The Diablo Immortal Disaster Summed Up; "The Tragic Blunder"

When Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal, a fresh and new Diablo experience for mobile, 'cause do we not have mobile phones?', Blizzard's chapter of The Tragic Blunder began.

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shammgod31d ago

Just a clear picture of the industry that is going one way and the fans are going the other way. Pretty upsetting if you think about it. I am not all doom and gloom, but seeing this happen with Diablo is depressing.

Smokehouse31d ago

Fans aren’t the money they are the emotion. Everyone at a trade show is passionate about games on some level. If all of the Diablo fans got together and bought diablo 4 it wouldn’t hold a candle to the mobile platform F2P model. You can’t blame these companies, “You mean I get more money from people who don’t yell at me on the internet and they just shell it out little at a time forever? Deal.” The fact is that blizzard is no longer run by fans like us, they are just in it for the ignorant growth. I’m not hating on it but I’m not buying it either. Support smaller publishers, or ones that are obviously still fans of games like Sony or Bethesda.

william_cade31d ago

And we know which game "journalists" hate their audience. I think not enough is being said about the state of game journalism.