Walmart Black Friday 2018 deals

Walmart Black Friday deals revealed including God of War and Detroit: Become Human for $25 each, high-profile Switch games for $35 each, and more.

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DarkVoyager68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

That $199 PS4 Sim Spider-Man bundle will sell like hot cakes. Won't be long before PS4 sales hit 100 million.

Jinger68d ago

That's a fantastic deal, although I am surprised they aren't trying to push Pro bundles.

Vizigoth0468d ago

They'll push the pro harder when the PS4 Pro Slim come out. Base PS4 is still their money maker.

S2Killinit68d ago

I think there will be a Pro bundle soon.

bluefox75568d ago

Was hoping for a PS4 Pro sale, but so far nothing, a shame.

paintedgamer198468d ago

Agreed, dont worry... its comming. Im almost 100% sure the pro will be 349 with RDR2. Next year i can see it being 299 and esp with the ps5 announcement most likely prior to black friday 2019. Speaking of which, im hoping we get at least 199-249 for a trade in value for a ps5 😁

BizarroUltraman68d ago

Why? I thought you PS guys kept all your systems 🤣

bluefox75568d ago

@bizarroultraman Why would that logic apply to mid-gen updates?

S2Killinit68d ago

I keep my consoles but not because i want to continue buying last gen games, usually with Playstations there is so much games that you wont have the time to play the older console. But i keep the consoles for the memories. I keep em like relics/trophies.

BizarroUltraman68d ago

You never know, might get that $50 price drop instead.

paintedgamer198468d ago

Ive never kept my systems... i trade that shit in as soon as the new shit comes out. What playstation guys do you know that still have a launch ps4? I bet not many

pecorre68d ago

I hope we'll get similar deal in canada. At that price, I'd buy a few game I missed in the last year like Assassin's Creed, Xenoblade and Monster Hunter . I hope I can find a deal on Divinity 2 for the PS4.

thejigisup68d ago

The one x is still too expensive for what it's worth for me.

paintedgamer198468d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Yup, needs to be 299-349. If it had MUST HAVE exclusives like... plural... id understand.

ChasingTheSun67d ago

Red dead redemption 2 is the xboxone and x killer app if you ask them, on reddit they act like its exclusive.

Outlawzz68d ago

I'm mad that starlink is half off already, I paid full price and it was definitely not worth it seeing that it's half off a month later. What a shame

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The story is too old to be commented.