NIS America announces their final PlayStation Vita titles

NIS has announced their final PlayStation Vita titles with the physical release of them as well.

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ThatDudeMunkee73d ago

It makes me sad really. I loved my Vita. I still play it to this day. I've imported numerous games on it and still play it when I'm on the go since it's not near as bulky as my Switch. I just hope Japan keeps getting some awesome games in their digital market so I have games to play for years on end.

awdevoftw72d ago

Had a good run. I have plenty of games for the vita I still need to play.

tanukiesuit72d ago

NISA, IFFY and Atlus have been good to us. XSeed too, but to a much lesser extent. Still very grateful to all of them!

nodim71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Sorry but no. The way NISA jumped the ship, leaving vita without NISA's best games like Coven after literally saying they'll continue to support it digitally a day before, I can call NISA anything but good.

What they should have done is releasing Metal Xeno and Coven as their last digital games with a decent statement about vita not silently cutting all ties and being rude to the fans who kept asking why did they suddenly drop the poor vita after publicly declaring the continued support. The games in the article are nothing more than a small physical release of the old games.

Protagonist72d ago

Sad.. I love Vita, having spent more than 200 hours on Persona 4 Golden alone on that beautiful handheld was awesome and I still got a good amount of backlog games, which means there´s still good times ahead with Vita.

Bane3572d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Yup i still play my vita from time to time its a great handheld to have