Here Are the Best-Selling Games of Each of the Last 23 Years

IGN: The NPD group has shared the best selling games in the United States for each year beginning in 1995.

UltraNova7d ago

That's a pretty, for lack of a better word, monotonous list there.

SegaGamer6d ago

What an incredible dull list. Modern gamers are very boring with their taste in games.

Glemt5d ago

Modern US gamers, that is. Since this list is US sales only.

Imalwaysright5d ago

In Europe is basically the same.

Glemt2d ago

@Imalwaysright - Yeah, except that four out of 23 places are Madden. Those would surely be different. I believe COD would be up there, so would GTA and the Nintendo titles quoted, but this is not about our assumptions, or beliefs, no matter how correct they would prove to be. This is about the statistics. And these statistics reflect the USA. That doesn't mean they are not similar to Europe, but it's not a representation of European sales.

5d ago
jreeves825d ago

Did anyone else notice that in the slide show it shows a picture of the 1st mortal kombat yet it says mortal kombat 3. Obviously this Collin guy that did this article has never actually played mortal kombat

Blastoise5d ago

Call of Duty used to be brilliant to be fair. I bought Modern warfare 2 and Black Ops on day one and have no regrets. They were deserving of their success at one point.

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