Final Fantasy XV's Four Extra DLC Episodes Have Been Cut Down to One, Episode Ardyn

Author Writes: Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy XV's four new DLC episodes dubbed "A New Dawn," will now be cut down to just one, Episode Ardyn.

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PhoenixUp75d ago

What a turbulent change of events

ZaWarudo75d ago

Oh thank goodness Ardyn wasn't cut.

rainslacker75d ago

Can't have the only interesting character in the game playable. And knowing Square, they'd made her akin to Yuna in FFX-2 because they think fan service sells.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro74d ago

Fan service does sell, believe or not.

rainslacker74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I know it does. But square would probably ruin the game with it. When they decide to go cute, they tend to go overboard. I don't mind fan service, but sometimes it just seems really least to carry a full game. I can't for the life of me imagine Luna doing any kind of fan service. It just doesn't fit her character.

raWfodog75d ago

I finished the original game without playing any of the DLC (even though I have it available). My future goal is to NG+ with all episodes included after this last DLC drops next year. Add it to the backlog! :)

CrimsonWing6975d ago

I dunno man, I would rather play this than 13 or its sequels any day of the week.

I’m old school though 4-9 are my favs and while 10 and 12 I like better than 15 I still enjoyed 15 a lot.

343_Guilty_Spark75d ago

13 is much more engrossing better story combat characters sound...I don’t care if it’s linear

FF15 is a wanna be WRPG

Kados74d ago

The story in FFXIII is laughable. It is by far the most confusing and convoluted story in FF history.

II, X-2, and the entire 13 trilogy, are worse than XV.

franwex75d ago

You ever attempted ff1-3? I would argue that the 1st game is better than the 2nd or 3th. 8 still pretty low down there too.

KyRo75d ago

8 is one of the best FF games of all time??

franwex75d ago

That’s the saddest thing I’ve heard today...
Well besides the real news.

CrimsonWing6975d ago

Yea I’m with KyRo on this one, 8 is one of my favorites. I mean that Dollet mission is one of my most memorable moments in gaming. Actually, so much of 8 I could fanboy on about but y’know, opinions and whatnot.

god_o_war74d ago

Bra what about that music in 8 though? a god damned masterpiece of an OST.

franwex74d ago

Fair enough. The music is iconic. Sucks that the actual game is balls tho, bra.

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Lionalliance75d ago

Yeah right, that title goes to 13. Hell there are even worst ones.

Teflon0275d ago

Only FF I hate is FFVIII. Yes 8. I hate that it doesn't have a true active mode, which is what I use for all ATB FF games. Also hate the broken and completely exploitable battle system that ruins it all. A great idea that was completely a fail in execution and I think I'd like if they tried to fix the issues. I think FFXV is better than that and FF1-3. Only non ATB game I like better then XV is X and it's not by much. FFX I only like better because I like the characters and story much better. Battle systems like that, where you're mostly forced only 1 way to properly fight, bores me. My top 5 in the main line, no sequels etc. 1. FFIX, FFIV, FFVII, FFVI, FFXIII. Then after FFV and FFXII. The rest are more or less a toss up for me and yup, I played all main line FF and almost all outside main line as well. I just don't like the games without the ATB as much as ATB games. Apart from FFVIII because they ruined the active mode for me which makes me more annoyed battling and seeing the bar stop every time someone attacks etc. Unless it was a weird glitch my copy had. I tried so hard. Put like 20 hours in multiple times and gave up. Hated it so much because of that specifically.

franwex74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I hated the story, the gameplay (battle system, junction, etc) and the characters. Sorry I don’t relate. I guess I wasn’t an angsty teenager. This debate has gone on since it came out. It’s a bad game, when will people accept that fact :P

nommers75d ago

Not even remotely close. Try blunting your edges so you don't fall off the cliff next time.

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