Final Fantasy XV's Director, Hajime Tabata, Resigns from Square Enix and Luminous Productions

Author Writes: Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV and head of the newly-formed Luminous Studios, has officially resigned from his role with Square Enix.

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TheGamez10074d ago

Damn thats quite the news. Thank goodness he left square with how they dropped the wreck that is ffxv on him and even making the guy still work on the game with expansions and such. He deserved to work on other projects. Hope his talent is put to good use elsewhere.

Tapani73d ago

Yes it is! Quite the positive for gamers. He is a so-called "light-hearted RPG" guy, and was tasked to do way too mature and substantial projects. He messed up the first ever sequel to a final fantasy, FFX-2 and then afterwards the first core entry, FFXIII, and finally could not finish FFXV. I'm sure he has good ideas, but he just cannot put them in games the proper way. He had his shot, and he essentially shot down the highest profile JRPG franchise in history.

Management is finally doing at least partly right decisions. I still do not agree with their Shadow of the Tomb Raider team switch to Deus Ex's team (they weren't allowed to properly finish Mankind Divided and had to cut the last parts into DLCs), and the Tomb Raider team had to start doing a big buck American project (Marvel's Avengers.)

Maybe they will start doing the right decisions after this. Hopefully less mobile games, less MMORPGs and less cashcow DLC. And perhaps they start using the proper 3rd party tools to finish games faster, but still give minimum of 3-4 years for major projects.

Tapani73d ago

Well, now that I saw that SE might use subscription model with Core games, I'm not too sure anymore if the management is doing the right decisions. We are staring at the death of some part of gaming history here...

Razmiran73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

He did not work on XIII... Not even sure he worked on X-2
I think you are mixing him up with Motomu Toriyama
Tabata worked on Type 0 and Crisis core

DevilHunterDante73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Youre mixing him up with Motoru Toriyama. He's the one who butchered Final Fantasy. He butchered FF with the godawful abomination of a sequel to FFX that is FFX-2 and he created the godawful FFXIII.

Tapani73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Oh you are right I was mixing him up with Toriyama. Nevertheless, FFXV was horrible. Type-0 was only partly good because Nomura touched it earlier. Crisis Core was just above mediocre, too.

TricksterArrow73d ago

Maybe things are ending half-crap because Nomura is touching them and leaving them altogether.

rainslacker73d ago

I wouldn't say this is positive. He's made quite a few well liked FF games. He wasn't the one that kept FFXV in development hell, but the one they tasked to get it done and released, and he's the one that took Versus and made it XV. While I didn't care for that game, I think he only had so much to work with on it.

I'm not sure putting him on a project as big as FFXV was a good idea though. Most of his work was for PSP which was then sometimes ported to consoles. But the game he did make generally were pretty good.

nommers73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Praising Nomura over Tabata in the works they did together eh? Nomura was one of the reasons the DMW mindwave mechanic was in Crisis Core just fyi. You know, that random slot machine element thing that should have been just a traditional way of leveling up yourself, materia and executing limit breaks. Per Nomura and Kitase's love of pachinko -_-


"The element of luck was designed into the Digital Mind Wave to prevent battles from becoming repetitive. Both Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura are enthusiastic about pachinko, a type of Japanese slots machine, and were discussing if there was any element of it that could put into the game.[2]"

"Additionally, the Digital Mind Wave system (DMW) was added to give gameplay an element of luck, as well as to prevent combat feeling repetitive.[41] Nomura and Kitase wanted to include this in the game because of their enthusiasm for pachinko machines.[42]"

From becoming repetitive, lol. From becoming controllable in the player's hands more like it.

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-Foxtrot73d ago

Oh well. Shame but his work on FFXV was crap...some of his comments aswell kind of stunk of arrogance.

He finished FFXV but half arsed it

PapaBop73d ago

That's not really fair, he salvaged a half assed Versus 13 and turned it into a playable FF15. Not that the final product was amazing or worthy of a numbered entry but he still did a good job all things considered.

Michiel198973d ago

agreed, they basically handed him a box of legos to make a castle, and ordered him to make a star destroyer out of it.

-Foxtrot73d ago

Half assed Versus?

Versus looked miles better then what we got. He could have finished it like he was supposed to be if you read his itnerviews in the years leading up to release he changed and cut stuff because HE didn't like it, he didn't just finish what Nomura started he basically changed it to turn it into HIS game.

