AMD’s Zen 2 gaming CPUs could only have a year to live… if Zen 3 has its way

AMD has confirmed that Zen 3 is 'on track' and set for launch around 2020, potentially just a year after the second-gen Zen chips are released. The brand new Zen 2 gaming CPU architecture might not have that long a shelf life...

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Srhalo884d ago

AMD's Roadmap for Zen has been available for 5 or more years. This shouldn't be a suprise, CPU's and video cards always get refreshes.

This is hardly newsworthy.

Shikoku883d ago

So wait for Zen 3 then build my PC cause then I can either get Zen 3 or a much discounted Zen 2

Tapani883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

I'm going to wait and see what PS5 brings about and then make a decision about a gaming PC. I've been eyeing the (reasonable) top of the line stuff for two years now. I've noticed you get the best of the best parts at around 2800€ (not the best bang for buck, but after that it just gets increasingly incremental.) This would complete my PS5 for exclusives and PC for multiplats gaming platforms for at least from 2020 to 2024. Then maybe an upgrade of an GPU to PC and for PS5 get the Pro edition.