Multiple Falcom console games, including new Ys title, due out by September 2019 in Japan

Falcom will release multiple new games for console, including a brand new Ys title in celebration of the series’ 30th anniversary, in by September 2019 in Japan, the company announced in its latest financial results briefing.

TheGamez1005d ago

Sweet keep at it falcom and keep going for console. With all these talks of mobile recently, this definately puts my mind at ease.
Hmmm new Ys and wonder if and how soon therell be another legend of heroes game. Perhaps a new ip too.

Segata5d ago

F'ing love Ys! I just hope this is the one that drops the party system and goes back to just Adol!

kythlyn5d ago

Here's hoping Xseed localizes them (or that NISA gets its act together).

kalkano5d ago

I'm a little worried about Cold Steel 3 & 4 right now. Hopefully, we get an announcement early next year.

isarai5d ago

Cant wait to see what they can do for Ys, the leap they made from Ys memories of celceta to Ys VIII was phenominal, even though i would love to play their games on the go with my vita, a big part of me wonders what they can really do if they ditch the handheld