Razmiran73d ago

Sorry but thats just wrong
If everything was just peachy with versus XIII it wouldnt have been scrapped

TricksterArrow73d ago

Versus looked better because it was mostly a concept. Every report says that it never took off from the early stages. If the project was amazing, it was never going to be scrapped.

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notachance73d ago

wasn't the final version of FFXV made in under 3 years time? because they scrapped the previous build.
if so, that's quite the achievement

-Foxtrot73d ago

Not really when you have a half arsed product missing a shit load of development and content

That's not an achievement, it's called rushing to get it in some finished state

notachance73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

you've never manage a project haven't you?

managing and salvaging a project which has wasted years of work and lots of money takes skill and courage, especially because all parties included are most likely in a tired, pissed off, and desperate state... and you're usually given some kind of last chance (deadline and/or budget) before the higher-ups become utterly pissed and decided to ax the project permanently, most likely the main reason why it's rushed.

don't compare it to a freshly started project where everyone are hyped and full of hope...

Lionalliance73d ago

Versus was just a concept back then that didn't go nowhere, not even the people involved were not sure what game it was gonna be. Tabata did the best he could with the limited time and the stuff he managed to salvage from that almost failed project.

rainslacker73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I dunno if its all his fault. Game was in development hell for 6 years before he was put on as director. Then he had to change the story and make it as a next gen title....all while using a lot of the frame work built with the original concept.

I don't know if I'd blame him for the way the game released either, because he was the director, not the producer, and the way this game released seemed more like a "get it out the door" release, than anything else. Square Enix just capitalized on it afterwards by selling the game in chunks, and I don't know if that was ever part of the original plan.

Its hard to say that Versus was better than what we got, because we never really saw what it was supposed to be. Just a bunch of cool looking CGI trailers, and I think one brief game play showing, which was pretty much still implemented in the game. I think for the most part, only the story changed, and a lot of things came up short because of it.

"That's not an achievement, it's called rushing to get it in some finished state"

While true, I doubt that was his call. That's something a producer would do, or publisher.

Anyhow, he may be to blame, just not sure if I'd stand so firm on that belief.

I don't in any way mean to imply that I thought the game was good as it was released. Far from it. In my opinion it was worse than FF13.

nommers73d ago

Oh yay, another Versus XIII praiser that thinks it would have been amazing because the thoughts running in your head said it was going to be. Because Stella had a sword and all that and that would have made the whole story better, and her obviously not a Kairi type character.

Let's be honest here....outside of maybe KH2 (about half of it's story really) what even just good to great stories has Nomura done by himself without the guidance of someone higher up than him like Sakaguchi? He has none. He probably put so much fluff in the main story of XV that it was unusable or incoherent to the degree of what the KH franchise is now.

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Kashima73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Finally, i hope xvi will be traditional jrpg like Octopath Travelers

DarXyde73d ago

FFXV was never to be the path going forward. I recall as much being said.

I hope you know that traditional JRPGs have been happening well before Octopath.

Considering Tabata was up against the elements, he's done awesome. He finished the game, it looks fantastic (though it runs a little rough), and while the lore and gameplay aren't perfect by any stretch, it was, in my opinion, not a "bad" game. Mediocre, but not bad.

Credit where it's due. Crisis Core was great, if you ask me.

Nebaku73d ago

Crisis Core was absolutely terrible. It's gameplay had the depth of 1 ply toilet paper. All you do is go through a series of identical, bland hallway dungeons, and spam the attack button to beat enemies.

DarXyde73d ago

"absolutely" ? I don't think that word means what you think it means. I think most reviews outlets would disagree with you.

Kashima73d ago

ik, i've played every classic ff, chrono etc during good old times :) i mentioned Octopath because it's one of latest traditional jrpg style developed by SE and got really good reviews.

Nebaku73d ago

@DarXyde Good for those review outlets, I'm capable of forming my own opinion. And what I played was retrospectively, a modern day smartphone game before they had a label to them.

The story took all of the worst elements of the original 7's, being completely inaccessible if you never played the original. This approach also hurt the story overall, as it had no identity or intrigue of its own, and was just an amalgam of fanservice moments that had little to do with each other.

The gameplay as mentioned was bland and lacked any semblance to what it was a prequel of. Map exploration, a tenant of the RPG formula and something FF7 executed to perfection, was reduced to treading a loop of hallways so barren they'd make FF13 look open world in comparison. Combat was nerfed in the same way as well. Gone was any idea of thought or strategy, in its place a button mashing attack system and mobile game-esque lottery machine system, that rewarded the player for doing the bare minimum.

