypsenow No. People expected the same option Sony gave everyone in their Playstation 3, Vita and Vita TV at the very least which was the smoothing effect. This doesn't even have that. Even the NES and SNES Classics had things that basic emulation software these days have. Sony have been at this since the PSP days and they can't even bother making their emulation the same as they always have been? That's weird.

This smells rushed and just wanting to join in on what Nintendo had successfully done.

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william_cade68d ago

The game selection sucks for the most part.

CocoaBrother68d ago

Lack of Spyro, Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot, WipEout, and Crash Team Racing isn't great.
I can understand PaRappa, Gran Turismo, and Tony Hawk being licensing nightmares but their inclusions would've been cool.
I'm happily surprised Persona 1 made it on the list of all things at least.

2pacalypsenow68d ago

Spyro and Crash have have remakes.

The rest are most likely licensing issues.

Gran Turismo is the most shocking since its 1st party game.

Neonridr68d ago

I can understand Spyro and Crash since they have remakes already as was said. Gran Turismo was probably a licensing thing. WipEout was a big surprise as was a lack of a Tomb Raider game.

william_cade68d ago

I think if it had mirrored its Japanese counter part, it would have been passable for the price. I mean who really wants to play Intelligent Cube, R4, Cool Boarders and Street Fighter Puzzle lol

Lon3wolf68d ago


"WipEout was a big surprise as was a lack of a Tomb Raider game."

I'm not on Wipeout as that had a lot of licensed music

Neonridr68d ago

@Lon3wolf - fair enough, I didn't realize it used actual tracks for that game.

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Xb1ps468d ago

Can you add more games to it?

Kribwalker68d ago

you might be able to hack it for extra games like the nintendo classic, but otherwise no.

william_cade68d ago

Unless I have misunderstood, I don't think so.

gangsta_red68d ago

Even if you have it this some of the best games required the duel analog which this doesn't have.

Not worth it, might as well just dl these or purchase them on PSN

Xb1ps468d ago

What? You can’t add games!? That’s stupid was interested but I’ll pass..

Neonridr68d ago

Depends on how much internal storage the thing has I guess.

rainslacker68d ago

Just get a PSTV if that's what you want. I'll be cheaper, and you can actually pick the games you want, and it'll have more features, and it'll play most Vita games as well.

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Profchaos68d ago

Fingers crossed the homebrew community fix this like they did with the nes and snes mini

chris23568d ago (Edited 68d ago )

i haven’t got the slightest empathy for people who are always falling for the nostalgia trap. i say let them buy and see for themselves. the bad thing is that every unit sold signals a loud „more no efforts please, mooore“ to the producers :/

FunAndGun68d ago

Yeah, I bought that Atari retro system years back. It was fun for a few hours to reminisce but I never played it again. It's a dust collector now. Really was a stupid purchase, but the nostalgia got me. Now, watching the into, title screen, and a little gameplay online scratches that itch and it's free. I won't ever buy a retro system again.

Nu67d ago

I'd buy A N64 mini if it's released


I couldn’t careless what games are on it. I buy these classics for collection and modding purposes. Most likely there will be YouTube guides on how to mod this thing in a couple of weeks.

SegaGamer68d ago

There are cheaper options out there if you want to mod it. You can mod a PS2 to play PS1 roms, or get a decent mobile device to do it. Even a low end pc will mod PS1 games well enough.

plmkoh68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Cheaper options do not provide well built brand new controllers. Comments like yours always omit those details. Half the retro experience is playing on great physical hardware, that's why mini consoles like Sega Flashback failed.

I can't praise SNES mini enough for giving us genuine quality SNES controllers. No BS cheap chinese knock-offs comes close.

SegaGamer67d ago

PS2's have well built controllers, I have had mine for over 10 years.
You can use your PS4 or Xbox One controller on PC very easily.

I didn't need to add these details because people already have a controller around that can do the job just as well as any new controller. So you're wrong, if you want to mod the thing, it's still better to just use an emulater on the PC or mod a PS2 to play PS1 roms.

Doge68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I had this on preorder since it was announced. But personally outside of owning it for collection's sake, I don't think it would be worth it considering I can get a cleaner picture quality (up to 1920x1200, which looks and works fantastically on a 4K TV) with little to no latency on original hardware (albeit with an expensive upscaler).