Even musically, the aspect one could argue is FF7's crowning achievement, ranges from shameless rips of sound effects from the original for a cheap nostalgia play, to uninspired "hardcore" remixes of tracks of the original that miss the mark on what made them great in the first place.

DarXyde73d ago


"@DarXyde Good for those review outlets, I'm capable of forming my own opinion"

So am I. And it happens to be congruent with theirs. You can rip on the game as much as you like. It doesn't make you factually correct and that's the only point I'm trying to make. It's cool that you spent the time sharing your thoughts, but that doesn't change the fact that I liked it.

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Srhalo73d ago

*cough* Dragon Quest...

I_am_Batman73d ago

That's a shame. I think the release model of the FFXV dlc was a bad choice. Even though I really like FFXV I haven't bothered to get the the dlc yet because I wanted to wait for all of them to release first. I'm assuming a lot of people did the same thing because it doesn't seem like a good idea to periodically get back to the game to only play a small dlc. They should've done a proper expansion that fills in some of the missing plot points and noticably enhances the base game instead. You can't expect people to get hyped for 2 hour dlc snippets that barely add anything to the main game on their own.

chippychan73d ago

This is how I felt as well. I finished the game ages ago, shortly after the initial release, but figured I'd wait until all DLC stuff was finished before going back. It just seemed like it was never going to happen and at this point I honestly don't even feel the need to go back to play it if it did get finished.

It's a shame. The game at release was fun for me at the time, but it wasn't good enough to draw me back in afterward.

rainslacker73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I'll just maybe wait until I can buy the full version on disc for about $10. Then I can have it for my collection, and go back and do the trophy clean up since those like to stay in my trophy list as incomplete even if I don't have the DLC....which is really annoying

Otherwise, I liked the game play, so I don't mind revisiting that, but I really couldn't care less about the story if that story wasn't part of the uninspired story they delivered with the original game.

bignosepig73d ago

I may not be as educated on the topic as others. But I really enjoyed FFXV. I thought it was an amazing game with a great story. So it's sad to see this guy leave.

raWfodog73d ago

I enjoyed FFXV as well but it did release in an unfinished state. The Royal Edition should have been the full game from the start but deadlines...

PhantomS4273d ago

Most of the haters never even played the game or weren't willing to give it a fair shake. XV was very well received and sold very well and it certainly deserved all it too. Granted I agree that they overdid it with the DLC. The original 3 plus the multiplayer would have been fine enough. I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table with FFXVI.

Godmars29073d ago

The question is did you understand the story though the anime, CG movie and other media outside of the game and game play? Did it take later that it's release date, updates and DLC, to get the full game? If you did then game itself failed to tell it's story.

gangsta_red73d ago

Weren't we just talking about a shake up?

Michiel198973d ago

timo Kingsglaive was a much better story than ffXV. Just imagine if they would have put that in the game.

Godmars29073d ago (Edited 73d ago )

A "shake up" at this point in Square's case would be delivering a competent and involving JRPG in one singular package. Not a multimedia J-pop advertisement.

Michiel198973d ago

I enjoyed playing it. But I just couldnt get too invested in the game because the combat was atrocious, the story felt weak. The graphics and the music probably are the things that kept me goin. I do think the ending was great (the original ending, since i heard they remade the ending or something)

-Foxtrot73d ago

Great story? Lol

Missing parts of the story and most development is considered great now?

rainslacker73d ago

The game play was quite the departure from the FF series. It lacked pretty much any real RPG elements one would expect from a mainline FF game. Same criticism was thrown at FFXIII, but at least it's battle system was more of an extension on the ATB system.

The story was OK, but I'd say it was far from amazing. It was rife with holes, had unexplained departures for no apparent reason, sudden reappearances with little to no explanation of where those people had been, almost no real feeling of the world being that alive, a dull and dated open world mechanic, with a world that was also pretty dull. Uninteresting side quests or professions which tend to be popular in the games. And ultimately, had very little feeling of a FF game outside the name, a few nods here or there to standard inclusions, and Chocobos.

Couple that with the game obviously being incomplete, and the rest of the content being sold down the line, instead of maybe free updates, practically any and all back story released in a direct to DVD movie, and the general disdain for Square Enix botching VersusXIII, which many people had been eager for, and it made a game that a lot of people didn't really like.

I thought the game play was really good though. But it's about the only thing I found to be a saving grace for the game.

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